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Tonight’s episode of The Real World: Pittsburgh…er…Pennsylvania…I mean…oh, who cares anyway, right? Tonight’s episode of the Real World: P-Town started out as any good show SHOULD –with a pretty girl sitting on a bed reading novelized porn. Shavonda informs the viewing audience that she’s tired of being a prude and she’s coming into her own as a sexual being. She continues to read the porn to an “excited” (and apparently frustrated) Landon. They both explain that it’s been a while since they’ve “been” with anybody and that although they try to hide their true feelings, they both have puppy-dog crushes on each other.

After the commercial break we come back to Melanie and Sarah who are discussing Sarah’s life when she was bulimic. Sarah explains to Melanie that after a while it actually became an “addiction”, and although she knew it wasn’t good for her she couldn’t bring herself to stop. Melanie, apparently totally missing the fact that she had no right to offer up her opinion on the matter, states that she could NEVER do that to herself since she “hates throwing up” with a passion. Later in a car ride with Willie and Karamo, Sarah admits her dislike for Melanie’s constant opinion giving. Although Willie understands where Sarah is coming from, Karamo explains in interview that if Sarah would just take the tim to understand where Melanie is coming from she might have a better idea of why Melanie is so vocal about her feelings.

Later, the roomies decide that they’re going out to another gay bar since they had so much fun the last time. In confessional MJ explains that he never thought he and Landon would be going back to one again, but he seems genuinely excited, so you can tell he’s lying through his teeth! Everyone seems to be having a good time until Landon starts throwing back martinis like crazy and starts acting like an idiot. On the walk home from the club he nearly assaults Shavonda and although she brushes it off she admits in interview that she was actually scared.

Shavonda decides it’s fine to take Landon out and discuss the problem he has. She explains to him that she was debating the importance of actually doing it, considering he “already knows about his problem”. Landon admits that he has a problem and aplogizes profusely for coming off the way he did. He blames the strength of the martinis at the club for catching him off guard, which is understandable, and all seems to be resolved for the moment.

The episode ends with Sarah and Melanie getting to know each other a little better. They volunteer at a function for the SPCA and although they end up arriving late, they decide to leave early after seeing that their assistance isn’t really needed. They go back to the house and sit in the hot tub, talking about their lives before the show. After Sarah asks about Melanie’s adoption, Melanie informs her that her mother was seventeen when she had her, and although her father wanted to keep her, she ended up going to live with foster parents in Santa Cruz where she now has her “perfect” life. Everything seems to be smoothed over between the two and the episode ends.

Next week: Landon cries like a sissy.


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