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Jaws, Not Scales, Are Dropping – The Biggest Loser, Episode 2

by aurora

We kick things off this week watching the Blue team as they react to Dana’s elimination. They sit looking depressed, trying to console themselves and talk themselves into getting their mojo back. The Red team arrives, and Ryan blurts out “What the hell took so long?”. Even his teammates are shocked at his rudeness. Gary goes off on Ryan and ends up leaving.

The next morning, Lizzeth is out running while everyone else is still sleeping. She tells us that she’s working out even more than what’s required of her because she wants this so badly. She wants to do this for her family, to set an example. Her sister recently had gastric bypass surgery, and now is gaining weight because she doesn’t know the right things to eat. Lizzeth’s heart is at home, but she has to stay and do this for them.

Bob arrives at the ranch to meet with his Blue team, and says that he feels they have nothing to be ashamed of. His goal is to get these people healthy, and the game comes second. He tells them he’s proud of them, and rounds everyone up to work out.

Over at the Red team, Jillian has arrived to shape up her army. She says that she’s stepping up the workout so that they continue to lose weight and do not plateau. Jillian pushes the team to their limits, and Kelly M admits that “sometimes when she’s yelling I just want to kick her in the face”. The team gloats that they worked out ten times harder than the Blue team last week, and that’s why they won the weigh-in. Dave is having trouble keeping up with the workouts, however. He gives up easily and even Jillian is annoyed with his slacking.

Lunch for the day is provided by Subway. The table is laden with wraps, mashed potatoes, a grill with chicken and beef, salads, bread, etc etc. A lot of people seem to have trouble with their food choices including Maurice, who tucks into a nice slab of beef brisket.

It’s time for the weekly challenge, and the teams meet up with host Caroline Rhea at Universal Studios. They head into a giant kitchen which is decked out with eggs, sugar, chocolate, sprinkles – baking items. The challenge is a good old-fashioned bake sale. Each team has two hours to bake as much as they can, and then they have to sell their goodies outside. (Hey Mr. Trump, are you watching?) Whoever sells the most wins. Since the Red team has one more member, the winning team will decide which member willhave their weight not count at the weigh-in. But the big prize is an afternoon at the spa, which would sure sound good to sore muscles at this point.

Both teams whip up fidge, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, and all sorts of illegal foods. They are subjected to the feel, look, and smell of sugary stuff that they’ve been denied for two weeks.

Once the treats are baked, it’s time to hawk their wares. Dave thinks he’s Mr. Salesman, complimenting people on what they’re wearing, while Gary is selling himself as the executive chef of Universal. Not only are they selling though, they’re watching people dig in and enjoy their baked goods – that can’t have been easy.

Time’s up, and Caroline calls everyone over. She tells them that there’s one more thing – the first team to have taken a lick, bite or taste of anything in the kitchen would automatically lose 50% of their earnings. That team was…everyone looks at each other…no one! They all held their ground. That’s impressive.

The Blue team hauled in $245, while the Red team made a whopping $362. So the Red team gets to board the waiting Humvee and head off to the spa, and when they return they can decide amongst themselves who will be sitting out at the weigh-in. The Blue team is very upset, but go back to the ranch to work out some more while the Red team enjoys their massages.

Bob is really pushing his team now, stepping up their workouts. The women are holding pushups with Bob laying underneath them, which is actually rather comical (although I’m sure it was anything but funny for those women). Maurice just wants to know when he can go eat.

It’s now weigh-in night, and Caroline asks the Reds who they are excluding from their total weight loss, and they decide on Lizzeth. Here are the results (Lizzeth gets weighed anyway, it just doesn’t count):

Lizzeth – 0 pounds
Aaron – 7
Ryan – 3
Andrea – 6
Dave – 0
Kelly Mac – 1
Lisa – 1
Gary – 2
Kelly M – 2
Maurice – 0
Matt – +3 (yes, he gained 3 pounds)

Matt begins to cry. The Blue team, with a total of 14 pounds lost, wins this week. The Red team lost a total of 3 pounds. Matt just stands there with tears rolling down his face, and even Kelly Mac says that her heart was breaking for him. So was mine.

I’m going to go off on a little rant here, so if you just want the facts of what happened on the show, skip this paragraph completely. Now that you’ve been warned, here it is. I cannot for the life of me figure out why the trainers, producers, nutritionists, and/or doctors on staff did not warn these people that this would happen. They were mortified, disappointed, and scared. I know this is a reality show, but messing with their heads is unforgivable. Anyone who is remotely familiar with low-carb, low-calorie, low-fat diets knows that in the first week the body lets go of a lot of water and other fluids. This results in significant weight loss, and is one of the things that is heavily marketed in diets like Atkins and South Beach. After that first week, the body is shocked and hangs onto whatever it gets. Not only that, but the water weight is gone – these people are now losing fat and increasing muscle mass. Of course their weight loss will slow down. The part that makes me furious is that they reacted with such shock – no one warned them that this would happen. Kelly M wanted to quit and talked about just accepting herself the way she is. Even Ryan wondered what the hell he did wrong, and poor Matt was reduced to tears. This was unnecessary and could have been avoided. Losing weight is such an emotional process as it is, but this just put it over the top. I give these contestants all the kudos in the world for sticking with it after going through that kind of shock.

Okay, back to the show. Bob admits he’s nervous to meet up with his team, but he is pleasantly surprised to find out that they won the challenge. He tells them finally that the pounds they lost are real pounds of fat, not water weight. I hope he took the time to explain things to them fully. Jillian faces the same questions from the Reds, and she tells them to just stay the course and keep eating the way they’ve been eating. To her credit, she tells Lisa that the worst thing they can do is to drop their calories even more.

Ryan starts right in on the elimination talk, and points the finger at Lizzeth. She says that she’s a ‘little girl’ who can work her ass off and only lose three pounds. Matt says that he’s the one who gained weight and should be the one who is going home, but he also thinks he has the potential to step things up and get rid of the weight. Kelly steps up and points out that Dave isn’t giving it his all, and that’s not good enough for the team. Ryan argues that in the long run, Dave can lose more than Lizzeth. Dave says that he can lose 30 pounds by the end of the show. Careful Dave, you have no idea how your body is going to react.

Next up is a clip of Lizzeth talking about how she’s been overweight for a long time, and used to get picked on a lot. There are short clips from Kelly M and Ryan, then it’s back to Lizzeth saying that she won’t quit and wants to go home skinny. Could they have made the elimination more clear if they tried? C’mon, I know NBC has better editors than this.

Kelly goes to Lisa to plead Lizzeth’s case. Lisa doesn’t know which way to vote – she was ready to vote for Lizzeth, but admits that Kelly makes a good case for her. She decides to watch Dave at the workout that day, and if he doesn’t step things up she’s going to tell him she’s voting for him. Lizzeth seems to be working twice as hard as Dave, and Lisa is watching. Will it affect her vote?

The Reds sit in silence waiting to be called down to the elimination. Lizzeth bursts out that she can’t believe that Dave is walking around whistling while she’s stressing so hard about leaving. He doesn’t contribute as much as she does, and she’s pissed. Dave makes some sarcastic comment and starts whistling again, while Lizzeth softly cries.

Elimination time. Caroline asks Matt what kept him from coming downstairs and eating all the carrot cake in his fridge after gaining 3 pounds. He says that he didn’t come here to cheat, he came here to win. Lizzeth is asked why she thinks she should stay, and she says that she worked her butt off and believes she deserves a spot on the team.

Caroline says that it’s time to vote. Dave is first, and he votes for Lizzeth. Kelly and Lizzeth both vote for Dave, saying that he just isn’t putting enough into it. Ryan makes a goofy little speech that ends in “Dave, I’m sorry to tell ya…I voted for Lizzeth.” He grins while Lizzeth shoots him the look of death. Matt also votes for Lizzeth. It’s down to Lisa’s vote, and we’re told that if there’s a tie the Blue team will decide who is leaving. Lisa says she’s been struggling all day, and complains about the pressure. She then reveals her vote for Lizzeth without an explanation.

Caroline tells Lizzeth that she’s not the biggest loser. It’s time for her to pack her bags and say goodbye. As Caroline starts to give the rest of them a pep talk, she notices that Kelly is dying to say something. Kelly tells Ryan that she doesn’t think he could have been less classy if he tried. It hurt Lizzeth enough to sit here, but to pull that prank was too much. Ryan says that they’re not here to cure cancer, and if he can have a bit of fun with it all the better for him. Fun is good Ryan, but not at the expense of others. I have to side with Kelly on this one. Caroline tells them all that the have the rest of the week to regroup and reorganize themselves.

Lizzeth gives advice to all of the overweight people in America – don’t give up! She’s going to miss her team, especially Kelly. The next time everyone sees her, they’re going to see a hot girl. Someone who is beautiful inside and out. Just before the credits, we see a recent picture of Lizzeth as well as the news that she has lost another 9 pounds since leaving the show. She is also inspiring her family to lose weight with the tools she learned on the show.

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