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Swan 2 – Episode 1: Which Scars Run Deeper?

This is the first episode of the new season. Jennifer Patton and Kimberly Wilborn are vying for the first spot in the pageant.

Jennifer Patton is a mom of 3. She was burned in a house fire at the age of 6. For some reason, that is never explained to us (nor to her, it seems), she was alone at the time. She currently lives in Mesa, AZ.

As a child, she was called ‘firestarter’ and ‘scar face’. Poor kid had to be compared to a bad Drew Barrymore movie and a good Al Pacino one. Kids can be so cruel.

Her mother says Jennifer became withdrawn after the fire and didn’t want to go back to school. Hmmm? Can’t imagine why. Puh-lease.

Currently, Jennifer is a stay at home mom. She is afraid to leave her kids even with a babysitter. She is afraid that they’ll get stuck in a fire too. She says she wants to hide from the world.

Jennifer hates her scars, her nose, her teeth and her whole body. She hates the cellulite and the stretch marks.

The Swan team knows she’ll be a challenge. Dr. Hayworth isn’t sure that he can eradicate the scars, but figures with dermabrasion and some other techniques, he can reduce their appearance. She’s also getting a diet and exercise plan, therapy with Dr. Ianni and full veneers and tooth reconstruction. Her nose will be reduced and straightened; she’ll get a tummy tuck and more.

Next up, is Kim Wilborn. She’s a mom of 4. She says, “beauty, here I come.” Kim’s a pretty lady. She’s overweight, but she doesn’t take care of her appearance. With 4 kids, I can understand. Trust me. I have 2 and if I shower, that’s a good day.

She had a traumatic childhood. She didn’t know her dad and her mom left her with her godmother. At the age of 14, Kim discovered her dead godmother. After that, she lived with different friends until she graduated high school. She went on to college as well.

Her scars are emotional and they run just as deep as Jennifer’s. Her husband says that food is like a drug to her. Kim just wants “to be me again.”

She’s getting a breast lift and augmentation, a tummy tuck and a nutrisystem diet plan because she’s got lots of weight to lose.

The ladies get to their rooms. Kim’s upset because security took her cookies. She notices that the Swan crew has not only removed all the mirrors, but has put a coating on all reflective surfaces so the girls can’t look at themselves that way.

Dr. Haworth tells Jennifer that he sees her beauty. In her eyes, there’s both “beauty and pain.” He tells her that he can make the scars look better, but they won’t be all gone.

Kim, in the meantime, has a run-in with the nutritionist — over carbs. The nutritionist tells her to just do it. She’s reluctant. In fact, Kim seems to have some reluctance to getting help. She complains in the gym and even with the therapist. Her walls which have helped her overcome so much may be a hindrance to her success in the Swan Program.

Jennifer goes to the Dentist and gets the first of her full mouth reconstruction treatments. She calls home looking for comfort and gets her baby boy who cries for her. It broke my heart and I’m not even his mama. Poor Jennifer. I couldn’t do this program for so many reasons, but the most major one is my kiddos. I couldn’t leave them for 4 mos. I just couldn’t.

Kim’s excited about her surgery. She says she can “handle pain for the sake of being fly.”

At the last minute, Kim tells Dr. Dubrow that she wants to do her nose, but she doesn’t want “a pig snout, a Michael nose” and wants it to be pain free.

After surgery, Kim freaks out. She’s afraid she won’t be able to breathe.

Jennifer still misses her family, but she’s working hard at the program and especially in therapy. Through a role play, Dr. Ianni has her get out her frustrations at her mother for leaving her alone to be hurt in the house fire.

Nely, the Coach, has to visit both ladies. She tells Kim to get an attitude adjustment and says to Jennifer, that “the scars are preventing you from living your life. You have to wear your scars like jewels.” That’s profound and all, but much easier said than done.

Cindy Ingle makes a visit to Kim to cheer her up. It worked. Kim wanted to meet her.

The reveal— Both ladies looked hot. Kim was like Little Kim, “Diana Ross in Mahogany” (according to Nely), and so much more. She was a diva. She shook her thang and enjoyed her cute self.

Jennifer was shocked. She really shone. She was stunning and the scars were not very noticeable at all.

Jennifer ended up winning the first slot in the pageant because she worked so hard.

Next week — another contestant will get a spot in the pageant. Who will it be?

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