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We start the show with Jennipher explaining how bad she did at the last judging. Ann wants to get herself together so that her pictures come out better. Kelle is upset because she has not had one good judging. We see Tocarra on the phone speaking with her father because she is upset with her mom.

Tyra Mail: the girls receive a message that pretzels are not the only things that can twist.

The girls go the next day to meet with their personal trainer Saavas. The girls are learning yoga and in come Janice Dickinson. She will show the girls proper poses for swimsuits. As the girls begin posing Jennipher is removed from the photo for not posing correctly. The next photo will be Gown Poses. Janice tells Kelle to just hide her face if she can’t get the look right.

Later that evening Tyra comes by for some one on one. The person who really touched was Tocarra who is having problems with her parents and Tyra encourages Tocarra to stay strong.

We later see Kelle standing in the mirror crying and not able to really look at her and like what she sees.
The girls later receive Tyra Mail: They are going to be posing underwear in a store front window. Kelle won the challenge and received five thousand dollars. She picked Amanda to receive fifteen hundred and Tocarra to receive five hundred.

Back at the loft the girls receive Tyra mail telling them to roll with the punches. The next morning the girls discover they will be doing a spread for dooney and bourke on roller skates. The girls did fairly well. Ann was upset with Jay for yelling at her, but that is when she did much better.

Back to the chopping block, the last challenge is for the girls to pose with a male model. Ann is an orgasmic let down. Jennipher just did badly. Tocarra was boring but Tyra liked it. Nicole was at a highschool dance. Ya Ya did excellent. The votes are in and Jennipher is out.


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