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Top Chef: Texas – Ep 10 – Destroyed By Restaurant Wars

Elimination Challenge Restaurant Wars & Battle of the Sexes

The Guys – The Destroyer, Edward, Paul and Glasses. Serving issues galore. Padma wondered why The Destroyer was out of the kitchen in his apron.

The Destroyer – Thai (or should it be Ty?) Style Crab and Shrimp Salad with Caramel Fish Sauce and Peanuts – Mono thought it was flat and needed acid. Padma thought the shrimp was cooked perfectly, whil Tom liked the sauce.

Paul – Ham and Pork Pate with Mushrooms, Braised Mustard Seeds, Duck Fat Coated Crostini – Mono found it to be whimsical, and Emeril said the brioche was greasy, but it was a nice concept.
Now, Paul has taken over for expiditng the meals – all right in front of the Judges. He claims that the good will between the guys got in the way.

The Destroyer/Paul – Poached Salmon in Warm Tomato Water, Clams, Mushrooms and Tomatillo Jam – Mono’s dish lacked the mushrooms, and Tom liked the salmon skin, but little else. Mono felt none of the elements were “married.” I am sure Texas does not allow anything to get married other than a man and woman.

Paul – Crispy Skin Pork Belly with Green Apple and Sweet Potato Puree – Emeril wanted a spicier slaw, and Padma wanted better applesauce. Tom expected more out of Paul.

Edward – Almond Joy Cake with Malted Chocolate Mousse, in Banana Coconut Puree – Tom wants more coconut for his Almond Joy. Padma said that the only wrong with it was the name.

Glasses – Cracker Jack Ice Cream, Cherries and Frozen Peanut Butter – Emeril is not crazy about the presentation, but he liked it. Tom also found it to be wacky, nicely salty and good. Mono was not a fan.

The Ladies – Grayson, Beverly, Sarah and Lindsay of the Corn. Grayson is making a family recipe for dessert, and Bev’s ribs will somehow be playful. Meanwhile, The Great Berry Cut Controversy gives some short lived tension between Grayson and Sarah. While Lindsay focuses on the kitchen, the judges show up and wait. Padma partakes in some pink lemonade. The judges notice the lack of energy in the room and Padma’s hungry and waiting. Not good. While this is going on, Lindsay is scolding Beverly about overcooking the halibut.

Grayson – Summer Peach Salad with Pickled Shallots, Bacon Vinaigrette, Candied Pistachios – Tom enjoyed it, and Emeril felt it related very well, especially the bacon and peaches.

Sarah – Mozzarella Filled Arancino, Sweet and Sour Eggplant and Celery Salad– Her twist on risotto went over well with Emeril who loved the piping hot center. Edward, meanwhile, has his heart drop as he realizes the ladies are not screwing up with their food.

Mono comments that he is sure the kitchen is exploding in the back based on what they can see in the front. And he is right, as Lindsay comes back pissed and even her ally Sarah barks at her. Grayson urges them to calm down and act professionally, “C’mon c’mon, we’re chefs!”

Beverly – Braised Short Rib over Thai Basil Potato Puree, Appleslaw and Kimchi – Mono said it is the most flavorful dish he had in two days of this challenge. Tom wasn’t keen on the potatioes, but that was it.

Lindsay – Grilled Halibut with Spanish Chorizo, Fennel and Sherry Salad – Tom wanted more out of the chorizo, and Mono’s was dry in the center.
Grayson points out that Lindsay of the Corn is taking on a lot of bitchiness and was not the right choice for the front of the house.

Grayson – Schaum Torte with Vanilla Meringue and Champagne Berries – Mono didn’t like the liquid bottom, but Tom wanted a spoon for it.

Sarah – Hazelnut Creme Italian Doughnuts with Banana Sugar Glaze – The judges found it to be heavy and leaden.

Lindsay comes back ablaze and gets on Bev for her cooking. Grayson said it wasn’t her fault, it was probably the wrong procedure. The Judges have to decide – food vs. service. Food, of course, wins. This is a cooking competition after all!

At Judges Table, Padma psyches out Lindsay of the Corn a bit by pointing out how MIA she was at the front. Lindsay starts to build her case against Bev, but the judges let her off the hook and call them the winners. Grayson’s torte was perfect, and the peaches hit all the elements. Sarah’s steamy risotto gets Emeril praise. Padma says that Bev’s ribs were amazing and the kimchi raised the bar. No love for Lindsay – she was totally going home if they lost. Bev wins wine and a trip to Napa, and the gift of the ability to screen capture the annoyed faces shown by Sarah and Lindsay. Oh, and she cries again.

The guys come back for their doom. The Destroyer’s Ty dish should have had better flavors, and was too bland. Paul’s eggs were soaked in oil, the belly was good and had issues. They call out Glasses for not doing nearly enough. His dessert was a “jumbled mess in a bowl.” Basically, it is between The Destroyer for bad seasoning and Glasses for lack of input. Although Tom said why should the others get praised for trying to fix the expiditing badly, while Glasses stayed in the back and cooked. The lack of a plan for the menu also is a factor. Edward was easily safe due to good front work and a tasty dessert. When Tom mentioned he spit out The Destroyer’s crab, you knew he was doomed. And he was.