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Top Chef: Texas – Ep 10 – Destroyed By Restaurant Wars

OK, that is a good as any moment to start talking about the actual wars. We’ll start with the winners. The ladies did a great job overall with the food. Beverly’s ribs were the best dish of the week – at least according to the judges. Grayson put out a top notch first course and dessert. Sarah’s first course was well-received, but not her dessert.

When it comes to the other main course, we have our drama. Lindsay of the Corn was chosen to work the front of the house and assigned Beverly with prepping her seemingly complicated fish dish. If what we saw was all of the instructions that Beverly received, then Lindsay has only herself to blame. She barked the plan to her in about .013 seconds and expected perfection. Another mistake with this plan – Beverly was now making both main proteins by herself.

Lindsay’s behavior with her own dish led to her increased involvement with kitchen procedure. Obviously, that led to a front of house disaster. Patrons waited to be seated. They waited to have their orders taken. Cold food was served. The judges waited a long time for everything. Lindsay seemed unemotional, as usual, and that made things even more off-putting. Imagine if Beverly’s dish wasn’t good – there is a good chance this team loses and it is between Lindsay and Beverly going home. That would have been one of the nastier Judges Tables in memory.

The guys got along just fine, but had some real issues in organizing their service. They thought of everything except who would expedite the food. As a result, confusion reigned. This confusion regarding what was going on with the food, I believe affected the preparation. The Destroyer and Paul were on the hook for preparing the most dishes. Edward did an adequate job in the front of the house, and was responsible for a well-executed but poorly named dessert. A coconut sauce is not enough coconut to call something an Almond Joy. Meanwhile, Glasses made just one dessert, although he did for Edward what Beverly was doing for Lindsay. And, I must say, better.

I thought it was a real possibility that Glasses would get the boot for not doing enough, and at least one judge (Monobrow) not caring for the dish. However, it came down to the proteins and the poor seasoning put forth by The Destroyer led to his demise. I thought he might make it further, he seems skilled and appeared to be building some momentum. I guess not.

That means we are down to seven chefs – with a majority of them female. Once again, we must remember that Top Chef’s three shows have had 13 champions. Only one woman. Could this season finally see someone join S4 Steph in the winners’ ranks? It is possible. Three men survive – Glasses who tends to be very erratic, Edward who seems capable, and Paul who is arguably the frontrunner. Four women still remain, and I could see any of them other than Lindsay win this thing.

Also, don’t forget the new dimension of the show – RILCK, which will play into things soon.