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Dog Lovers – Get Ready for the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge Finals

With football nearing the end of its season, it’s time to bring out the more unusual sporting events. This Saturday NBC is airing the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge Finals. I’m thinking of it as a warmup to the Puppy Bowl on Super Bowl Sunday.


The action, taped over a weekend spent at Purina Farms in Gray Summit, Missouri, last fall will feature athletic dogs from across the globe competing in Olympic-style events that include dog diving, the freestyle flying disc, 30-weave pole races, Jack Russell hurdle racing, and agility competitions. Are the Jack Russells doing the hurdling or are other dogs jumping over them?

The canine finalists were from the United States, Japan, and Poland. During their competition, the world record for dog diving was broken with a dive of thirty-one feet eight inches. I’m trying to fathom that, as I don’t think I would be willing to dive that far. I’d be a little afraid to shove my dogs out there on the board and tell them to jump.

Then again, my dogs are getting a little too old for such a thing. One of them can’t get up on the bed anymore and struggles with the stairs sometimes, and the other one is just starting to need more of a running jump with the bed. Maybe the Incredible Dog Challenge will be inspirational to them!

Catch the action Saturday afternoon at 5 PM ET. Also, check out our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.