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Every Dog Has Its Day – The Apprentice 2, Episode 7

by aurora

Last week on The Apprentice, the teams were asked to design and market a line of clothing for women. As a result of bad pricing, Mosaic was sent to the boardroom for the first time in four weeks. Project manager John kept Andy and Kevin with him in the boardroom but was unable to excape the fickle finger of the Trump and was fired. 12 candidates are left – who will be fired this week?

Wes explains to the women why Andy was chosen to stay in the boardroom, saying that John thinks he’s a weak player. He adds that he thinks Andy makes more of a contribution to the team than John does, just as Andy and Kevin return. Ivana tells the group that dinner is ready and they all sit down to a Mexican feast. Just as they’re digging in, the phone rings. It’s Robin, who tells them that Trump wants to see everyone in the boardroom immediately.

Trump asks each team to choose a project manager. Wes and Jennifer are chosen, and Trump explains that he’s realized that the teams are now even. Therefore, it’s time for a corporate restructuring. He wants to see how they will work together with men and women on the same side. He asks Jen and Wes to each choose three people who they don’t want on their team, and those people will go to the other side.

Jen goes first, and she picks Sandy. Wes chooses Raj. Jen sends over Maria and Stacy, and Wes selects Chris and Kevin. Jen’s team is the new Apex, and Wes’ team is the new Mosaic. Trump says that some people may be happy with their new team while others may be upset they were traded away. That’s life, he says, and now is the time for them to all step up to the plate. Sandy is indeed angry to have been traded, and says privately that she’s looking forward to kicking some Apex ass and making Jen regret her decision.

Back in the suite, Wes talks to his new teammates asking what their strengths are. He tells Stacy that he knows she’s good at arguing and asking questions, which of course leads to a ton of questions from Stacy. Wes says privately that he’s never known anyone like her, she just won’t f***ing shut up! Meanwhile, Apex is doing the same thing, but Jen is asking the men to describe each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Raj tells us that Jennifer is analytical, calculating, and beautiful – which makes her especially dangerous.

The following morning the phone rings again, and Rona tells Wes that Trump will meet them all in Central Park at 8am.

In the park, Trump tells the group that the pet business is a 30 billion dollar industry, and points out that New Yorkers truly love their dogs. He wants them to create a dog service business – any type of business they want. At the end of the day, the team who makes the most money wins. George is away again, so Trumps’ Chief Financial Officer is standing in for him. After reminding them that the team who loses will meet with him in the boardroom, Trump is off. Stacy confesses that she’s not a dog person, but will do whatever it takes to win the task.

What would an episode of The Apprentice be without words of wisdom from The Donald? This week the lesson to be learned is “Sell Your Ideas”. As he talks to a contractor about fixing the facade of a building, he tells us that we should go after an idea if we think it’s really that good. Just don’t stop. Once again, thanks Mr. Trump.

Jennifer is on top of things for Apex. She wants to keep things simple, find a high-traffic area, get some supplies, and start washing dogs. Raj and Chris head over to Petco and buy $100 worth of puppy shampoo and dog treats. They go to the location and start washing dogs. Elizabeth and Raj walk around the park telling dog owners about the “Doggy Makeover” station, but don’t seem to have much success. Apparently a lot of people don’t carry cash with them while walking their dogs – go figure.

Raj wants to set up a second station in another location, but Jen shoots him down. She doesn’t want the team split up. Raj confesses he thinks the team is walking down the path to defeat and doom.

Over at Mosaic, Kelly is already annoyed with Stacy, who is asking questions. She wants to know why people would trust them with their dogs. Wes wants to donate some of their proceeds to charity, but has trouble finding an organization who will accept it. Andy and Kelly head out to get supplies, and Andy finds a cat shelter that is open and will take their donations. When they return to join the rest of their team, Andy leaves the cellphone in the taxi which throws a wrench in their plans since now they can’t split up and still stay in contact.

Apex is still washing dogs, and Raj still wants to split the group up. Jen finally agrees and sends Ivana and Chris out to massage dogs. They charge a dollar a minute or $10 for 15 minutes. Chris, who is really getting full of himself, is mortified at having to massage the dogs. He says that he’s got a “Rolex Presendential” on, and he’s sitting there massaging someone’s dog. “It was just so degrading and embarassing” he adds, pointing out that the dog smelled bad too. Suck it up Chris and deal with it.

Mosaic is still setting up shop, adding a sign advertising “Extreme Doggie Makeovers”. They’ve already missed the busiest time of the day for dog-walkers, so they need to ahul ass to catch up. Andy had thought of buying Polaroid cameras to take before and after shots, and Stacy wants to take the idea one step further. She suggests that they buy some dog costumes and take photos of dogs wearing the outfits. Wes indulges Stacy and they go to look at some outfits. The costumes are too expensive, so the two of them have just wasted more time.

After washing a few dogs and giving massages, Apex starts clipping canine nails. Kevin is nervous as he knows that a dog has very sensitive claws. Jen doesn’t seem phased though, and clips away even when the dogs squeal in pain.

Carolyn watches as Mosaic washes dogs. She says that it looks like they’re doing well. Sandy and Kelly are washing the dogs, and Carolyn says they look like they’re having fun. She says that Maria is walking around looking provocative, and looks like she’s marketing herself rather than the dog wash, Andy is running around after customers like a ‘lawyer in an ambulance’, and “Stacy is, uh, I haven’t figured out what Stacy is doing yet.” Sandy says privately that it annoyed her that Stacy didn’t offer a drink of water or to take over for a few minutes, and then at the end of the day Stacy had the nerve to complain that she was filthy. Wes says that if they win he’ll be a hero but if they lose he’ll be a jackass.

It’s 8pm and Apex is closing up shop. They go back to the suite for a shower and head out for a few drinks and something to eat. Jen is proud of the way she handled the task, but Ivana thinks that Jen is too quick to take credit.

Time for the results of the task. Everyone gathers in the boardroom, and Trump asks Jennifer what it was like to lead a new team. She thinks it was challenging but think she did a good job. Wes is asked the same question, and says that his team is hard-working.

Carolyn, in overdub, says that she thinks Mosaic got started a little late. She adds that they made a profit of $122.12, and did okay.

Alan says that Apex had a very good plan. They were diversified not only in location but in services offered. Their profit was $307.41. Trump congratulates Apex, and tells them that their reward is a meeting with the mayor, Michael Bloomberg. He reminds Mosaic that he’ll see them later that evening where someone will be fired.

Apex heads over to Gracie Mansion, where several NY mayors have lived. Mayor Bloomberg uses the property for official functions, however. Ivana is excited because Mayor Bloomberg is a successful businessman who has also succeeded in politics. He gives them some advice and answers their questions. Raj says that any time there is a reward that involves acquiring knowledge from people who have succeeded, it is much more valuable than a fancy dinner because knowledge is power, and that can never be taken away from you.

In the suite meanwhile, Stacy is talking everyone’s ear off. She’s not disappointed that they didn’t think of a dog massage because it’s hideous, disgusting, and unnecessary. She thinks they missed out on a goldmine by not jumping on the costume thing. Wes says privately that there’s no way Stacy will end up being the Apprentice because people don’t have confidence in her. He promises her that he will not badmouth her in the boardroom, if she promises the same thing. Stacy tells the camera that Wes screwed up on the task and he’s going to be fired tonight. We shall see Stacy, we shall see.

Time for some firin’. In the boardroom, Trump reminds Maria that she’s exempt this week, so she is free to speak her mind. She says that the problem was leadership. Kelly agrees, pointing out that they missed out on the prime doggy washing hours. Carolyn asks him how many dogs he washed in the first two hours, and he guesses eight. She corrects him and says it was four. Trump says he hates people who exaggerate. He wonders if the traffic flow was because they were in the wrong location. Wes says that he wanted to try another location, but it was difficult because Andy had lost their cell phone.

Trump tells Andy that he’s been a bit of a disaster so far, even though he’s been sticking up for him all along. Wes explains that Andy needs a lot of supervision during tasks, and Andy defends himself by saying that he closed the deal with the charity when Wes failed. Donald isn’t impressed with the cat shelter, saying that “the last thing dogs wanna know is that they’re helping cats”. Alan pipes in and says that they should have added more in the lines of services.

Stacy is then asked if she thinks she should take any blame for the loss. She says no, and that she would fire Andy if she had the choice. Wes says that Kelly and Sandy worked hard and are completely accountable for what they did, and Maria is exempt. Therefore he would like to bring Andy and Stacy back into the boardroom with him. Trump sends the rest of them back to the suite, and the three remaining to the lobby.

Carolyn thinks Stacy didn’t produce, Andy is all over the place, and Wes is a poor leader. Alan thinks that Andy made a huge mistake in losing the cell phone – if this was a military operation and he lost his communication, he could have lost his entire batallion. However, he does feel that Stacy was under the radar and doesn’t know what she actually did besides debate everyone. Trump nods and asks Robin to send them back in.

Trump asks Wes why he brought Stacy into the boardroom. He says that she wastes time with her banter. Trump wants to know why he didn’t listen to Stacy’s idea, and Wes explains that it would have been too expensive for the amount of time they had.

Stacy says that the idea for the costumes was great, since they had the camera laying around anyway. Carolyn asks her if she’s just a bad salesperson who can’t get her ideas across. She adds that it’s been seven weeks now and she’s still trying to figure out what Stacy brings to the table. Trump echoes that and asks Stacy what she brings. She starts to explain that she was promoting, and Carolyn shoots her down again.

Andy is asked if Stacy could be a good leader. Andy says that she does have some good ideas, but actually getting them implemented is something she needs to work on. Carolyn and Alan both try to explain to Stacy that she needs to step up and sell her ideas (just like Trump’s lesson of the week!). Wes agrees with them and says he feels that he is a very strong leader. Trump disagrees, and says that Wes was a lousy leader. He adds that losing the phone was a stupid move on Andy’s part.

Trump further blasts Stacy for not taking responsibility for anything, and she reacts by asking them to make her project manager. Carolyn tells her they won’t do that – she has to do it herself. Trump (in another bad overdub) tells Stacy that week after week she makes excuses and is always complaining. When she failed to sell her idea, she blamed the project manager. So…Stacy, you’re fired.

There’s a little awkward scene in the lobby where Wes looks like he’s going to give Stacy a hug or a peck on the cheek, and Stacy hides behind her suitcase repeating “Good luck Wes”, and shakes his hand. Trump says that he really didn’t like the fact that Stacy kept making excuses.

In the cab, Stacy says that she feels that Wes tried to pin the loss on her. She thinks Trump didn’t get a chance to get to know her, but she wouldn’t change anything about the way she handled things.

Couple of random side notes. First, the overdubs are annoying and distracting. Surely NBC can blend these better into the dialogue? Also, I am loving the fact that Carolyn is getting more air time. We haven’t been able to see much of her personality outside of the boardroom, but these last couple of weeks during the tasks her commentary has been interesting and very, very funny.

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