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Project Runway, Jan. 5 – All-Stars and Cheap Thrills

Indeed, when the designers get back to work the following morning, Austin finds a way to repair his dress.  Then the models come in and it’s time to get them dressed and made-up.  Elisa advises her model to spread her arms as if she were flying, the better to show off her wings.

Then it’s off to the runway, where Angela introduces the judges, including guest judge Ken Downing of Nieman Marcus.

Austin is up first, and he made a light turquoise skirt and halter out of plastic.  It was inspired by the turquoise gown he’d shown earlier.  Kara made a black skirt and sleeveless salmon top.  Jerrell made a sleeveless black and grey patterned dress out of scarves and placemats.  The inspiration dress was similar, but had yellow in it.

Elisa made red shorts, a multi-colored, shortsleeved shirt and added white wings trimmed with black writing.  She used shower curtains.  The inspiration dress was sleeveless, pale pink and decorated with flowers and writing.  It also had wings.  Rami made an architectural, black and white plaid minidress with big shoulders and a decoration right under the black belt.  The structured inspiration dress was sleeveless with a black and white pattern.  It was made of laundry bags and had Christmas tree tinsel to simulate ostrich feathers.

Sweet P made a sleeveless white top and a color-blocked skirt out of washcloths.  She added a belt and a yoke.  Her inspiration dress was white and also had a belt and a yoke.  Mondo made a structured black dress out of trashbags, electrical tape, and plastic cowboy hats.  The inspiration dress was two-toned and had long sleeves.

Kenley made a white and pale aqua dress.  Gordana made a sleeveless white dress out of streamers, and her inspiration dress was also white, sleeveless, and had a tulle train.  Anthony made a purple dress with gold trim out of crepe paper and safety pins.  Mila made a black, white, and green dress.

Michael made a draped, black and white dress out of mopheads.  April also made a black and white dress out of mopheads.  Her inspiration dress was black, of course.

The judges then call Austin, Mila, April, Kenley, Michael, Anthony, and Kara.  Theyr’re safe and the others will have to face the music.  They start with Rami, who tells them about the materials he used.  The judges are pleased with him, but they’re less pleased with Sweet P, whose dress looks “unfinished,” as Isaac puts it.  Ken likes Jerrell’s dress, and Georgina calls it “wearable.”

When the judges ask about the writing on her wings, Elisa gives a long answer about how she works a lot with “sacred geometry,” which confuses them (and me).  Mondo describes the materials he’d used for his look, and Isaac praises its proportions.  Gordana gives the usual designer’s spiel about playing with hard and soft.  Isaac likes the steel wool she’d used to decorate the top of the dress.

The judges then dismiss everybody in order to deliberate.  They agree that Rami did a good job, but Isaac worries that Rami’s dress looks too similar to his inspiration dress.  Mondo showed a modern edge, while Jerrell did a good job executing his design.  Sweet P’s look was not well-executed, while Gordana’s look was over-designed.  Elisa’s outfit amused the judges, but her need to explain it did not.

The judges then announce their decision.  Jerrell is safe, while Mondo and Rami got the highest cores.  Rami is the winner, and Mondo is safe.  Gordana is also safe, leaving Sweet P and Elisa in the bottom.  Sweet P is in, which means Elisa is out and can now go back home to the Andromeda Galaxy.

The previews show scenes from upcoming episodes.  Miss Piggy– who had been a guest editor of Vogue, as per the latest movie– will play guest judge at some point.  More good news:  The show is an hour long again.

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