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Top Chef: Texas – Ep 9 – “It’s Like Sex In The Mouth”

However, they were not at the bottom. That slot belonged to the two Chrises and Beverly. Their fault was strictly execution. The elimination came down to whether or not their BBQ was subpar because of cooking (Glasses), spices (Malibu) or sides (Bev). In the end, the judges felt that the spices – leading to the always-fatal inedible claim from Tom – and the saltiness was the problem and Malibu was sent packing. This show just got a lot less pretty, ladies and gay man, right?

That brings us down to eight chefs remaining – man, did that sneak up on us or what? Next week brings Restaurant Wars, which is the Top Chef version of Survivor’s Family Visit. Once you get there, you can almost taste the end of the show and the prize money around the corner. I hesitate to do this because it is likely the kiss of death for them, but I think we are divided into four frontrunners and four others likely to wind up spending some time at RILCK. I think Paul, the Destroyer, Sarah and Edward are shaping up to be the A Team right now (no, not that one). This leaves Glasses, Grayson, Lindsey of the Corn and Beverly on the B Team. Glasses just has massive potential of imploding any week due to his risks. Bev and Grayson are rather inconsistent, while Lindsay has gotten a very quiet edit thus far. I can see the Final rounds to consist of the four I mentioned and the RILCK winner. I think Paul is man to beat so far, but with my track record, that means Paul will be going home next week.

Quickfire Challenge – Create a dish that illustrates Modernist Cuisine for Modernist Cuisine cookbook author Nathan Myhrvold and Padma. This resulted in some crazy creativity and Blais-like chemicals and Marcel-like pretention. Glasses wants to win it very badly, as his job at his restaurant is to find new techniques. The Destroyer notes the mist and smoke coming from Glasses and makes a Nutty Professor joke. Not sure if I would have went there. Maybe David Copperfield.

Beverly – Curry Whipped Cream, Flash Steamed Clams and Mussels, Mango Chili, Cucumber, Radish

Malibu – Risotto Foam, Scallops, Brown Butter Dust He got creative and changed the texture on the risotto as his modern twist.

Glasses – Miracle Berry, Deconstructed Cheesecake, Pellegrino Sparkling Water with Lemon and Lime He made a pill. He really did. He also threatened to visit Nathan’s basement – let’s hope Nathan has not seen The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Padma feels some intense tangerine flavor – no snozberries though.

Edward – Compressed Watermelon and Brunoise of Radishes, Salmon Belly Sashimi, Orange Pulp – He turned radishes into his “rice.”

Grayson – Trout Sashimi with Dill Caviar, Pickled Watermelon, Cucumber and Radish – She did the only technique she knew and it involved squirting gelatin. I am soooooooooooooo tempted to make a joke linking that to her OTHER comment this week.

Lindsay of the Corn – Marinated Baby Octopus, Sea Beans with Togarashi

Paul – Endive Salad with an Egg Yolk

Sarah – Breakfast Raviolo, Pancetta and an Egg Yolk – She put OJ in her sauce. Orange juice, that is, not “acquitted” murdering running backs. Nathan likes the technique she used.

The Destroyer – Watermelon with Vanilla Bean Honey, Saffron and Salted Olive Oil Powder The powder sounded amazing, turn the oil into a powder, but when your saliva touches it in your mouth it turns back into olive oil. Cool.

Bottom Three – Paul gave good texture but no depth of flavor. And it was freakishly white. Bev was different, but it wasn’t enough. Grayson was too simple.

Top Three – The Destroyer nailed the spices and the powder was a huge hit. Sarah made pasta that would make an Italian granny happy. Glasses made a well-staged, well-made dish.

However, The Destroyer knocked out Glasses and took the win. It was a win that turned to be very helpful for him come Elimination Challenge time, and almost fatal to Glasses.