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PIGGIES! – Survivor: Vanuatu, Episode 6

[i]by atarus[/i]

We start off the episode with Rory throwing a hissy fit to the girls. Not really much of a hissy fit, but more of a “I’m going to throw a hissy fit soon, watch out” fit. He says that the ladies made a mistake in letting him know that originally he would have been gone before Bubba, and he needs to push them not too far, just far enough. Scout says something about Rory being “on a pity poty, he needs to wipe his ass and move on.” Right Scout, right.

Lea is excited about having women in the tribe. Chris looks at Julie, and says that “a pretty girl like her can slip under the radar, make the final 5, and suddenly BAM she’s final 2.” YES! CHRIS I LOVE YOU! Finally, somebody IN THE GAME that sees the Jenna M-Darrah-Amber-Jenna L as the threat they are! GET RID OF JULIE! Please, for the love of God and all that is holy! GET RID OF HER. (Nothing against Julie, I like her, but if another young female that is slipping UTR slips all the way to the final 5/4/3/2 I’m going to shoot myself.) Julie says that the Yasur tribe is more passive-agressive, and she’s enjoying her time with the men. Twila says they just have to keep winning immunity to ensure her and Julie’s safety.

Before the reward challenge, Rory gives a speech to the Yasur women. He apologizes for the “things he said to you girls in his mind” because when he gets angry he gets hurtful. He then proceeds to say that when the men see that Bubba’s gone, they’ll think that he sold Bubba out, so he has to be with the Yasur women now. Their side is his side, but he’s not going to slave around camp if he doesn’t have a shot to stay at the next TC. He then, in confessional, says that the speech he said was so cheesy, he will be surprised if any of the women bought it.

We then see the reward challenge! And Chris and Lea are shocked to learn that Bubba’s been voted out. (Earlier discussion of “everybody loves Bubba” is shot down.) So then Jeff explains the challenge. They’re herding PIGGIES!!!!! Oh my god, the piggies with colored mohawks were so cute. And the squealing! I would have been giggling and laughing the entire challenge if I was there. 5 people have to catch two pigs a piece, and 1 person is the gatekeeper. So the challenge begins, and we get great happy challenge music. No dramatic music, just a comedic score as we see people dive around in the mud for piggies. Lopevi gains a lead on Yasur as Eliza has trouble getting down and dirty for her team. As Sarge comes out to grab the last two piggies for Lopevi, he lumbers towards the pigs and for some reason the music from Deliverance begins to pop into my head. I have no idea why. Maybe it was all the squealing pigs. Anyway, Lopevi wins the reward of steak and eggs!

Twila says that Lopevi kicked the girls’ ass, they were too afraid of getting their fingernails dirty. Sarge is on “Cloud 9.” (HEY SPOILER WORLD, this is a CLUE! Obviously, Sarge said the number NINE meaning it’s a hint that he gets NINTH PLACE. Right? RIGHT? I’M A GENIUS! …Note the sarcasm.) And the Lopevi tribe agrees that if they were Yasur, they’d be pissed at Eliza and vote her out. Over on Yasur, Leann says that the piggy challenge was a hard challenge to lose, and they lost it because Eliza refused to get dirty. Ami and Eliza have a heart to heart where Eliza trashes Scout because if Scout were gone, Eliza could be the sole hindrance in challenges. GREAT THINKING ELIZA. Rory is giddy, because Eliza is becoming a thorn in the side of the team, and he needed a crack in the women’s alliance, and lookie lookie! He found one in Eliza.

On Lopevi, it’s nude sunbathing time! We are treated to Julie naked, which gets the guys going, and Twila just shakes her head. Julie says “I flirt all day long, it’s just how I am.” You know, she’s only 4 years older than me…hmmmm….call me Julie, if you aren’t dating Ethan by the time the show’s over! Sarge now gets all mushy about Twila, he says that he could go to the races or drink a beer with Twila, heck he’d even dress her up in a dress and take her to dinner! Sarge, aren’t you married? For shame! Anyway, he throws a deal to Twila, since him, Chad, and Chris are only three, and 4 is better than three. Twila isn’t sure if they’re saying the same thing to Julie, but she’ll trust them for now.

At the immunity challenge, the Survivors are gonna be put to work. They have 8 tiki idol pieces they have to move across a rope through a bunch of obstacles above and below water. Once all 8 are on the beach, the two people not in charge of swimming with the idol pieces are going to assemble the idol to win immunity. Ami and Chris are first, and Chris slowly edges ahead of Ami by the end, gaining about a one-obstacle lead on her. Sarge and Rory are next, and while Sarge lengthens the lead slightly, by the time they reach the beach, Rory has hauled ass enough to basically tie it up. Julie and Leann (who is, I think, Julie in 10 years…I think Burnett invented a time machine as a twist for this game…we’ll find out at the reunion I bet) are head-to-head, and while they stay even, Leann gets stuck at the underwater portion, and she just can’t cut it. Julie finishes, and Leann tries and tries, but John flies past her, finishes with the last two pieces, and Chad and Twila assemble the idol and Lopevi wins the fourth challenge in a row.

Back on Yasur, Leann has broken out the “pity pot” and says that she hates letting her team down, the challenge was just draining, and she feels guilty because if she doesn’t go home, somebody else is going home because she lost the challenge for them. After talking with Eliza and Scout though, she says she “feels like the best loser ever.” Honey, if you want to be the best loser, you need to gain 100 pounds or so and head over to NBC. Now, I’m not quite sure what happens next, but I believe what happens is Lisa asks to go with Ami and Scout to get food and Ami decides that she wants to vote Lisa out because of it. When on the food hike, Ami says she’s voting for Lisa right to Lisa’s face. Lisa swears on Scout’s Bible hands that she’s loyal to the women, but Ami has mysteriously turned into Adria from BB5 and has gone psycho-nutbag. Rory and Scout talk later and Rory says he adores Lisa, he’d rather vote out Eliza. Scout agrees, but says there’s a tiff between Ami and Lisa. Rory asks what the tiff’s about, and Scout says “Hell if I know.” SEE? SEE? Even Scout, who was PRESENT for the argument doesn’t know what the hell Ami is thinking. Rory, however, is ecstatic, his name isn’t coming up for TC, he’s just happy he’s staying.

At TC, Jeffy asks the usual questions. He mentions that the tribe Scout pick has sucked and not won a single challenge. Ami talks about voting based on loyalty. Eliza says that any person she’s given her word to, they can trust her. When Rory calls her out, saying that he’s never gotten her word, she says “You can trust me Rory!” “Little late for that now.” He retorts. Yay Rory! He’s getting more likeable with each episode. He also says that “he’s in a hot spot and his ass is hanging out.”

In voting, Lisa votes for Rory, saying that she is proving her loyalty to the women. Ami votes for Lisa without a word. Scout votes for Rory, saying she doesn’t want to vote for someone else. Rut roh. And yup, in the end, power-tripping Adria…..er, Ami, gets her way and Lisa is voted out.

Next week: Julie and Twila “scheme” and Rory is in trouble at Yasur. Wait, wasn’t that the preview for THIS episode?

Lisa’s final words: She says she’s trustworthy, not sure of the reason she was voted out, but it’s obvious Ami had power over the women.

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