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Meet the Cast of Celebrity Apprentice 2012 – Redefined as Where Are They Now

While this year’s cast of Celebrity Apprentice will have some surprisingly well-known names, there seems to be a large share of those that leave us asking either “Who?” or proclaiming, “So that’s what happened to them!” There are always a few of them every year, but there just seems like there will be more unknown or long-ago-forgotten faces/names when the season starts on February 12. There are a handful I have never heard of, and another handful of has-beens that makes me wonder if this is their big career move to put them back in the forefront.

For the more well-known contestants, the big names are Clay Aiken are Adam Carolla, and Cheryl Tiegs and Penn Jillette could probably be considered in that group as well. Whether you’re a fan of American Idol or not, you know who Clay Aiken is. I never would have connected him, though, of having any sort of business acumen. Adam and Penn didn’t do too well on Dancing With the Stars, so maybe this is a reality show that will suit them better, as I do see them as probably having a good business sense. To me, Cheryl Tiegs is a big name, but if I was born fifteen years later or so, I probably wouldn’t think so. She has a very fitting charity, the Farrah Fawcett Foundation. I think they were both pinups around the same time.

From the “Where Are They Now” file, we have Arsenio Hall, Lou Ferrigno, Debbie Gibson, Michael Andretti, Dee Snider, George Takei, Tia Carrere, and Victoria Gotti. Some of these names could have been on the above list of well-knowns, such as Dee Snider. I think I’ve heard his name more in the last couple of years than I did in the years of his original success with Twisted Sister. I know i haven’t heard Lou Ferrigno’s name at all since he starred with Bill Bixby in The Incredible Hulk, despite him being in more than thirty films, according to him..

It seems like Debbie Gibson is working on a third comeback, as she came back, then disappeared again. I do happen to be glad that George Takei has found something to do other than Star Trek conventions, and I’m glad that Victoria Gotti is finding a purpose, but what type of fundraising will she do? I’m not sure if MIchael Andretti and Tia Carrere really went anywhere, but i know it’s been awhile since I heard either name, although I admit to getting Michael mixed up with the rest of his driving family.

The names I haven’t heard before are Dayana Mendoza, Aubrey O’Day, Patricia Velasquez, Paul Teutul Sr., Teresa Giudice, and Lisa Lampanelli. Actually I did hear the comic’s name before and it was on a celebrity roast of David Hasselhoff. Dayana Mendoza is a former Miss Venezuela and Miss Universe. Aubrey O’Day was on Making the Band, with the band being Danity Kane, but was kicked out by Sean “Diddy” Combs, because he thought she changed too much through the duration of the show. Patricia Velasquez is a model and actress who hasn’t really made a mark, but is the second Venezuelan in the cast. Paul Teutul Sr. is on American Chopper with his sons and isn’t afraid to argue on TV, and Teresa Giudice is a Real Housewife with the rest of them in New Jersey.

It’s definitely an interesting group Donald Trump has put together this time. As to who will join the ranks of Piers Morgan, Joan Rivers, Bret Michaels, and John Rich as winner of this season, my early pick is Jenn Jillette. He has the connections, the intelligence, and … the balls to tell people off. I also think that initially the men’s team will do better than the females, as the better known stars are for the most part the men, and I think they’ll have an easier time raising money when they need to. Catch the premiere on February 12 on NBC

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