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I Was Clocked By The Mute! – The Bachelor 6, Episode 4

by LauraBelle

Watching many Reality TV shows, at some point I begin to wonder if these people are always like this, or if it’s just their TV facade. The same goes when people begin to flip out; you wonder if it’s just their intenseness on the show. Tonight’s Bachelor doesn’t do anything to clear this up.

Cynthia feels it’s important to get some time alone for her and Byron, since she hasn’t had a date with him yet. She makes a pitcher of Sangria, and takes it to him. Over their glasses of Sangria, she tells Byron she wanted to get to know him, but not in a competitive way. She thinks things should happen naturally. (Like dating a man along with seven other women, and being herded like cattle at the end to see if he chooses you is natural?) Byron says he is intrigued as he sees more to her than just the cover of her book.

The date envelope arrives, and the lucky recipient is Tanya. Andrea gets jealous right away, and says, “It’s hard to watch him with the others.” Tanya is excited because she wants Byron to see her for who she really is, and Byron wants to see where she’s at in her life, in regards to a marriage and kids.

As Tanya is waiting for Byron she admits he didn’t tell her anything about where they were going. When Byron picks her up, it’s in a cute little red sports car, and he says they’re going to drive around where he grew up in Newport Beach.

Once they reach the beach, Byron floors it, and drives the car right into the water! Tanya is shocked until she realizes it’s an amphibious vehicle built for just such a thing. She is totally soaked from hitting the water, but says she’s not going to let that ruin her time. He is unexpectedly happy with her overall attitude about the whole thing.

After driving under a bridge where he used to fish as a kid, they reach land for a romantic dinner for two. Tanya looks beautiful and unlike the drowned rat I know I would look like in that situation. Asked what her type of guy is, she says she’s looking for one that will also be her best friend. Byron says he’s looking for two people making each other’s lives better, instead of one telling the other what to do.

Back at the house, the other women are sitting in the Living Room and talking. Krysta says it feels so different to be part of only seven women sitting around chatting than it did when there were fourteen women sitting around chatting, waiting for Byron and his date to get back. Cheresse says it feels different for her since her date was so long ago. She had had the first alone date. Andrea says it seems different for her as well since her date was just two days ago. The other women challenge her to tell her feelings, and she admits to thinking she’s falling in love with him, shocking many of the other women in the house.

Byron and Tanya come home from their ate, and the women sitting in the Living Room can hear them kissing. Andrea shakes her head, and you can tell she is definitely feeling like he is cheating on her. Byron walks in after he said goodbye to Tanya, and is surprised to find the women sitting there. He makes some small talk, and rushes back to his bungalow. Byron realizes the women heard him kissing Tanya, and is hoping there’s no lipstick on his face.

Mary is chosen for the next alone date, and they will be getting messages together. Cynthia doesn’t like that she hasn’t had a date with him yet, and decides Byron just likes brunettes with small boobs! Yea, that means I’m in the running! Byron takes his shirt off for the massage, and Mary says she’s not complaining.

Mary tells Byron right off the bat she doesn’t feel he’s spent enough time with her. Byron delves right in and asks if Mary felt she was in love with Bob. Mary, still smarting form her Bob experience, says she believes a lot of things. Byron then asks what she is looking for in a guy, and Mary says she is looking for a guy who is honest, loves life, to cry and laugh with, and that would be a good father. All standard answers. They admit their attraction for each other, and share a kiss. Now getting feelings for Mary as well as many of the other women, Byron says he is confused, because it’s so overwhelming.

It is time for a third date, and Byron chooses Elizabeth, which is so beautiful she reminds me of Vanessa Williams. A helicopter arrives and takes them to the Aquarium of the Pacific. They walk through one of those tunnels where sharks sim overhead, and sit at a table set for them near the end. It looks amazing, but I wonder if I would be able to eat in that situation.

Elizabeth asks Byron what intrigued her about him. He answers he liked the questions she asked early on (an answer trying to escape the question, if you ask me). Asked what he would do if they were together and they butted heads, Byron says he would leave for awhile to cool off. Elizabeth makes a toast to a new beginning.

Byron shows up at the house later with a bag and his dog, Sabrina, and announces they’re having a slumber party. He has brought with him champagne and pajamas for everyone. He looks around him and says there’s not a woman in the house who will look bad in PJs. Jayne is not liking this idea at all, and is very uncomfortable.

Byron attacks Krysta with silly string, and then shares a can with her, and they both attack the rest of the women. They all begin playing truth or dare, and choosing dare, Andrea has to give Byron a striptease dance. She originally has reservations, but does it anyway. Andrea asks Jayne, who chooses truth, if she has thought of kissing Cynthia. Jayne says emphatically, “No way!” and adds no offense to Cynthia. The only thing missing at this point is the group seance. Light as a feather, and stiff as a board.

All are dancing very suggestively, and Mary gets put off, and is visibly upset. Byron pulls her outside, and Mary explains it was very deja vu-ish for her, reminding her of the dance she did for Bob. She tells Byron she doesn’t want him to make a mistake with her. He says he told himself from the beginning if someone wanted to leave, he wouldn’t stop them, but wants her to stay. They hug, and she tells him, “You’re so cute.” He answers back that he thinks she’s cute too. The question remains if this was all a ploy on Mary’s part.

Inside the house, Elizabeth says Byron pulling Mary out is a real buzzkill for their party. Jayne is very put off and complaining loudly. She appears drunk. The other women notice Jayne’s change in behavior. She tells Byron they should all create drama now to get the same attention Mary just received. Byron thinks Jayne has some great qualities, but is questioning this outburst. Byron says he feels the slumber party was the right thing at the wrong time, and leaves to go back to his bungalow. I’m thinking with all the tension, Bachelor producers were thinking it was the perfect time.

The women gather around the hot tub, and Krysta sneaks off to take two glasses of champagne to Byron’s bungalow. Jayne wants to know what’s up with Byron leaving and goes to find him as well. She barges past Krysta and gets Byron to come to the hot tub with her. Krysta has another great sound byte and says she was, “clocked by the mute.”

Jayne dose nothing but harass Byron when he comes out to the hot tub. She tells him he stopped the whole world because he eventually chose Mary over the rest of them. Byron is obviously taken aback and feeling attacked. He doesn’t know what to say or do.

The next morning, Andrea and Jayne are feeling paranoid, and they they hear lots of whispering in the bathrooms. The other women are outside talking, and Cheresse wants to know what happened last night. She was upset by the Jayne drama early on, and left before the hot tub incident. After it is explained to her, Cheresse wonders whether he is just a nice guy or is attracted to psychos. She wants to point them out to him and say, “That bitch is crazy! That bitch is crazy! That bitch is crazy! That bitch is crazy!” The women mock Jayne be doing a sendup of her going from a sweet dog-walker to a gun-toting maniac.

At the Rose Ceremony, there is no private chats first. The women are all lined up and waiting. Byron only has six roses to give to the eight women. He reiterates again he is looking for his soul mate and begins choosing women. He presents roses to mary, Tanya, Andrea, Cynthia, Cheresse, and Jayne, eliminating Elizabeth and Krysta.

Elizabeth says this hurts, as she was wanting to get to know Byron more, but it gives her hop thre are decent men out there looking for th same things as her. Krysta says it sucks, and that she must have misjudged the situation. Byron made the wrong decision, and it will be tough to get over him. With her tears it appears there was tender girl inside ll along.

Andrea continues to be over the top, still believing she is Byron’s one and only, and Jayne certainly showed another side to her. Yet, Byron keeps these women around. I think Andrea really is that much out there, but I do believe this show has brought out a very negative side to Jayne that isn’t normally there. And if I know the Bachelor producers, they will continue to exploit this.

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