captainD's Boot Prediction – Survivor Vanuatu, Episode 6

In the words of Queen, another one bites the dust! In a shocking vote that surprised everyone in the spoiling community, my hometown boy Travis “Bubba” Sampson was voted off the Yasur tribe. It seems that every time there is a tribe swap, someone in a strong position always pays the price. Can the rest of the “flab five” survive without their token Price Is Right junkie?

A down-and-dirty reward challenge will have our survivors going hog wild, literally. In a challenge where physical strength is important, Lopevi will have a huge advantage. The immunity challenge is in the water so it should be a toss up, but the rejuvenated Lopevi tribe will complete the weeks sweep. Before tribal council, Rory’s speech to the women will probably save his Survivor life and the next castoff will be … LISA.

On a personal note: Go Red Sox! Yankees suck!

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