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Random Acts of Kindness – The Benefactor, Episode 5

[i]by atarus[/i]

We start off the episode as we left last time, Dominic is the person that is left out, he’s having a long night, and most everybody thinks he’s going to be eliminated. Mark gets the group together, and asks what the teams are. Linda and Spencer say that they teamed up right away, because they had worked together well before. In a voice-over, Mark states that Spencer was probably feeling desperate and wanted an alliance since he would have been eliminated last round. He then asks Team Beautiful how they chose between the three of them, and their answer? Jenga. Cuban is impressed with Femia, how she convinced Dominic to play Jenga instead of just choosing Tiffany.

So Mark makes the announcement, Dominic, you’re leaving. As he says his goodbyes, Mark pulls out the punchline. He’s not leaving the game, he’s leaving for Cancun! Dominic is blown out of the water. Mark says “some of the best deals are the deals that you don’t make.” He was going to make a deal with Microsoft but didn’t, and ten minutes after they left, the guy they were dealing with got fired. Later on, they made millions which wouldn’t have happened if they’d made the deal. So Dominic gets a free pass in Cancun while the others are working hard. Linda says she hopes Dominic enjoys Cancun since she’d rather kick and claw her way to the top. Dominic gets $1000 and his best friend Chris, and the two of them are off to Cancun for the day/night.

So now the assignment for the two teams. Mark says that the more you have, the more you have to focus on giving. He asks for their creativity, they have to perform random acts of kindness to the people of Dallas. The catch? No money can be spent. Cuban says that people need to be nice to others, because it’s the right thing to do, not because the people ask. They have until 6 PM the next day to do what they can. Femia says that they’ll win because the connivers can’t be nice, and Linda says that Dominic is Femia and Tiffany’s strength, and they’re lost without him.

Spencer says that he’s shady in the house, but he can help people, just not who he’s competing against. Linda says she’s shadier than Spencer. The two come up with an idea to rent sumo wrestlers costumes to entertain the streets of Dallas. Tiffany and Femia hit a roadblock and are having trouble until Femia comes up with the idea to go downtown and hand out goodies. Meanwhile, in Cancun, Cuban has set up tests for Dominic, because Dominic thinks that he isn’t being watched. (Dude, cameras are still following him. Dude, kinda obvious.) So a little kid comes up to Dominic and asks him for money. Dominic doesn’t have any cash so he gives him his precious seashell necklace. Awwwww. Dominic passes the first test with flying colors.

Linda and Spencer are goofing around with the sumo wrestling suits, while Tiffany and Femia are lost in Dallas. Tiffany, who *lives* there, is airheaded, and Femia says “Tiffany doesn’t know her head from her ass.” Meanwhile, the streets of Dallas are smiling (read: laughing at) Linda and Spencer in sumo suits. Everyone’s laughing, they’re pretending they’re on a marriage show, and Linda gets tackled by a random dude. On the other spectrum, Tiffany and Femia find where they’re going and interact and help out the homeless. Femia says it’s a humbling experience, interacting face-to-face with them.

Dominic’s second test happens in a restaraunt. Mark has organized it so the couple next to Dominic doesn’t have any money to pay for their bill. Dominic, of course, being the nice guy that he is, foots the bill for the poor couple. His words? “I didn’t want to see their night ruined just because they lost some money.” They then party the rest of the night, and Dominic ends up in the ocean at a club. Wooooo! Go Dominic!

Spencer and Linda decide to go to an elderly home the next day, do charity to compensate for the pure entertainment they did earlier. Femia and Tiffany get flowers donated to them and go around handing them out to random people in Dallas. But Tiffany lays down in the middle of the floor while Femia’s organizing everything. Woops. At the old folks’ home, Spencer plays checkers with an older lady. Linda says he’s the politician, I’m the bozo and goofball. Tiffany and Femia hand out their flowers and spread their happiness all over Dallas.

It’s time for the rundown. Tiffany says she usually gets a nervous feeling before elimination, but there’s nothing this time. (That’s what we call foreshadowing.) Femia and Tiffany show off their stuff first, and then Cuban asks Linda and Spencer to critique the other team. Linda says that the homeless people have enough problems as it is, there’s no need to put them on TV. Spencer tells them that they were supposed to do stuff that Mark wouldn’t do, but Mark bought the food originally so it was like he was doing it. Linda, unsatisfied with Spencer’s niceties, tries to egg Spencer on, but he won’t listen to her. Femia tries to retort and explain how they were outside the box, but Linda is offended, and repeats “In the ghetto” over and over again after anything Femia says, because she grew up in poverty.

Linda then retells the tale of sumo wrestling, saying they posed as Mr. and Mrs. Bean, and a lounge singer wished them a happy marriage, and then Spencer tells about the retirement home. Femia critiques them, saying it was supposed to be about other people’s happiness, but the retirement home was about *them* doing good, and the sumo wrestling focused on themselves instead of other people’s happiness. Spencer defends himself, saying that the people at the retirement home were happy to share stories with people that were willing to listen.

Mark then tells them that he’s decided that both teams did a good job, so he’s going to eliminate a person from each team instead of an entire team. So now they have to critique each other. Rut roh! He says that people need to know how to take and give constructive criticism, the first rule of his company is that you’re allowed to yell at Mark. Linda is first, and she digs into Spencer, saying he isn’t assertive enough, he trashes them outside, so why not in here? Spencer says that Linda can’t put everything together, she only plays to her strengths and athleticism, she’s not persuasive enough. We then go to Femia, who absolutely destroys Tiffany. She recounts how Tiffany was on the floor sleeping instead of helping, there’s a million-dollars at stake, “I’ll stay up for two weeks for a million dollars.” She also points out how Tiffany got lost in her own city. Tiffany is flustered and doesn’t know what to say, she blows any chance by doing nothing but complimenting Femia. It’s obvious who’s staying and who’s going. Spencer and Tiffany, it’s your time to leave.

Spencer, in his final thoughts, says that Linda’s style is different than hers, and he said that it sucks to see the finish line but still lose. Tiffany is crying, saying that this is the hardest she’s ever worked at something, it has been the longest and hardest week of her life. No wonder she’s still unemployed.

Dominic comes back and notices that Tiffany and Spencer are gone, and Mark welcomes him to the Big 3. Cuban says he’s very proud of Dominic, he passed the character tests with flying colors. Dominic says that it’s very surreal that there are only three people left. Femia says that “Dominic’s served his purpose as a rock star, it’s time for me and Linda to go to head to head.” Linda says she’s going to walk away with the million.

In the preview for next week, Mark visits the homes of the final 3, and finds that one has been living a lie, and he gets PISSED. (Now, who’s the one that’s been making a big deal about poverty? Hmm.) And then at the final 2, he tells them both they’ve failed, just to see how well they deal with failure, then brings them both back to the house to crown a winner.

What I like about this show is it’s originality and the editing. They’ve been playing up Femia vs. Linda this entire time, and coming into the last episode, I want to see Dominic blow the doors off of both of them and win it all. How can you not love this guy? What I don’t like about ABC’s reality shows is that they don’t last long at all. This is like, a half of a season! Six episodes? C’mon! Make it last longer! We hardly know ye, Benefactor contestants!

Anyway, my e-mail is atarus33@yahoo.com. Go Dominic!


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