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Boot Camp – The X-Factor, October 9th

by Luke

ATTENTION! With the end of the audition process last week it’s time for the boot
camp stage of “The X-Factor”. This is where all the acts that got the thumbs up
during the first round attend a two day workshop where only 15 will survive.
Five will come from Simon Cowell’s camp who are all aged 25 and over, five
more from Sharon Osbourne’s crew – under 25 years, and the last five from Louis
Walsh’s crew – they’d be the vocal groups. These lucky fifteen will get to visit
the judges very own homes in the next episode where two more from each group
will be cut. Yes, this will be Simon’s last chance to ditch anyone who looks
potentially shifty so the Cowell Mansion silver cutlery remains safe.

Each judge was assisted by a hand-picked team of industry experts to help them
make a decision. Simon called his team his “Angels” and was joined by vocal
coach Annie Skates, choreographer Fleur Murray, and stylist and his ex-pop
singer, ex-girlfriend Sinitta. He decided to ask all his remaining over 25’s to
form duets and sing for them. Simon guessed that nobody would want to duet
with Rowetta, remember her? The slightly mad, emotional woman from last
week who he thought was nuts (in a funny way) but had a great voice. Well, a
lady called Angie picked the short straw and they joined together to sing
“Somewhere Over The Rainbow” and they both did an excellent job. That wasn’t
the case for the also nervous Verity who was partnered with wheelchair bound
Linda who preferred to get some sleep rather than rehearse with her …. the
result was they both forgot the words resulting in lots of tears. Steve (the lazy
guy from week one) joined forces with Odis, he’s the big man with a big voice
and a vocal coach for singer Daniel Bedingfield. They were brilliant and both
made it into Simon’s final five. As did Verity, Lloyd (a very smooth R ‘n’ B style
singer who hasn’t been featured much yet) and he even took a chance on the
slightly unbalanced Rowetta. Looks like Simon will have to stock up on the
tissues at home!

Sharon Osbourne’s “family” consisted of nephew Terry Longden – a stylist and
former hairdresser on UK reality TV show “The Salon”, and also vocal coach and
singer/songwriter Mark Hudson. Mark is a very flamboyant guy who has a dyed
blue beard. He was a member of 70’s group “The Hudson Brothers”, produced
Ozzy and Kelly’s song “Changes” and also wrote Aerosmith’s “Living On The
Edge”. We’re talking music industry pedigree here and he also plays a mean
guitar – maybe he should probably have entered the show and put the other over
25’s to shame.

One of the things Sharon had her group do was to sing Beatles
songs, the trouble was none of her 16-24 year old gang really knew any – this
upset her a lot. She said they needed to study the industry more and said if their
musical point of reference was Britney Spears then they weren’t what she was
looking for. She also caused a mini revolt when singer Chenai was sent home
during day one but was asked back when Sharon changed her mind. The other
contestants were angry that Chenai had been allowed back as she had missed
various stages of the days events since. Sharon decided to confront them and
show them who was boss but it turned out that Chenai wasn’t good enough to
make it to day two anyway. Andy Steed sang “The Long and Winding Road” and
was so amazing he brought stylist Terry Longden to tears – the performance
guaranteed him a place in the Osbourne final five. Tabby, an young Irish rocker
who is more used to singing with his band and guitar than his own also made it
through, but he forgot the words to his song – he has a great personality and
voice though and is the favorite to win the show in the betting stakes. Roberta,
a beautiful blonde singer with an equally beautiful voice was applauded by
Sharon for not using her looks to win and was invited to join the others at the
Osbourne home. Megan, a soulful sixteen year old singer who Sharon thought
was arrogant couldn’t have been that happy to be told she had green pants that
looked like Kermit The Frog but she made it through. Last up was Cassie – a
strange one this, we have hardly seen her in the show before and you don’t
immediately think she has the X-factor when you see her but she was quirky and
made it to the next stage.

With the solo singers decided it was time to see which groups would be making a
trip to Ireland in the next episode at the home of manager Louis Walsh. He was
joined by ex-Spice Girls voice coach David Laudat, Faye Sawyer – stylist of none
other than Kylie Minogue, and ex-Eurovision Song Contest winner Linda Martin.
Unlike the other judges Louis decided to see how creative his group were asking
them to write, learn and perform their own song. “4 Tune” – a group so
motivated they had been in the gym for two weeks went through to Louis final
five although there was concern all their songs sounded the same. Male
harmony group “G4” also succeeded, they were the ones who sang “Bohemian
Rhapsody” in the first heats and it was hoped they would bring a little something
different to the live shows. “Voices With Soul” – a black female soul group
consisting of two sisters and their aunt made it through, although Simon Cowell
had said he didn’t like them at all during the audition stage. Joining them were
fresh faced boyband “Advance” and “2 To Go”. Initially Louis had only liked one
member of “2 To Go” – blind singer Peter and thought he might be better as a
solo singer so they were lucky two members actually did “Go” to the next stage.
His singing partner and friend Emma was told her singing would have to

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