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The Biggest Loser – A Preview

by aurora

Taking over the (ahem) Last Comic Standing timeslot on NBC is The Biggest Loser, a show that follows 12 overweight contestants as they try to find the path to health and weight loss. The show premieres this Tuesday, October 19th, at 8pm ET. The show is hosted by Caroline Rhea, formerly of Sabrina the Teenage Witch and The Caroline Rhea Show.

The contestants will be divided into two teams – the imaginatively named Blue Team and Red Team. Each team is roughly equal in total weight. Both teams will undergo a drastic change in eating habits, as well as daily physical training. Each week there will be a physical challenge and a weigh-in, with the team who has lost the greatest number of pounds safe from elimination. The other team will have to eliminate one of their own.

The Blue Team is headed up by trainer Bob Harper, and consists of Maurice, Kelly Mac, Aaron, Dana, Gary, and Andrea. The ‘diet’ philosophy this team will subscribe to is called the “Eat More Diet”. Essentially, they will eat four to six pre-planned meals per day with the understanding that pre-empting your hunger leads to less binge eating. They will eat high-volume, low carb/low fat meals that will help to fuel their workouts and give them more energy.

The Red Team is led by trainer Jillian Michaels, and consists of Matt, Lizzeth, Ryan, Lisa, Dave, and Kelly M. Their eating plan is called the “Eat Less Diet”, which concentrates more on caloric intake versus calories burned. They will also eat a high-fibre, low carb/low fat diet, but the focus here is on portion control.

Personally, I think a combination of these two diets would be most effective, combined with exercise – but hey, I’m not a trainer.

Over the course of the show, each person will be faced with temptations that would present themselves in the real world. These temptations are tests, which the contestants should be able to pass armed with their new knowledge of food and personal health.

Ultimately the winner will be, well, the biggest loser. The winning loser will walk away with a healthier body, a better understanding of food as fuel, a new exercise regimen, and oh yes, $250,000.

With all of the diet and weight loss products saturating the market, there is sure to be an audience for this type of show. I just hope that the contestants are treated fairly and compassionately, and that the show will air in its entirety without being cancelled before we can see how it all ends.

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