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X-Factor, Dec. 22 – Justin Bieber, 50 Cent, and a Very Worthy Winner

The final two are backstage, and Melanie admits to being overhwlmed. She thanks all the supporters who have been there throughout the journey and is very happy. Josh is feeling the same as Melanie and belives in himself, so is glad to be there and couldn’t think of a better final two, as Melanie is great. He’s grateful and excited.

After a clipfest of Simon and L.A. fighting, L.A. Laker Derek Fisher introduces 50 Cent, who is singing Wait Until Tonight. He must be swearing in the song a lot, because there’s a lot of it being bleeped out. Why even have him sing the song then? Astro comes out onstage to join them, and this kid is definitely in his element.

And while the guys were fighting, the female judges were having what Steve deems the “Cry-off.” Nicole at one point says she is embarrassed to cry in front of all these people, but it never seemed to stop her. They raised up her total of crying moments and then some when Rachel was sent home. She wins the Cry-off, and Steve begs her not to cry in her victory.

Pit Bull featuring Ne Yo is up to sing next on Give Me Everything Tonight. I was trying to figure out who would join them onstage, and it’s Marcus Canty, who looks to be every bit in his element.

Melanie Amaro’s mom and dad are on one side of Steve Jones, and to the other side of him are Josh’s mom and his daughter. She says there is no way she could be any more proud. Melanie’s mom is happy to see her living that dream. This brings up Josh and Melanie in a special duet, Heroes. They hug at the end, and he whisper to her he loves her, and she answer she loves him too. That is so damn sweet.

The final two are then joined by their mentors for the announcement of the winner. Melanie looks nervous again, and Josh looks wide-eyed with excitement. The winner of this inaugural season of this country’s The X-Factor is Melanie Amaro. As it’s announced, she looks absolutely stunned. She hugs Simon and turns away screaming. Josh congratulates Simon and Melanie, or tries to, but is stopped by Steve who wants to talk to him. He feels amazing and that Melanie deserves it as she has a wonderful voice. He had an incredible experience, got to be himself, sing what he wants to sing and couldn’t be happier. Nicole couldn’t be any more proud of him and loves and adores him so much. She tells Melanie she is so happy for her as well.

Melanie gets down on her knees and prays, and Steve wants some words with her, but she is rushed onstage by her family. Simon thanks America for giving her a chance to represent the country. He addds that Josh is a worthy runner-up. Melanie has to shake her family somehow to sing, but it doesn’t look like she can get rid of them anytime soon. She does manage to, though, but it’s not seen on camera. I have a feeling the producers yanked her family offstage.

Melanie has a hard time singing as she keeps breaking down. She’s singing her song from last night, Listen. Chris and Marcus join her in a hug onstage, along with all the other finalists, save for Josh, and she is completely overcome all over again. Rachel even cries with her, but I think this time they’re happy tears. Steve pushes through the crowd and tries to get a word out of her this time. She can only say thank you so much and that God is good. The last word is from Simon who says they came here to find a superstar and found one. Josh finally gets a chance to congratulate Melanie, and I just wish I could hear what he tells her.

It was clear from Melanie’s audition that she deserved to be standing right here at the end. However, I don’t think I ever heard her sound as convincing as that first time we heard her. I’m still incredulous that Simon originally sent her home, but I think it says a lot about him as a person that the was willing to admit he made a mistake and ask her to come back. It just makes her story that much better. Despite not being given $5 million contracts, I hope Josh and Chris go on to greatness as well, as I think they deserve it every bit as much.

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