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X-Factor, Dec. 22 – Justin Bieber, 50 Cent, and a Very Worthy Winner

Nicole is going to be with her family, playing cards, cooking, and playing with her nieces for Christmas. Steve is looking for an invite. Instead, she introduces Josh Krajcik. He sings Please Come Home for Christmas, and it’s the absolute perfecdt song for him to be singing. Interestingly enough, there’s a girl in a snowglobe behind him. It’s kind of cool and disturbing at the same time.

L.A. admits Josh has been the toughest for him to crituque all year. He likes to try and give some criticism, but he’s been so good it’s left L.A. at a loss for words. He just made him realize it’s Christmas. Paula calls Josh a joy and finds him wonderful. He affects all our souls, and hjis voice is magical. This is exactly where he needs to be. Christmas songs fit him like a glove, and she just loves him.

Simon asks Josh how old he is and finds out he’s 30. He thinks he’s represented this category so well, because he never beleived you should put a cap age on talent. If you’ve got it, you’ve got it. Yet, he’s barely even in the 30 and over category. Simon believes Josh has been a brilliant contestant and thinks he’s going to sell a lot of freocrds in the future. Nicole responds “From Simon’s lips to God’s ears.” She tells her “flippin’ love” that she appreciates him so much because of hte artist he is. Week after week he delivers, and opens up his soul to us like no one else in the competition. He’s brilliant just be being him and it inspires her to want to be better. She calls it an honor.

Now for the special people in Josh’s life, the principal of his high scool introduces the school cheering for him, and his choir teacher from seventh grade says he can’t wait to see him realize his dream. His former coworkers remember geting in an argument with him. They were tired of him wasting his talent while slinging burritos, as they knew he ws better than that. His best friend remembers him saying his dream was to be a fqamous musician, and he wants him to chase that dream, as he’s almost there. His girlfriend congratulates him, and his dad calls his talent special and a gift. His mom wants to burst with pride, and to watch his dreams come true have made her dreams come true. His daughter isn’t surprised they’re there right now and wants him to know she loves him so much and knows she doesn’t say it enough. Josh is reduced to tears for the first time and asks what ti is. He loves everyone and says they can tell it means a lot to him. His llife is beginning to make sense.

Justin Bieber grants the stage with his presence and sings The Christmas Song. He seems to have done a little something diferent with his hair. The bangs are a little shorter, and the sides seem up as well. Wow, he introduces Stevie Wonder, who joins him on the keyboard singing, and later joins in on the harmonica. Considering he used to be Little Steve Wonder, it’s an interesting duet.

The music picks up and Justin launches into Santa Claus Is Coming to Town, as the curtain closes on Stevie. At the end of the song Justin brings Drew out onstage, the girl who had the mad crush on him, and she sings the final refrain from the song. How cool is that?This girl who has sung in front of millions is literally cowering onstage to be with this guy.

After, Justin says after he was honored to play at Stevie’s benefit, and it was an honor. He says now that he’s one of his idols, so for him to come out and sing with him now is an honor for him. Stevie calls this fun, and thinks Justin reminds him of himself when he was a little boy. Justin calls Drew a very special girl, and Steve brings up the dream she had about herself and Justin standing on a beach, and she’s definitely embarrassed.

The three finalists are brought back onstage to hear the third place results. Melanie’s mom is telling her from the audience to smile. You never stop being a mom, do you? The third place finisher in this group is Chris Rene. The others look relieved. Chris feels amazed he got to do this and that God blessed him with so many opportunities. He got to test so many hearts out there and has to say thank you. L.A. calls it a tough one, but remains proud of Chris. He’s a gentleman and a talent, and it saddens him, but it doesn’t matter, as this is his man.

It’s time for the Top 5 Most Shocking moemnents. #5 is Xander Alexander dissing Simon at the auditions, #4 is Astro not wanting to perform the first time he was in the bottom 2, #3 is a four-letter word strewn audition, #2 is Chad, a famiy member of a contesant going off on everyone when his loved one didn’t go through, and #1 of course is Rachel going home and collapsing on the stage. She’s there tonight with Steve and seems much happier than the last time we saw her. She says there are amazing things coming in the future for her, and also tells Steve she wants to steal his job. She introduces a look back at the season which has Leona Lewis singing Run in front of it.

L.A. found wathcing the performance and clips of the season pretty incredible and definitely emotional. His favorite was watching Dexter jump into the pool. Nicole agrees on the emotional, but says she has enjoyed every monment of that, and also calls out Leona for blessing everyone iwth her beautiful voice. Paula has been overwhelmed the whole evening and finds this one of the most exciting job responsibilities ever. She thanks Simon. He remembers being in this position with Leona with her three years ago when she won the British version of The X Factor, and he thanks God she won. It’s been all about talent coming out and has made it a great year.