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X-Factor, Dec. 22 – Justin Bieber, 50 Cent, and a Very Worthy Winner

No one knows what to expect from tonight’s two-hour The X-Factor finale. It’s uncharted territory for the fans in this country. Having guest stars perform duets with the finalists was completely unexpected. Will there be a lot of surprise guest stars tonight as well, just like on American Idol,? Will we see a return of the past finalists like on American Idol

The four judges are announced, and not only are Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul both wearing stunning dresses, but Simon Cowell and LO.A. Reid are in suits. Simon is sans tie, but that goes without saying. It’s a goodlooking judging panel.

The final twelve take the stage again together as well for a group song, and it’s so nice to see them all again. They sing Edge of Glory, and all sound great. It’s so great to see Rachel Crow happy again, or seemingly happy again. And Drew is now a brunette. I didn’t even recognize her at first.

L.A. states that just watching all twelve tonight brought back so many memories, and every one of them is a winner in his book. Nicole thinks it’s beautiful to have everyone back and just wants to enjoy the night. She agrees with L.A. that all of them are winners. Paula is overwhelmed to see her groups again. She got to see them shed their blood, sweat, and tears, and says the stage is their gift to them, and what they do with it is their gift to “us.” Simon sees more than one star up on the stage … genuinely, and admits to feeling nervous.

Steve Jones, in a tux, announces that all three finalists will sing songs celebrating the holidays tonight. He’s intrigued about what Simon’s plans are for the holidays. He replies he’s going to the North Pole to play with penguins. More seriously, Simon announces Melanie Amaro. She, wearing a beautiful glittery red dress, and sings All I Want for Christmas Is You. She’s making it even more tough to not make comparisons to Mariah Carey. She sounds great as usual, but is lacking a little bit of the fun factor this song needs, but we can probably chalk that up to nerves.

L.A. tells Melanie she did the song justice. That beautiful voice she has is the best friend a song has ever met. All Nicole wants for Christmas is a Melanie Amaro album. She also says she looks impeccable and gorgeous and beautiful, calling her a Princess Goddess Warrior. This is the happiest Paula has ever seen Melanie. With her hair off her face, she’s gorgeous and beautiful, and sang the song beautifully. She wants her to celebrate tonight. Simon tells her she has been an absolute pleasure to work with. He’s very proud of her massive progression both as a person and singer and is praying he’ll be seeing her right to the end of the competition, as she deserves it.

It’s back to her high school, as teacher, and the rest of the school wishes her good luck. Her ex-boss at a salon is wishing her well too, just like her best friend, Amoi. Her aunt cries every time she hears her singing. Her cousin calls her an inspiration to make her dreams come true. Her brothers used to complain about her singing, but now millions of people don’t want her to stop. Her sister misses her so much and sees her as a role model. Her mom cries every time she looks at the clips of her from the show. She wants her to live her dream. Her dad wants to be there for her more, but can’t. He hopes she forgives him. Her grandmother in the British Virgin Islands chimes in as well. I don’t know what she said, as I’m just busy looking at the beauty of the islands.

L.A. introduces Chris Rene, who has a more tender moment than usual and sings Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. He’s looking quite dapper in a hat and suit and is accompanied by the piano tonight.

Nicole tells Chris that he, no matter what, is a star from the inside out. What she loves about him, and always has, is that the music that comes from him comes from another place that no one else can compete with. It’s from a deper level. He is that voice, he is that hero, and he makes us all believe. Paula thinks Chris is the most original and has such a great style about him. He stylized a classic song and made it all Chris Rene style. He’s a star on the stage and she’s so proud of him.

Simon thinks it was very cool and admits he likes Chris. He was thinking about it last night watching the show bac; he is truly and insiration to a lot of guys out there. He messed things up and was given a second chance. He’s a man of his word, and the competition wouldn’t have been the same without him. L.A. calls the journey with Chris a belssing. A lot of people talk about changing the world, but his experiences and the outcome of his experiences can truly change the world.

It’s a cut back to Chris’ 3rd grade teacher who remembers him as a sweet little guy. His first grade teacher is there as well. His best friends chime in and think it’s great to see the people who always doubted him now boe amazed. His counselor sees wanting to be a sober dad is a big part of him being in recovery. His brother agrees it’s a good oprotunity to inpsire his son and the rest of the world. His best friend sees a lot of Chris’ dad in him, and he knows he’s looking down on him from above. His sister thinks their dad would be ecstatic to see how much he’s grown. Another brother is just waiting for Chris to fly and spread his wings. His mom has seen him blossom and become the man he was meant to be. The mother of his son sees him as an amazing father and an amazing person. Chris feels blessed to be here tonight and receive it in his fullness.