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Howard Stern’s Take on Being Named America’s Got Talent Judge

It’s been a few days since the announcement that Howard Stern would be the new America’s Got Talent judge. Still feel the same way? Yeah, me too. Unlike American Idol, I don’t watch AGT to find new talent to enjoy. I just watch it to be entertained, and I have never been entertained by Howard Stern. 

Listening to his view on joining America’s Got Talent didn’t do much to change my view. He believes his viewpoint will be the only one people listen to, believing that that’s how people viewed his predecessor, PIers Morgan, and that no one will be listening to Sharon Osbourne or Howie Mandel.

Howard claims to have only taken the job because he wants to improve it. He is not doing it for the money, and only because he cares about the show. He said he is tired of the Frank Sinatra impersonators winning, and he definitely means Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.

Howard will find once he starts his term that it isn’t as easy as it looks. Landau had the talent to be put through, and once he’s put through, it’s up to America on who they choose. Their choice this year was Landau. It doesn’t turn out any better to give the judges a larger part in deciding who stays and goes. That’s what we’re seeing on The X-Factor. And I don’t see Sharon and Howie laying down and letting Howard have his way. It’s a majority ruling, and if they want to put people through they will, no matter how much money he is making to be there.

Here’s what Howard had to say when he made the announcement on his show.

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