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Survivor: South Pacific – Finale – Bitter Jury Syndrome Strikes Again

Treemail Top 10, and then some
• Just showing the Coach/Ozzy deal in the season wrap-up made me think that Brandon lost the duel because why would that matter? Also, showing Brandon saying that Coach would not vote for him, when we know he did, made me also realized that Brandon would not vote for Coach. He didn’t.
• Not sure if I like that really weird audio mashup. Although I think they had to dig deep for a Rick sound byte.
• Ozzy on Brandon – “He wasn’t blindsided, you give up your immunity necklace, your ass is going home.” (Mostly true – Jenna Morasca did it and lived to tell the day in Amazon). And, “We are playing with human beings, who are greedy and want that money.” True that – Brandon was just out of his league.
• Telling line from Coach in his rant against Albert – “I’ve been made a fool of so many times in my life because of this game.” That’s the essence of Coach 3.0 and his driving motivation about this game. Later, Ozzy would say something similar to Coach about himself. Boy, Russell and Parvati really did a number on these two guys.
• Final Duel – cling to a pole for as long as you can. Or as Ozzy calls it – Tuesday. No chance for Brandon here, but he did make a good go of it. They only had a quarter of an inch to get a foothold – so, good job both guys. For the third straight duel, Ozzy wins but really, really came close to losing. Ozzy re-enters the game prompting soon-to-be champ Sophie to remark that if “Ozzy keeps winning immunity, there’s only so much I can do.”
• Video definition of awkward – the welcoming of Ozzy back into the tribe. Yikes.
• First Challenge – the ole’ card stacking challenge, but this time with a balanced weight holding up the platform. Nice. First one to reach the appropriate height wins.
• Sophie has a book on card stacking at home. My question – who comes up with the idea to actually write a book about card stacking? Is there a section in Barnes & Noble of “useless skills,” that you can find manuals? I am looking for one on how to properly catch stacks of quarters off of my elbow.
• Anyway, despite her skills, Sophie struggles to get through the challenge as she runs out of tiles. Coach is in it but his stack collapses. Ozzy has to start over. Sophie hysterically demands Albert to pick up her tiles for her since she is “gonna beat ya.” He won’t “drop his stack” (That’s what she said) since he was in a “good place.” He wasn’t. Sadly, no ganging up on Ozzy. And amazingly, Ozzy even wins the card stacking challenge, despite not having an advanced degree.
• Coach thinks Rick had a great shot of winning so he had to go. What? Is there a secret edit of this show where Rick makes a great case for winning Survivor?
• My question – if Sophie was a dude, would that same attitude be seen as being a condescending brat?
• As soon as Coach lied to Rick about the upcoming vote – I knew it, my suspicions on the nasty jury was going to come true.
• Rick deserved to go home just because his argument for staying was that he would NOT beat Ozzy in the challenge. What?
• I felt for Sophie at her meltdown – it is hard to hear that people who you thought you were connecting with really didn’t care for you. Especially to have it come from the smugness of Ozzy.
• Speaking of Probst and women – asking Sophie during her breakdown if she should “thicken her skin” put me off a bit. Why did he not ask that to Brandon during one of his many breakdowns?
Vote 1 – Rick 3 (Sophie, Coach, Albert), Sophie 2 (Rick, Ozzy)
• Dickish line from Ozzy – “I didn’t mean to make you cry, but I still think it (the brat thing)”
• Best Coach Moment Ever – He didn’t even play the idol!! That was crazy ballsy and the man now has an awesome souvenir.
• The video of Rick saying that Ozzy now has his vote – total giveaway that Ozzy was not making the Finals. They would never have teased that. Poor job including that moment.
• Challenge #2 – the giant obstacle course, where they have several stations to get through in order to get puzzle pieces (ropes, nets, platforms, etc). Then they solve a big ole puzzle. This is almost identical to the Final Five challenge Ozzy won in Cook Islands. And of course, he whipped through the thing getting his fifth and final bag before the other three even had their fourth. And then he stopped dead in his tracks – he couldn’t get the puzzle. All of the others caught up and then Sophie got the first piece. She got the first three. Then Ozzy got three. Or so the editing said. Earlier in the duel we got some fabulous camera work showing Ozzy staring down Brandon, and now we see Ozzy glancing at Sophie as she rattles off the puzzle and ends his run. It was a huge challenge win for her – one of the biggest in the show’s run. I think about Russell’s win in Samoa to stop Brett from being the worst winner ever – except it wasn’t a million dollar win for Russell. That puzzle decided who would win the million – Ozzy or Sophie.