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Survivor: South Pacific – Finale – Bitter Jury Syndrome Strikes Again

Let me say right away that the result of South Pacific was not a Survivor crime. There have been votes taken in this show’s history which were not good – some rather bad. This was not one of them. I have been saying for a while that only a handful of people were actually capable of winning this season and one of them won. It was not who I would have selected to win, but it was a deserving winner. There are past winners who, let’s face it, had no business winning their seasons. For my tastes – Vecepia, Jenna, Amber, Aras, Bob, Natalie and Fabio are the worst of the winners’ lot. Given the choices at the time, several of them were the only real choice. The best players were taken out before the Finals.

There were not a lot of votes where another viable, better option was there and the wrong one was chosen. There have been a bunch of tough choices – Rich/Kelly, Yul/Ozzy, Parvati/Amanda, Todd/Amanda – just to name a few. But in each of those cases, arguably the best option won.
Then there are the more debatable pairs – Tina/Colby, Amber/Rob, Steph/Danni, Russell/Natalie, Sandra/Parvati. In each of those, the more overtly scheming or extroverted person failed to get the jury love. Tina was the mom that season, so perhaps she’s not really a good comparison. Rob, Russell, Steph and Parvati did the scheming and the backstabbing in their seasons – they were the ones who turned the gears and made the season tick. People went home because they were the alpha. Danni was the survivor from her tribe and broke Steph’s alliance – so Steph took the brunt of the jury, and got none of the respect. Natalie just stood back as Russell did his patented crashing and burning socially. Amber was yin to Rob’s yang, but in a much more behind the scenes role, and Sandra kept trying to get people to wake up to Parvati and Russell and eventually gave up to focus on grabbing up jury votes.

The common thread was that an angry, bitter jury put a smackdown on people who played aggressive games in favor of someone, anyone else. That brings me to South Pacific. And the Finale spoiler folks…