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Awesome Holiday Gifts for Your Favorite Syfy Fan … Or Yourself

Are you searching for an unusual gift or searching for a gift for the ultimate Syfy fan in your life? Are you looking for an awesome ridiculous prop that you know your loved one or friend will fall in love with? Well, look no further because the Syfy channel is taking on the Holiday in full force.

Yes, there are times in life when you need a crossbow snow launcher like Edge on Haven. If you can’t be on the show, at least you can feel like you are part of it by launching your snowballs accurately at your friends and loved ones. The crossbow snow launcher will launch your snowballs as far as fifty feet.

You can also pick up great Syfy apparel. Who would not want a Syfy collectible or a shirt, they are the ultimate gifts. The apparel is available from various websites, and you can head to the official Syfy channel to pick up great Syfy inspired gear, including great tech toys that get some bang for your buck. The best thing is these items are not extremely expensive. You can purchase affordable, awesome gifts that only a real Syfy fan would love and race to their tree to rip open for immediate use.

There is everything from a solar water bottle to a buil-it-yourself camera! That is a true Syfy fans dream! Maybe you are searching for an insane prop or something that you can say only you have and your friend wishes they had. Maybe you want to roll like Tony Stark rolls or maybe you just want a life-size Jupiter 2 Replica from Lost in Space or Robby the Robot from Forbidden Planet. Or maybe you literally want Tony Stark in your living room. You can purchase Iron Man, Tony Stark himself, and pretend you are Pepper Pots.

Or, you can get a handmade replicas from Raiders of the Lost Ark’s The Ark of the Covenant<, or you can have a Vulcan Lute that Spock played, or you can own Marty’s sneakers from Back to the Future 2. Or you can own a replica from Warehouse 13, so get shopping and decide who’s nice and naughty enough to handle these amazing replicas.

If you have not chosen the perfect gift, check out Syfy and you can find some amazing gifts for the ultimate Syfy fans and don’t forget to “Live long and prosper.” Dr. Spock would approve! Make your fellow Syfy fans proud!

Happy Holidays Syfy viewers!

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