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X-Factor, Dec. 15 – No More Saves Left

Although everyone did really well last night, it really is Marcus Canty’s time to go tonight, and if everything falls right, he’ll finally leave with no chance for a Save Me Song. He is a great entertainer, but I think we could find a Marcus in every major city. We might be able to find a Melanie if we look really hard, and we never would find another Josh or Chris. I think the votes will probably end up supporting that. 

The final four combine on a group song, and it’s an interesting song that has the verses of No Diggity and the chorus of Tears for Fears’ Shout. It’s a fascinating combination. I love how they do these blends like this. They have someone very creative working behind the scenes.

Simon Cowell speaks up about the show last night. He watched the show back and was very happy with what he saw, but is left nervous after what happened last week. It would be his worst nightmare to happen again. Being the only impartial judge, Paula Abdul has to say they did an amazing job last night. If she had to pick two performers she was most impressed with, she would first choose Josh Krajcik. He was riveting, and not only is his voice unique, it’s raw and exquisite. He reaches everyone’s heart. She also looks back at Chris Rene’s transformation. Nicole Scherzinger agrees, saying Chris had a really special moment last night, and Josh took it to another level. For the first time L.A. Reid is a little nervous. He has two guys here, and only three people can go forward.

After a commercial break, the four remaining acts are backstage with their mentors. Paula is somewhat of a woman without a country and starts wandering around. Then she moves her way through the shot with L.A., Marcus, and Chris, and makes her way down the line kissing everyone while Steve Jones is trying to interview them. It’s a bit odd. Steve figures L.A. must be feeling a little smug, as he’s the only judge who is guaranteed of having an act in the final, since he’s standing there with two. He calls it a proud moment, and believes in both.

Florence and the Machine takes the stage singing the worldwide premiere of Spectrum. I just want my results. I don’t want the filler tonight. I am using this time to take a bathroom break, and get another Diet Coke and a handful of pretzels.

Instead of immediately going to the results, it’s a package comparing the four finalists. Paula points out that they’re all unique, with each one having something the others don’t. What Simon likes about Marcus is that he’s spent three weeks in the bottom, yet hasn’t sulked or complained, coming back as if he’s won the show every single time. Paula again calls him the ultimate entertainer, as he can sing and dance, and knows how to work it onstage. Nicole also sees him as the whole package. L.A. sees him as the most soulful.

L.A. names Chris as the most original artist in the competition. Paula sees him win with his heart every time. Nicole recognizes that he’s the one holding the torch telling everyone if you just believe, everything is possible. Simon has seen him remain himself and thinks it’s possible we’ve all underestimated him.

L.A. thinks Josh is in the competition because he has a mainstream voice that falls somewhere between pop and rock with a touch of blues. Paula sees him as bold and daring, and notes he just lets you in. Nicole thinks he’s able to emote on another whole level, and she knows no one can compete with that. Simon has always said he might be the one to beat.

Without a question, Paula believes Melanie Amaro has a beautiful technical voice. She can hear some of Leona Lewis and Mariah Carey, those artists who have rich voices, in her. L.A. compares listening to her sing to drinking warm honey. Nicole calls her voice limitless and adds that she makes it look easy. Simon always wonders what it would have been had he not brought her back.

It’s time to hear who the first safe act is. The first act moving on to the finals is Chris Rene. Also safe is Melanie Amaro. This means it’s between Josh Krajcik and Marcus Canty as to who makes it along with Chris and Melanie. Josh has a lot of hope and knows he has a lot of great supporters and wants to just keep working towards the finals. Marcus has been saved three times before and is just hoping America gave him another chance.

It’s another live performance, this time from Nicole. She sings Pretty from her upcoming album. It looks like it’s time for a pretzel refill. I ate them all waiting for those results. I wonder if it’s hard for her to sing not knowing if Josh is safe or not. I have to say I do like the song.

Simon, sitting in Nicole’s chair is asked what he thinks of her performance, so he critiques as she would, saying he believes in her, she believes in him, she transcends the universe, God is smiling on her, life is a waterfall, and she is the ultimate rainbow. Hey, his act is safe. He could be a little nicer to her right now.

After Nicole has a quick change into her third outfit of the night she takes the stage along with Josh, L.A., and Marcus to hear the last of the results. Steve Jones wishes everyone luck. The third act making it to the finals is Josh Krajcik. As expected, it’s finally Marcus’ time to go. He asks Steve why he’s looking so sad, promising it’s not the last we’ll see of him. God has blessed him so much, and he gave it his all. L.A. would be lying if he didn’t saying he was a little sad, but he knows Marcus is going to continue to do great.

It certainly isn’t a big shocker to see Marcus leave, and it’s also somewhat of a relief after the past few weeks. It’s nothing against Marcus personally. It’s clear he’s a really great guy, as you just can’t get saved that many times and still be in good spirit if you’re not. And regardless of not making it to the $5 million, he’s proven himself. I hope his mom gives him a break and realizes this is what he needs to do. He’s a singer and entertainer and should be doing that instead of mowing lawns.

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