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Finale Faux Pas

I had a dream last night. Yes, and it wasn’t the good type where Jeff Probst is oiling me up with cocoa butter. (Hey, I have a right to my fantasies, don’t I?)

Anyway, the Last Comic Finale came to me in a dream. Here’s the ultimate spoiler since NBC has decided to CANCEL the show before the FINALE was aired. UGH! Talk about “pulling out too soon”. These guys need some little blue pills. Geez.

In my dream, Triumph the Insult Comic dog was humping the Taco Bell dog. NBC decided it was too risque for Prime Time TV and decided to put in another episode of “Father of the Pride”….this was the one where “Siegfried” makes it with an old lady to keep her from turning Las Vegas into a respectable town.

Alonzo Bodden and John Heffron were offered a deal to star in a new NBC show called – Law & Order – Criminal Comics Unit. Dat Phan will be starring on the Apprentice next season because they need ‘another Asian guy’ on the show.

Tammy Pescatelli will join the cast of “Joey” because they need to add some authenticity and she’s Italian. ANT will come between Siegfried and Roy on “Father of the Pride”. He’ll also get a recurring gig as the sixth “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.” He can makeover Jay London.

Ralphie May will get to host “The Biggest Loser” because the fat jokes just about write themselves and well, since NBC sticks by that tired old SNL, they’re not immune to taking low-blows and pot-shots, are they?

Yes, NBC…do you hear me, I’m mad?

Each of these comics did what you asked of them. Jay Mohr and the producers felt that running the seasons together like that was unfair. And it was. John Heffron didn’t get time to enjoy his title like Dat Phan did.

Alonzo deserved to win. Yes, Alonzo Bodden won y’all. Unfortunately, season 1 was laid out to dry. There were too many restrictions on material and well, you cut off more than the Achilles heels of some of these comics.

What you did was unconscienable (I know it’s spelled wrong, so sue me!) and irresponsible!!!

What’s the real reason you didn’t air the finale? Sure, ratings might have been low, but why PULL the very last episode? Especially considering you stuck with Next Action Star through the damn movie.

It’s a slap in the face to the talent on the show and well, you owe them an apology. You owe America an apology! So what if I was watching the Yankees/Red Sox game last night. I would have switched over to see who won.

You also owe Canadians an apology. They don’t get Comedy Central! My goodness. NBC now stands for the Nincompoop Broadcasting Cuckoos. Yes, I’ll bring it down to the sandbox.

You give Trump free reign. That’s insane, but I guess cocky and arrogant is your style. Well, I used to watch your network, but now I’m rethinking it.

It’s very apropo that Rolaids donated the prize money. Y’all suck.

— Panndyra, Goddess of Chaos. That’s my opinion. I will watch NBC, but only Joey & The Apprentice — until something else good comes on…but that’s it. I swear. and an occasional episode of Father of the Pride. — Send comments to panndyra@yahoo.com.
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