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captainD's Boot Prediction – Survivor Vanuatu, Episode 5

HA! HA! The mighty Prognosticator is back on track! The women dominated again last week and the only blimish on my record remains JP’s unfortunate exit a few shows ago. The only bad thing about last Thursday’s episode is that John Kenney sneaked through the cracks again and is still roaming around Survivor island. Am I the only one who wishes HE would fall in the fire? He smiled when he said that he had never watched the show before, and the main reason he wanted on was to meet girls. Please vote him off now!!

This week our castaways true survival skills will be put to the test when an earthquake rocks Vanuatu. However, the biggest skake-up will occur at the reward challenge when they are instructed to “drop your buffs”. Yes, the dreaded tribal switch is upon us. I won’t spoil the new tribes for you, but expect Lopevi to dominate both the reward and immunity challenges. The new Yasur tribe will likely dump LISA out of the game.

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