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Survivor: South Pacific – Ep 13 – “This Game’s Not Made For Me, Bro”

This means that Sophie is Coach’s biggest threat. Interesting that he is willing to go against her at the end. I can only see those two or Ozzy winning this thing. Part of me would like to see Ozzy vs. Coach for the final vote. It would be another chance for Ozzy to play the physical vs. mental game with the jury, the way he did against Yul in Cook Islands.

Because let’s face it. Ozzy is re-entering this game. I guess it is possible that Brandon could beat him – if it is a balance challenge, the smaller person often does better. Likely it is going to be endurance related, and Ozzy is simply better equipped for it. That will mean that the four remaining Upolu will need to team up to keep Ozzy from winning the last two immunity challenges. Or will they? Remember, Coach made Ozzy a Final Three promise. We’ll see if that was a lie or not.

There were other interesting parts of the episode, but for speed sake, I’ll try to sum them up in the Top 10. There are only three days from now until the three hour finale. I will do all that I could do to get it up and posted as soon as possible. But my track record is like Brandon’s – do you really have any confidence that I will do any better?

Treemail Top 10
• Thank you Survivor promos – you got me again. After all of this time I still fall for the edit from time to time. Of course Edna was going to lose – why would they tease a win last week? If she was going to win it would have been sprung as a surprise. What his win did was set up the unprecedented situation where a player could be voted out of the tribe THREE times in one season! There have only been a handful of players voted out of Survivor three times period! Jerri, Rupert, Cirie, and Ozzy. That’s it. Coach could be the fifth one, and Ozzy could be the first to be voted out of Survivor four times.
• Brandon prayed to the one person (!) who did this for us – that being the Final Five. I thought he meant Coach, but then realized that it was Brandon and that he apparently thinks God is a person. What if he was one of us?
• I love how everyone kept talking about who was the most dangerous person in the game and no one mentioned Coach. Just like Rob, he is stealing this game out from under all of them. Amazingly, unlike with Rob, this group had last season to use as warning. Now that Hatch is out of prison, how soon does he come back to the show in this manner? And if so, will that group be so stupid as to let him remain in the game?
• I have said it before; I’ll say it again – I cannot think of another Survivor who has tried so hard to scheme and scramble and be as inept at it as Albert is. Why would he approach Rick – a man he knows has been making fun of him – and suggest they have a finals deal? He had to know that was getting back to the others.
• I mentioned it before, but I have to say it again – what an amazing Godfatherish moment for Coach. He was talking about Brandon, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree … and meeting his father was double confirmation of my next move …” Thus implying that Brandon was next to go. At that very moment Brandon wanders into the shot and offers him fruit. You could NOT script that better – it was borderline cliché.
• The complicated challenge had them climb up a giant wall via a rope. On the rope were five bags of puzzle pieces. After collecting all five, they had to match pairs of images thus revealing a three-number code. Then scale back up and use it to open the bicycle lock of the Jolly Green Giant to win immunity and a pizza party. Basically, it became a race between Brandon and Coach, coupled with some epic falls from Albert. And the drama began. For some reason, Brandon gave the second pizza to Rick – who returned the favor later by voting out Brandon.
• Best line from Probst – “Coach is gonna burn some skin off his butt.” Oh, Probst.
• Best line from Coach, after Brandon won and seemingly saved himself – “I’m at peace with that. I’m pissed, but I’m at peace with that.” Breaking News – He was not at peace with that.
• A Jet Ski? Really? Was the pizza on Isla Sorna? Or the Hydra Station?
• Second best line from Probst, and understatement of the season, to Brandon after the necklace was handed over, “Clearly, you are no longer safe.” HA! Amazing how this one move likely doomed two people in the game – fitting that it literally fell off of Albert’s neck at the end.

Votes – Brandon 3 (Sophie, Rick, Coach), Sophie 2 (Brandon, Albert)

Next Week – Ozzy vs. Brandon to return. Coach likely plays the idol. Final Four challenge could decide the season. Likely a wildly bitter jury.

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