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Amazing Race 19 Commentary – Finale – Recalculating … Recalculating

From there, Ernie was tasked to operate a manual typewriter to type out the next clue. The trick was there was no 1 on the machine – you had to use a lowercase l to do it. As you can see – they look alike. Ernie showed that he can be analytical too as he checked the typefaces on the keys to solve the riddle. The numbers that were revealed were obvious to me – 44/715/74 – Hank Aaron’s number, the HR he hit to break Babe Ruth’s record, and the year he did it. My wife doesn’t believe I would have gotten it right away – but I’d like to think my many years of sad obsession to baseball stats would have kicked in despite the pressure.

At Turner Field, a gigantic map of the world was set up. This was the end of Race wrap-up challenge on steroids. One team member strapped up and had to climb ropes to connect another rope to the appropriate hooks corresponding with locations visited on the Race. Cindy rocked it – and got it on the first try. Boom. Game over. All that was left was not getting lost, and despite the recalculating editing, that was not really a problem. It is a shame, because the show went above and beyond setting up that map and we never even saw the Peytons use it!
So, another Race in the books. At the start, I thought Cindy’s OCD would be a problem, but as it turns out, she has a perfect match of a partner. They are probably middle-of-the-pack in relation to the other 18 winners of the Race. But at least a deserving team took home the title. On to AR20!

Route Markers
• Did Cindy call Ernie a nerd? If so, it made me laugh quite a bit. Made me think of 30 Rock.
• Thank goodness I didn’t use this season for a drinking game. Because the “Marcus makes a football reference” would have put me into rehab.
• I was amused that he slipped and said they would have “home court” advantage. Hey, Marcus – that’s basketball. Hysterically, after a beat or two, he corrected himself!!
• I noticed that Jeremy 2.0 was the only team to abandon their bags in the Atlanta airport. That is most definitely the correct move. Worry about them later.
• Anyone else find it interesting and a bit sad that the boys all took the flight challenge? I can guarantee if I was racing with my wife, I’d be the co-pilot. You’d have to drag her out of that pilot seat. Would’ve been nice for the distaff side to see one of the ladies take the pilot’s seat.
• Ernie – “This simulator feels pretty real.” Um, that’s the idea. Or else it would be a pretty crappy training exercise.
• Why Jeremy 2.0 trusted a guy wearing a University of Akron sweatshirt with directions, I’ll never know.
• Best look of the night – Jeremy after Sandy said she’d need Prilosec after the leg.
• Best line of the night – Random Dump Employee. Jeremy asks if this was the Dump. “It still is the Dump!” HA!
• I’d like to think that if I was doing the typing challenge, I’d be good at it. I am old enough to have actually used a manual typewriter while learning how to type.
• Marcus punches the roof of the simulator after failing for the 900th time. Um, dude, this thing costs a bit of money.
• I loved the cross cut from Marcus to Ernie. Marcus struggling with the high tech gadget, and Ernie struggling with the low tech gadget.
• Anyone else notice that when Ernie finished the Roadblock and ran out of the house that Cindy was hiding? HA!
• Great shot of Jeremy on the ropes forgetting about the stop in Indonesia, as his foot rested on Indonesia!
• Ernie to cabbie – “Wait, wait, wait! Don’t get us killed.” Now talk about an ironic way to go – cab accident on the way to collecting a million bucks.

Roadblock – Who gives a damn? Nice Clark Gable reference. Anyway, use a manual typewriter. Ernie, Sandy and Marcus do the challenge.

Final order of finish – Winner: Control Freak. Runner-ups: Jeremy 2.0, Peytons.

Next week – Well, no Race. However, I will use this slot to both send get well wishes to Ethan who is fighting cancer once again. And to send condolences to the family of AR1 sweetheart team Nancy/Emily. Nancy passed away this week. Everyone watch your S1 DVD this week and remember one of the first fan favorite teams of the show’s 19 races.

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