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Survivor: Transylvania, Episode 5

by Dolliac

Survivor: Transylvania
Episode: 5 – Finally

Last Time On SURVIVOR…

The old BOBALNA tribe lamented their second visit to Tribal Council…

Cory Confessional: Well, last night was Tribal Council number two (*he holds up two fingers to the camera*)…it’s just never fun being there.

While on the old ZAPOLYA, Tiffany, Delilah, and Stacey tried to figure out as much as they could of their competition from the other tribe…

Tiffany Confessional: It was probably smart to get to know the other people’s names, ‘cause we don’t have a clue as to what’s gonna happen with us – when we’re gonna merge, if we ever will merge, if there’ll be a switch, if something might happen where we have to interact with ‘em, and – the two other girls and me got to talkin’, and we really just tried to figure out as much as we could.

Before the Immunity Challenge, a TWIST surprised the Survivors…

BOBALNA: Delilah, Jamie, Laura, Tiffany, Theo, and Wayne

ZAPOLYA: Brittnie, Chad, Charlene, Cory, Norm, Pamela, and Stacey

And BOBALNA continued it’s losing streak as Norm beat Wayne in the guano-eating contest…

Jeff Probst: ZAPOLYA wins Immunity!

At it’s third Tribal Council in a row, the new BOBALNA tribe sent a surprised Tiffany home…

Tiffany (as a vote for her is turned over): I knew it.



*The newly formed BOBALNA tribe marches back into the camp after their first Tribal Council together. While the others are putting their stuff away, Delilah sneaks away to speak to the camera*

Delilah Confessional:

Well, we jus’ got back from our Council meetin’, and, well – it, umm, it was actually a bit of a su’prise to me that Tiffany left. T’eo actually tol’ Tiffany n’ me before we lef’ t’at it was goin’ t’a be Wayne t’at was leavin’, so we voted for him – but, t’at wasn’t t’a way t’ings ended up going.

*While the others settle in for the night in the tower, Theo approaches Delilah as she sits alone, wrapped in her sweater by the camp fire*

Theo [to Delilah] (as he sits down next to her): I’m sorry. I had a change of heart.

Delilah [to Theo] (upset): Hey, it’s no big deal, right?

Theo [to Delilah]: But it is kind of a big deal. I just wanted you to know I didn’t deliberately try to fool you or anything…

Delilah [to Theo]: T’eo, five minutes befo’e Tribal Council you promised me we we’re goin’ to get rid’a Wayne – YOU were t’a one who tol’ us t’a vot’ for him!

Theo [to Delilah] (quietly): I know…

Delilah [to Theo]: Wha’ was t’a point of t’at? You should’a jus’ told Tiffany she was leavin’! It would’ve been nicer t’an jus’ waitin’ until t’a final vote came up like a slap in t’a face.

Wayne [to Theo] (from the background): Is that true, Theo?

Theo [to Wayne] (trying to cover himself): What – no…no, of course it’s not.

Delilah [to Theo] (laughing): Oh, so I’m jus’ lyin’ t’a y’a for no reason now, am I?

Wayne [to Theo]: Man, you’re lying to me, aren’t you?

Theo [to Wayne]: I…

Wayne [to Theo]: I see.

Theo [to Wayne]: Let me try to explain…

Wayne [to Theo]: Explain what? I mean – man, this just sucks!

Delilah [to Theo]: T’eo, you’d better get y’a stories straight or you’ll back yourself int’a a corner.

Delilah Confessional:

Comin’ back from Council and feelin’ totally – betrayed and – well, t’a tell y’a t’a truth, I felt like a fool. He pulled t’a wool over my eyes…but t’en he gets caught. Totally trapped by Wayne.

Theo [to Wayne]: Let me just explain it to you…

Wayne [to Theo] (impatiently): I’m waiting…

Delilah [to both]: I don’t t’ink t’is is somethin’ we need to get mad about. T’eo, we know you don’ wan’ t’a hurt any of us, but we’d just like to have a little bit’a truth comin’ from y’a.

Theo [to Wayne]: I know…I know…and the truth is, Wayne, I did tell them to vote for you – but I didn’t ever really have any plan of going along with it.

Delilah [to Theo]: Darlin’, you should’a just come t’a me and tol’ me.

Wayne [to Theo]: But why? Why get me more votes? Why not just have it unanimous for Tiffany?

Theo [to both]: Do you know what it’s like to look somebody in the eye and tell them that you’re the one making the decision to take them out of the running for a million dollars.

Wayne [to Theo]: No, I don’t, but I DO know what it’s like to see your name come up for elimination and it’s NOT a good feeling.

Theo Confessional:

I said to myself the second I came into this game – play honestly. Do whatever you have to do to win the million dollars, but play with honesty and be upfront with people. I didn’t do that, and now I’m paying the price for it.

Theo [to Wayne]: And I’m sorry for that – I just couldn’t tell her – and I knew it was because of my vote that she was leaving – I just couldn’t do it.

Wayne [to Theo]: Man, you’re a coward.

Theo [to Wayne] (angry): HEY, don’t you EVER call me a coward!

Wayne [to Theo]: Why not? That’s the way you were acting! Face facts here, buddy, you couldn’t tell Tiffany because you didn’t have the balls to do it!

Theo [to Wayne]: You know what – I SHOULD be honest with people – Wayne, if we lose again my vote goes TO YOU!

Wayne [to Theo]: Oooh I’m shakin’ now! It’s not like I don’t have about twenty of ‘em against me ALREADY!

Delilah [to both]: Gen’l’men, please – there’s no need to get upset about this.

Theo [to Delilah]: I think I’ve got a right to be pissed off here! My wanting to protect Tiffany’s feelings makes me a good person, not a coward, so FUCK YOU, WAYNE!

Wayne [to Theo]: It makes you a pansy ass, whiney, crybaby coward! You might’a wanted to protect her feelings, but you still voted for her! Apparently that’s not registering up in that brain of yours!

Delilah Confessional:

T’ere sayin’ all t’is stuff, but honestly, for wha’? For what purpose? Where is t’is goin’ t’a get us? How is t’is goin’ t’a help t’a tribe?

*Delilah pauses for a second to scratch her head and fan off some flies*

Delilah Confessional (rolling her eyes):

Men. Pffft…It’s t’a same all around t’a world – just one big sausage fest!

Theo [to Wayne]: Look, can we just agree to go on without fighting?

Wayne [to Theo]: What’s the point? We already pretty much hate each other.

Theo [to Wayne]: But we’re a team – we’ve got to operate together, even if we don’t really want to.

Wayne [to Theo]: Man, screw that – it’s not a team when your “teammates” try to get your ass voted out. When they don’t have the honesty to come up to you and tell you, ‘hey, I told them to vote for you ‘cause I wasn’t man enough to tell ‘em I’m voting for ‘em’. Man, that’s not team – that’s – that’s just a bunch of bullshit! You’re full of bullshit, and I won’t stand for it.

Theo [to Wayne]: Jeez, is it possible to calm you down for a second? I’ve been trying to tell you I’m sorry – I didn’t mean for you to get offended – I honestly did not know you were going to take the votes so poorly…

Wayne [to Theo]: How was I supposed to take them? Each time you get a vote – it’s a slap in the face. It’s a show of support that says somebody wants YOU in particular – not the other people – YOU – out of the game for good. I don’t think that’s something you take lightly.

Theo [to Wayne]: I’m sorry.

Wayne [to Theo]: You’re damn right you’d better be sorry.

Delilah Confessional:

Oh Wayne – get over it. It’s not t’a end of t’a world – you’re still here, t’a oth’a person is gone – stop y’a whinin’.

Theo [to Wayne]: But I’m not a coward…

Wayne [to Theo]: You might not think so…

Delilah [to both]: You know wha’? I’m goin’ t’a bed. I can’t stand t’a hear any more of y’a bickerin’. Wayne, I’m sorry t’a have t’a vote for y’a – it wasn’t personal. T’eo, not’in’ is gon’ be held against y’a from my position. With t’at, I bit you adieu!

Theo Confessional:

We really were getting nowhere. There was no point in arguing anymore – it all seemed so trivial – so, I guess we all did kind of get our feathers in a bunch for nothing. It was nice to let out some steam and be completely honest with one another, though.

Wayne [to Theo]: If you promise me – lookin’ right in my eyes – that you’re gonna be honest with me from now on – I promise you I’ll try harder to keep my temper in check, alright?

Theo [to Wayne]: Believe me – I just WANT everything to be totally honest from now on. I’ve been tryin’ my hardest to stay that way, but the game has been takin’ over me – I just lost my sense of direction for a bit.

*As both men turn to walk towards their tower, they shake hands, then retreat for a night of rest*


Pamela Confessional:

I hate having all these new people in my camp.

*The camera shows a shot of Pamela finding Norm in her regular tanning location*

Pamela [to Norm]: Move!

Norm [to Pamela]: What?

Pamela [to Norm]: Out! Out – Out – Out!

Norm [to Pamela]: Why? What’s wrong?

Pamela [to Norm] (whining to the others around them): Chad … make him move!

Pamela Confessional:

Before the switch everything was just how I wanted it – people knew what was mine – what was theirs, who sat where, who ate what, what not to touch, blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda – WELL, all these new people just get in my damn way! I hate them!

*The camera cuts to Stacey and Cory as they start drinking out of the tribe’s canteens. Stacey, knowing whose is whose, grabs the correct canteen, whereas Cory accidentally grabs Pamela’s*

Stacey [to Cory]: Oh my gosh, put it down – FAST!

Cory [to Stacey]: What? What’s wrong with it?

Stacey [to Cory]: It’s Pamela’s – if she finds out you’ve been drinking out of it…

Cory [to Stacey]: She wouldn’t mind – we’re cuddle buddies!

Stacey [to Cory]: You don’t understand – she does that because she loves guys – if she finds out you’ve been drinking out of her canteen she’ll go berserk!

Cory [to Stacey]: Are you serious?

Stacey [to Cory]: YES! Now put it down – she’ll be able to detect your scent!

Pamela Confessional:

I’ve got everyone sufficiently scared for their safety, which is good, but still – people make mistakes and it pisses me off when these mistakes impact me. I mean, we’re already in hell, I smell like ass, and I haven’t had my smokes in like…a YEAR…that’s enough to make anybody a little on edge, but then to have to deal with somebody sitting in my spot or getting their germs all over my stuff – it’s disgusting and it pisses me off!

*Brittnie accidentally spills a little bit of water as she drinks from her cup next to Pamela*

Pamela [to Brittnie]: Good heavens, you beast! This isn’t a splish n’ splash, keep it in your damn mouth!

Brittnie [to Pamela]: Sorry, the cup has curvy edges and it’s hard to keep it…

Pamela [to Brittnie] (interrupting): Oh just go away…

Brittnie Confessional:

At first I was actually offended by what she was saying, but – to tell you the truth, I think she’s probably one of the funniest people I’ve ever been around in my life.

*The camera switches to a picture of Pamela spitting out rice that’s not cooked to her specification*

Pamela [to everyone]: This tastes like horseshit!

Brittnie Confessional:

She is, without a doubt, the most vile person I’ve ever met in my entire life. There are actually no redeeming qualities about her. She curses…

*The camera flashes to Pamela swearing as she slaps a mosquito on her arm*

Brittnie Confessional:

She’s rude to other people…

*Pamela and Brittnie sit alone under the warm sun, soaking in the rays*

Pamela [to Brittnie]: Do you have an eating disorder?

Brittnie [to Pamela]: WHAT? Are you kidding? I’m hardly under-weight.

Pamela [to Brittnie] (laughing): HA! HaHa! Just kidding, fatty!

Brittnie Confessional:

And she’s – well, she’s not what some people would describe as a “lady”.

*The camera cuts to Pamela sitting on the side of the ZAPOLYA tribe’s lake as she watches the tribe’s three men, Cory, Chad, and Norm, bathe…*

Pamela [to the camera] (grinning): I’ll take one of each!

Cory Confessional:

Pamela is the Anna Nicole Smith of the game. She’s over the top, she’s loud, she’s – she’s just everything you’d expect someone that comes from the walk of life that she comes from to be. At first it kind of takes you by surprise, but she’s so funny that after a while you just forget she’s even there sometimes…

*Cory pauses and rethinks his last statement*

Cory Confessional:

Alright, so maybe you don’t forget she’s there – but – the personality –it just eventually becomes kind of normal. It’s just what you come to expect from her.


*Instead of the regular poem the Survivors receive for treemail, a lit torch stands alone by each team’s mailbox with a tag that reads “Through The Fire”*


Norm [to Brittnie]: So we’re doing something involving torches?

Brittnie [to Norm]: And fire…

Norm [to Brittnie]: And fire…man, this stuff blows! I don’t do fire! I don’t do guano! I hate these challenges!

Brittnie [to Norm]: I know…we’ve just got to get past a couple more.

Norm [to Brittnie]: Yeah, I hope the others kept Wayne so he can screw this one up for them, too.

Brittnie [to Norm]: Go easy on the kid — you don’t have to like him, but don’t trash him while he’s not even here.

Norm [to Brittnie]: Why not? He serves no purpose but to fail and complain.

Brittnie [to Norm]: But he’s also a human being.

Norm [to Brittnie]: A screw up is more like it…

*Brittnie rolls her eyes and walks back to camp with torch in hand*


Jamie [to Laura]: Well this should be interesting.

Laura [to Jamie]: Jamie, these challenges freak me out! I just don’t like fire! It’s not something that should be messing with!

Laura Confessional:

If these challenges are designed to test us of our fears – well, it’s working, ‘cause I am, like, DEATHLY afraid of fire. I don’t know why, but, like, I just hate being around it.

Jamie [to Laura]: They aren’t going to put us in a situation where we can get hurt – don’t worry.

Laura [to Jamie]: Don’t worry? That’s fire – you can’t control fire! I don’t know if I can do it…

Jamie [to Laura]: Look, you HAVE to do it or you let the team down…

Laura [to Jamie]: You don’t understand…like, I will seriously freeze in place!

Jamie [to Laura]: Why is everything such a big deal? It’s a challenge – we have to do it or we lose. If we lose we go to Tribal Council and vote out the reason we lost. You want to be the one to leave if we lose?

Laura [to Jamie]: No.

Jamie Confessional:

These people – it’s like you have to push them to do everything. I’m sick and tired of hearing ‘I don’t want to do it’ or ‘I’m afraid’! Either suck it up or go home, ‘cause I’m sick of hearing about it.


*Both tribes meet at the opening of a small, dark alley*

Jamie [to everyone]: Are we supposed to go down there?

Wayne [to Jamie]: I think so.

Jamie [to Zapolya]: You guys go ahead…

Stacey [to Jamie]: No, no, no – you guys are fine…you go ahead on in…

Wayne [to Bobalna]: Fine, come on guys…

*The BOBALNA tribe reluctantly makes their way into the cramped alley. They continue to walk until they find an opening that leads to a large courtyard where Jeff Probst waits*

Brittnie [to Pamela] (from behind the Bobalna tribe): They got rid of Tiffany!

Pamela [to Brittnie]: YES!

*Brittnie laughs*

Jeff Probst: Come on in, guys! Take your places on your mats.

*The Survivors do as told and make their way onto their respective mats. Once in place Jeff once again begins speaking*

Jeff Probst: Light ‘er up, boys!

*Suddenly, out of nowhere, the night air is filled with fire as the building directly behind Jeff ignites in red and yellow flames*

Jeff Probst: Behind me is an abandoned building that used to be used as a prison for gypsies and thieves. Once you enter the house you will find a large living room with stairs leading up to the second floor, a back exit that leads to a basement, and a meeting room to the side of the stairs.

Laura [to Jeff]: You’ve got to be kidding me…

Jeff Probst: In the house there are six stations set up with alarms. They are located in the, and pay attention here, basement, top of the stairs, meeting room, back exit, upstairs office, and, also in the basement, the prison cell. This is a race. Whichever team is able to complete the task of sounding off all alarms by pressing the sounding mechanism located right next to the alarms the fastest wins. Sound good?

Pamela [to Jeff] (laughing): I finally get my smoke!

Jeff Probst (laughing): BOBALNA, one person is going to be running twice for your team, and ZAPOLYA, since you are up two members you’re going to be sitting somebody out. Decide who that is and then we’ll start.

Norm [to Jeff]: We’ll be sitting out Brittnie!

Brittnie [to Norm]: Norm, we – we didn’t even discuss this – I wanted to participate in this one!

Norm [to Brittnie]: Sorry, we can’t take the chance. You’re too much of a liability.

Brittnie [to Norm]: Fine. Whatever. Go.

Jeff Probst: Alright, ZAPOLYA – actually, Norm has decided to sit Brittnie out. BOBALNA, you will be running the course first. Whose our first runner?

Jamie [to Jeff]: I am!

Jeff Probst: Jamie – are you ready?

Jamie [to Jeff]: Ready!

Jeff Probst: GO!

*Just as Jeff Probst finishes saying the word Jamie is off and into the house. Surprised by both the heat and smoke, Jamie takes a second to adjust to his surroundings before running for the closest alarm located in the downstairs office. He runs to it quickly, slaps the buzzer, and heads back outside. Once there he tags off to Laura*

Jamie [to Laura]: I got the downstairs office!

Laura [to Jamie]: Okay.

*Laura, noticeably fearful, runs towards the stairs – the one thing she has a good view of. Once there she rushes to the top, slaps the buzzer next to the alarm, and runs back down, tagging off to Delilah*

Laura [to Delilah] (catching her breath): Top of the stairs…

Delilah [to Laura]: Okay…

*Upon getting the tag off, Delilah runs into the house. After figuring out where the entrance to the basement was, she runs down the stairs as quickly as possible and looks for the holding cell. Although the air is thick with smoke, she is able to find the cell and set off the alarm. Within seconds she is at the exit of the burning building and tagging off to Theo*

Delilah [to Theo]: I did t’a cell in t’a basement…

Theo [to everyone]: I’m going for the basement…

*Theo, following in the same tracks as Delilah, makes his way down the basement steps and finds the alarm in the basement. After buzzing it, he makes his way back to the exit and tags off to Wayne*

Wayne [to everyone]: I’m going for the upstairs office!

*As Wayne runs into the house, Theo turns to Delilah as both struggle to catch their breath…*

Theo [to Delilah]: The air is filled with smoke – I couldn’t breathe!

Delilah [to Theo]: I know, but we got t’a do t’is – I’d rat’er be uncomfort’ble for a few minutes an’ have Immunity t’an be sittin’ at camp waitin’ for t’a Council.

Theo [to Delilah]: Yeah, you’re right.

*After a few more minutes the BOBALNA leg of the race is complete*

Jeff Probst: Alright, well done BOBALNA – fantastic job by you all – that must’ve been tough to get through. Wayne, was it difficult?

Wayne [to Jeff]: Oh yeah! You can’t breathe, you can’t see – I don’t know how firemen and women do it!

Jeff Probst: How about you, Laura – was that as bad as you expected?

Laura [to Jeff]: The rush of heat as you first walk in is amazing – it’s something I was totally unprepared for. I DEFINITELY, like – I CONQUERED my fears with this one! It was seriously — …I…(she begins to cry a little bit) – I’m kinda proud of myself!

*As Delilah and Theo hug and comfort her Jeff prepares the ZAPOLYA tribe for their run through*

Jeff Probst: Alright, ZAPOLYA – same rules apply for you all. You’re going to be looking for the six alarm stations. I’m NOT going to reveal the BOBALNA tribe’s time, so you’re going to have to keep up with the pace in your head. Whose running first?

Chad [to Jeff]: I am, thank you.

Jeff Probst: Alright, Chad – Ready?

*Chad nods*

Jeff Probst: GO!

*The camera fast forwards to Chad running out of the building and tagging off to Norm*

Chad [to Norm]: Basement cell…

Norm [to Chad]: Gotcha…

*Then to Norm tagging Stacey, and then to Stacey tagging Pamela, Pamela to Cory, and finally Cory to Charlene…*

Charlene [to Cory]: Which ones left?

Cory [to Charlene]: Top of the stairs…

Charlene [to Cory]: I’m on it…

*Charlene races into the house only to be knocked back by the immense heat…*

Charlene (to herself): Oh my gosh…this is horrible!

*Charlene runs towards the stairs, but before she’s able to make it up very far she slips and falls. As she gets back up she rubs the ash out of her eyes from the landing, but the damage is done – with the combination of stuff in her eyes, smoke, and confusion brought on by heat Charlene becomes disoriented*

Charlene (shouting): I – I can’t find it – I can’t see ANYTHING!

Jeff Probst (from outside): Do you want us to come in there and help?

Charlene (shouting): No – I think…I think I got it…

*Within a few seconds the sound of a loud siren fills the air and Charlene is able to make her way out of the burning house*

Brittnie [to Charlene]: Are you okay?

Charlene [to Brittnie]: Oh yeah, I’m fine now – it was just so HOT in there!

Brittnie [to Charlene]: Let’s get some water in your eye – it looks like there’s some stuff in it.

Charlene [to Brittnie]: Oh, I fell when I was going up the stairs – it’s just a little bit of ash.

Brittnie [to Charlene]: Okay.

*As Brittnie checks up on Charlene, Jeff checks the stopwatch and compares the two tribes times*

Jeff Probst: Once again, we had another VERY close race – both tribes did very well and I think you all deserve a lot of credit for completing the course without many problems.

Norm [to Jeff]: Yeah, Yeah – the results.

Jeff Probst: Alright, first the BOBALNA tribe. You guys completed the race in a total of 8 minutes and 27 seconds.

*The camera switches to a shot of the nervous ZAPOLYA tribe*

Jeff Probst: ZAPOLYA, you guys finished in…

6 minutes and 54 seconds…meaning, once again you have won Individual Immunity!

*The camera cuts from a joyful ZAPOLYA to a defeated and hurt BOBALNA. The camera lingers as Laura walks away, hands in the air, crying. Delilah sits alone, rubbing the ash and soot out of her hair, while Theo and Wayne appear angry. Only Jamie appears unfazed by the news. He sits, by himself, scratching his head and waiting for the words he’s come accustomed to hearing…*

Jeff Probst: BOBALNA, tomorrow we’ll have another date at Tribal Council. ZAPOLYA, Congrats!


Laura Confessional:

Well, yesterday was our big – kind of do or die Immunity Challenge, and umm…well, we ended up losing, again, to the ZAPOLYA tribe.

*The camera shows the BOBALNA tribe moping around camp as they wait for the time the train for Tribal Council will arrive*

Laura Confessional:

It’s, umm, it’s like, this one strikes a little bit closer to home because now, we’re, like, now it’s down to either Wayne or myself since we are the last two original BOBALNA members and…it’s…it’s kinda sad knowing that you’re probably the one that’s leaving.

Laura [to Delilah] (by themselves looking at the campfire): Do I even have a shot of sticking around?

Delilah [to Laura]: Well I’m votin’ for Wayne again, so you’ve got at least two votes backin’ y’a up, darlin’.

Delilah Confessional:

Me votin’ for Wayne…it’s jus’, t’ere’s really no oth’a option from my perspective. I mean, I could say, y’know, yes, T’eo lied to me – but he’s too strong for us. Jamie, he’s been doin’ good – Laura, she’s help around t’a camp, and I am not about to vote for m’self, so – Wayne is t’a only one left. He’s a good person, he is, it’s just t’at he’s t’inkin’ only of himself right now.

Laura [to Wayne] (in the woods): So it’s one of us…

Wayne [to Laura]: It sucks serious donkey balls that it’s come down to this, but – I mean, this is really the only way, I guess…

Laura [to Wayne]: So you’re voting for me?

Wayne [to Laura]: Yeah. Are you voting for me?

Laura [to Wayne]: Yeah.

Wayne [to Laura]: It’s all good. And look, it’s nothing I’m going to take personally.

Laura [to Wayne]: I know – I know, it just sucks that it’s either or, you know? If it were my choice I’d get rid of Jamie, but obviously that’s not going to happen – so…we’re given lemons and now we’ve gotta make lemonade.

Wayne Confessional:

Knowing that it’s down to either Laura or myself leaving…it makes me uncomfortable because we were pretty close with each other on the old BOBALNA, but now that I realize it’s either her or me – the survival aspect starts to come into play. You can either sacrifice yourself for your friends or you can look out for your own good, and my strategy throughout this game has been to look out for my own good.

Wayne [to Theo]: I honestly don’t think there should even be a question…I bring so much more strength to the tribe…

Theo [to Wayne]: Yeah, you do…

Wayne Confessional:

But because I HAVE been a target at a few Tribal Councils before this, I approach the situation very cautiously. What I have to do now is play up my worth to the tribe and make sure they all realize how important I actually am to helping this tribe function.

Wayne [to Jamie]: So I figure the worst possibility is having it a 3-2 vote for Laura. I think the girls are probably going to stick together, so – I think it should be okay.

Jamie Confessional:

At this point Wayne is sort of scrambling because, even though he won’t admit it, he feels vulnerable at Tribal Council tonight. He’s not a fool, so it’s easy to tell that he’s not hiding it very well – he’s been pretty twitchy all day, and now that it’s getting closer to that time he’s sort of scrambling to make sure he’s got all his loose ends tied up.

Wayne [to Jamie] (holding his hands as a scale): It’s like…this and this…I mean, Laura is actually a pretty strong girl, but she’s not bringing what I am to the tribe physically.

Laura Confessional:

Wayne has been acting pretty cocky these last couple of hours like he’s got everything in the bag, but, like, he doesn’t really know where…everyone stands, you know what I mean? Like, he’s been working all these people, but I’m not too too sure that they’re buying what he’s selling, so…I predict he’s leaving 4-1 tonight.

*Laura pauses for a second to blow the hair out of her face*

Laura Confessional:

I just can’t honestly see it going any other way. Nobody likes him enough to keep him around.


*The Survivors make their way into the meeting chamber and take their seats, with torches behind them, in their wooden thrones. As soon as everyone is seated Jeff begins his round of questioning*

Jeff Probst: So Wayne – this is your fourth consecutive Tribal Council and you’ve gotten votes at each one up to this point. Do you think tonight will be any different or do you think you’ve finally won these people over?

Wayne [to Jeff]: You know, I honestly don’t think I’m going to make it through a Tribal Council without getting a vote – I just don’t think it could happen.

Jeff Probst: Is it because you have enemies or is it because of your bad luck in challenges – what’s causing you to get these votes?

Wayne [to Jeff]: Well, the first time was me screwing up the challenge – then it slowly changed into people just having me as the only other option. I’ve been lucky, though…

Jeff Probst: And why is that?

Wayne [to Jeff]: Because I’m still here. I’ve actually done something a lot of people can’t claim to have done, and that’s beating the odds. So far I’ve got six votes against me and I haven’t really been in THAT much danger of being voted out…

Jeff Probst: Do you think you’re going to last to the end of the game?

Wayne [to Jeff]: If you’re asking me if I think I’m going to win, the answer is no. It’s not that I don’t WANT to win, it’s that I don’t think I CAN win at this point.

Jeff Probst: Where do you see yourself finishing?

Wayne [to Jeff]: Hopefully somewhere in the mid to late jury. I’d like to be here for as long as possible.

Jeff Probst: Laura, as one of the two remaining original BOBALNA members – do you feel vulnerable tonight?

Laura [to Jeff]: I actually feel more vulnerable tonight than I’ve ever felt before, but, I, like – I don’t know how to say it – I don’t think I’ll be going, but I think I still may be at risk later on down the line, you know what I mean?

Jeff Probst: So you think you’ll make it through this Tribal Council?

Laura [to Jeff]: I really do – I was thinking about it earlier, and we have all talked it over, and I just don’t see any other way it could really go.

Jeff Probst: So whose going if it’s not you?

Laura [to Jeff]: My money is on Wayne. He’s my vote and I know I’m his vote, so – we’ll just have to see what these people next to me think!

Jeff Probst: Jamie, how do you decide who to vote for when you’ve only had a chance to know them for a short while?

Jamie [to Jeff]: Well now you’re just assuming it’s one of them that’s leaving…

Jeff Probst: So somebody else is a possible target?

Jamie [to Jeff] (laughing): No, nobody else is a target – I just don’t think you should jump to conclusions.

Jeff Probst: Funny.

Jamie [to Jeff]: Well, to answer your question – we’ve all talked this over. It was a group decision between Theo, Delilah, and myself and we came to a conclusion as to who we need and who we don’t need.

Jeff Probst: So whose leaving?

Jamie [to Jeff]: I wouldn’t tell you if you paid me.

Jeff Probst: So why are they leaving?

Jamie [to Jeff]: The person that’s leaving tonight is leaving because their time here is up.

Jeff Probst: Fair enough. Theo and Delilah – would you say the three ZAPOLYA members have a solid alliance here or is it just for tonight’s vote?

Theo [to Jeff]: I think I speak for all three of us when I say that it’s a temporary situation to save all three of our skins, but it’s also just sticking with, like, going and staying true to the people you’ve been with the longest.

Jeff Probst: Do you think that’s fair, considering they didn’t really have a say in the way the tribes were laid out?

Theo [to Jeff]: This game isn’t fair.

Jeff Probst: Very true. Very, Very true. Well, it’s now time to vote – Laura, you’re up first.

*Laura Votes*

WAYNE. You know this vote is coming and I know one is coming from you. I respect you and the way you stepped it up a notch there at the end, but it’s all a little too little too late.

*Wayne Votes*

LAURA. Hey babe, it’s either you or me. Nothing personal.

*Delilah Votes*

*Theo Votes*

______. To better the tribe later on down the line.

*Jamie Votes*

________. So close, yet so very, very far.

*Once Jamie has returned from voting Jeff begins*

Jeff Probst: Once the votes have been read the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. I’ll go tally the votes…

*2 minutes pass as Jeff tallies the votes…*

Jeff Probst: I’ll get to it…

First Vote…


*Laura smiles*

Second Vote…


Third Vote…


*Wayne chuckles as he looks over at Laura and playfully gives her a push*

Fourth Vote…

Fourth Person To Leave The BOBALNA Tribe…


Wayne [to everyone]: Ahh, you guys had me! You totally had me!

Jeff Probst: Wayne, you’ll have to bring me your torch.

*Wayne, after giving everyone farewell hugs and handshakes walks to Jeff, torch in hand, and waits to be extinguished*

Jeff Probst: Wayne – you’ve made it through fifteen days, but sadly your journey ends here.

Wayne [to Jeff]: I’d rather it be here and now with these people than with any of the others.

Jeff Probst (snuffing): WAYNE, the tribe has spoken!

*Wayne, after turning to wave everyone goodbye, walks towards the large wooden doors and into the hallway of darkness*

Jeff Probst: Obviously by the look on all of your faces this was not an easy decision. Remember, you’re almost at the merge, but not yet. You’ve got one more Immunity Challenge to go. Don’t give up now. You can head back to camp.

Next Time On SURVIVOR…

Laura struggles for her life in the game as the last original BOBALNA standing…

Laura Confessional: It’s a shitty position that I’ve been put into, but – I guess this is just like a test of how good a player I really am or something…

While Norm ruffles some feathers on ZAPOLYA after he makes a sexist remark…

Brittnie [to Norm]: Don’t you EVER talk to me like that again, do you understand?

Norm [to Brittnie]: Bring it down a notch, woman!

Brittnie [to Norm]: Excuse me? Did you just call me “woman”?

Norm [to Brittnie]: I DID! Bitch!

*The camera focuses on Stacey and Chad’s mouths as they drop open after hearing Norm*

And an Immunity Challenge tests the Survivors will to advance…

*Laura and Delilah standing on top of a spinning disk in the center of a lake*

All leading up to another EXPLOSIVE Tribal Council that will have EVERYONE talking…

Man’s Voice: I’m probably one of the strongest people in this game and they’d be fools to even think they could advance without me. We don’t know if there’s a merge, when there’s a merge, how it’ll happen, etc. Through ME they are winning.

That’s Next Time On…SURVIVOR!

Wayne’s Final Words:

Well, even after seeing my name come up twice I thought I was still going to stick around, but, it looks like you guys decided Laura was a little bit more important to the success of the tribe than I was. I can respect that, and I wish you all the very best of luck. It’ll be nice to FINALLY take my head out of the game and sit back and relax while you all sweat it out. Umm…that’s about it. Good Luck to most of the people left and it’ll be fun to see what the future holds for all of us! *Holding his luxury item, his teddy bear* Say ‘Goodbye’, Mr. Frumples…*waving the bear’s arm* “Bye Bye!”

Tribal Council Voting:

Wayne: LAURA
Laura: WAYNE
Delilah: WAYNE
Jamie: WAYNE