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The Amazing Race, Dec. 11 – Wake Me Up When It’s the Finale

Jeremy and Sandy are still looking throughout the furniture store. Marcus is trying to land the plane once again . and misses again. He pronounces, “Sorry Babe.” She says it’s not easy for tons of reasons, otherwise there would be tons of pilots. Ernie asks if there is any whiteout, then realizes he just needs to start over. Ernie and Sandy decide this isn’t the right place, but don’t know where else to go. Cindy knows she should have done this one. Ernie asks someone for a smart phone, listening to Sandy a little too late, while Ernie is restarting once again. Ernie finds out they need to go to Margaret Mitchell’s home.

Ernie and Cindy realize their lead is now gone. Ernie is looking earnestly for a one. Sandy wants Jeremy to stay positive. Ernie looks at the keys to see what looks like a one and realizes that would be the lowercase L. He finishes typing it out and passes, proudly taking his clue out there. The numbers on the clue commemorate Hank Aaron’s 715 home runs, his jersey number, and the year he accomplished it. It’s memorialized on the wall at Turner Field. Cindy borrows the phone again too look up the numbers. She wonders if they’re exits or highways, and Ernie wants to go to the nearest hotel to use the Internet.

Jeremy and Sandy land at Margaret Mead’s home, and he figures she’s the one who gives a damn when asked. He thinks she’s had more schooling, so if it’s something to be thought out methodically, it needs to be her. She sits down in front of the typewriter, and announces, “This is not a Mac.” Ahhh, youth.

Ernie and Cindy arrive at a hotel and and the front desk lets her in the back to use Google on their computer. Sandy types the clue up, but can’t figure out how to type a one. She tries telling the guy there isn’t a 1 there, but he obviously doesn’t care. Marcus is on his twelfth attempt, and finally passes. I don’t know if they can ever get caught up. He feels it was a pass in the end zone that he dropped, but she tells him he did good. She would have thrown him the pass anyway.

Ernie realizes on Google that the numbers are something to do with Hank Aaron. They ask where they should go, and find out Turner Field, bearing Hank Aaron’s statue. Sandy is still staring at the keyboard and realizes the lowercase L doubles as a 1. They get the clue and have no idea what place they’re in. She wants to google those numbers.

Ernie and Cindy get to the statue and face a massive map challenge. Phil Keoghan says it can completely change the outcome of the race. Will it be enough to allow Marcus and Amani time to get caught up? With one rigged to the giant map, the other will be screaming out instructions, they’ll map out their Race around the world to get the final clue. Cindy calls it nuts, but will be the one scaling the map. Ernie is hoping the others are struggling, as he hasn’t seen them since the simulators. She starts connecting carbiner clips on the map. I disagree that this could be a race-changer

Marcus and Amani get to The Dump and she figures he gives a damn. He stares at the typewriter not knowing what to do. This isn’t good. Jeremy and Sandy get a hint to go to Turner Field. Cindy is connecting the countries. She thinks she nailed it, and in fact did. This clue tells them to race to the Swan House, the finish line. If they don’t get lost, they’ve won.

As Jeremy and Sand arrive at the map challenge, he decides he’ll scale the map, as Ernie and Cindy are happy their driver has a GPS. However, he goes off course and it needs to recalculate. Jeremy is struggling with the map. Ernie and Cindy think they have overshot the Swan House. Jeremy and Sandy have all the countries right, but have forgotten the second one, Indonesia. He is told it’s wrong and believes he needs to start from scratch. She realizes they forgot Indonesia. He tries it again and they’re right and get the clue to the Swan House.

Ernie and Cindy are driving around as the GPS continues to say it’s recalculating. Jeremy and Sandy are told they’re five miles away. They seem to both be approaching Andrew Drive at the same time. Tension is mounting. It’s Ernie and Cindy, though, who are the first team to arrive. They come running in and land on the giant mat. as she cries. Phil names them the official winners of The Amazing Race.

Ernie had told Phil he wanted to win so badly to do something for others. She explains they want to create an organization that would multiply the million dollars and help those who are really in need. They have been around the world and met the most amazing people who just need a little extra, even though they’re happy. They want to help them and inspire them to contribute to the global economy.

Ernie thinks his family is passed out in disbelief, but she feels her parents are saying they know she’d win. She hopes they’ve shown them they are the best team together. He is very proud of her and happy she’s his partner in life. She proud of him to be so emotionally supportive of her. She can’t think of anything more important in life and knows they can do anything.

Jeremy and Sandy run in and are officially named second place. Phil notes they didn’t win, but ran an extraordinary race. They’re exhausted and happy to win. She thinks the race has done a lot for their relationship, as they’ve learned how to communicate with each other in thirty days, while he thinks the relationship will get stronger from hereon out. They’ll always share this together, as it’s created a fantastic bond between them.

Marcus and Amani come running in and take third place. Phil wants a promise from Marcus that he will never become a pilot. He promises no one ever has to worry about him getting into the cockpit of an airplane. She figures she needed to be patient for both of them, as he was kind of losing it. She’s never seen him lose it like that before. It was the first time she’s ever seen him punch something. He doesn’t have a temper and has to set an example for their kids. She realizes the lesson is that you won’t win at everything, but whatever happens, do not quit. Making it as far as they did is winning. Marcus rightfully calls her a great teammate, smarter than any QB he’s played with, and tougher than any linebacker he’s faced. No matter your background and what you’ve done, if you put you mind to it, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish.

Along with the lackluster group of final three is this whole last leg. I didn’t feel when I got done watching it that I had just watched the finale. The toughest thing they had to do was land the flight simulator. Other than that, they typed up a clue and just remembered the right countries they visited. They never had to match up the countries with specific tasks from each which is almost always included. We can only hope that the next season, Season 20, will end much more fantastically.

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