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The Amazing Race, Dec. 11 – Wake Me Up When It’s the Finale

In the beginning of The Amazing Race, no one would have figured on this particular final three teams. Perhaps Amani and Marcus, and maybe Ernie and Cindy, but definitely not Jeremy and Sandy, and definitely Andy and Tommy would have figured somewhere in the mix. This makes the finale just seem to have a completely different feel to it.

The first team to leave the pit stop in Panama are Jeremy and Sandy at 12:04 AM. Their clue tells them to fly to Atlanta, Georgia, which she says “sucks.” There they will make their way to Flight Safety International and find their next clue. She knows they have to be perfect this leg and continue to work together as a team. He feels they need to put the pieces together, the ones they’ve learned throughout the Race, figuring they have a good shot at it. However, they don’t have any experience in Atlanta, while Marcus and Amani live there.

Ernie and Cindy leave at 12:05, and she, too, says finishing the Race in Atlanta is a huge advantage for Marcus and Amani. In regards to their time on the Race, she feels it’s been the ultimate pre-marriage counseling and that they’ve learned so much about each other. He gives the taxi directions … with an accent … making her laugh. She feels this has been a really strong bonding experience.

Marcus and Amani leave at 12:06 and are definitely stoked to be going to their home city. They feel they deserve to be in final three, and he, of course, compares it to being in the Super Bowl with home field advantage to be going to Atlanta.

Jeremy dickers over the price of the cab, while Sandy tells him to just give it to him. The other teams meet up with them, and everyone starts getting their tickets. They all get on the 8:30 flight to Atlanta. Marcus calls it amazing to finish this around-the-world trip in their home city of Atlanta. Ernie is ready to work some magic today, while Cindy sys she’s been doing it the whole time. Jeremy is ready to run and jump in front of people. Marcus says they’re playing at home with the ball on the ten yard line with four plays to get it in.

Jeremy and Sandy have an easy time finding a taxi, Marcus and Amani grab one next, and Ernie and Cindy struggle to find someone to take them. Once they find a driver, he wants an address, which of course they don’t have. She promises to pay him a lot and asks to borrow his phone. This time Sandy tells the driver to not tell the other taxi drivers where he’s going. The obviously want to make sure what happened to them last week doesn’t happen again. Amani tells their driver to listen to how hard she’s breathing as proof of how serious the Race is.

Jeremy and Sandy get to Flight Safety first, followed closely behind by Marcus and Amani. Teams will learn the intricacies of a Learjet Flight Simulator, then will successfully land their aircraft, being pilot and copilot. When the flight instructor feels they’ve earned their wings, they’ll get the next clue. Ernie and Cindy arrive when everyone else is already inside.

All three men as as pilot/captain. Marcus doesn’t like flying even, but calls this new and fascinating. Sandy thinks she might throw up, and Amani suggests she and Marcus take a motion pill. All three teams are flying the simulators. Cindy and Ernie argue while they’re driving. The instructor tells them they were driving so slow, they would have been falling out of the sky. Marcus is told his landing was a bit harsh, while Jeremy and Sandy get it on the first attempt.

Jeremy and Sandy get another clue that tells them to go to “The Dump,” home of Margaret Mitchell, to get their next clue. They’re excited to see the other two teams’ cabs still waiting. Sandy wants the driver to get out his phone to check what The Dump is, while Jeremy wants to get out and ask people.

The other two teams are trying it again, and Marcus screws up by asking permission to taxi before he’s even landed. Ernie and Cindy get it right the second time and get the clue to head to The Dump. Cindy asks for their driver’s phone to find itp, and also wonders why they don’t see Jeremy and Sandy’s taxi. Apparently fourth time needs to be the charm here for Marcus after another rough landing. He screws it up again. I’m feeling Brian and Ericka at Cirque do Soleil from a few season back all over again.

Sandy is now wanting to get out and ask somebody while CIndy is calling around. Jeremy and Sandy are given the wrong info, that it’s the old Home Depot store, while Ernie and Cindy are finding that it’s Margaret Mitchell’s home. Jeremy should have listened to Sandy and borrowed the driver’s phone, as they’re about to embark on a wild good chase.

Ernie admits he’ll be disappointed to not win the million dollars. It wouldn’t have been so disappointing to lose to “the boys,” but will be to one of the other couples, as he compares it to losing to his brother. Sandy thinks she’ll need to get on Prilosec when she gets home. Cindy compares losing to the other two teams to C students losing to A+ students. They need to lose for that comparison.

Amani and Marcus are trying to land again, and miss it once again. Ernie and Cindy’s driver tells them Jeremy and Sandy left a good fifteen to twenty minutes ahead of them, and she knows that’s not good. Jeremy and Sandy find a store called The Dump at the old Home Depot; it’s now a furniture store. They run in.and can’t figure out why this store is “the former residence.” Sandy asks a worker if it’s the former residence known as The Dump, and he says it still is The Dump. They look around the store, looking for the marker. She wants to be methodical amongst the rows of furniture to find it.

Ernie and Cindy get to the right Dump first and find a Roadblock. One person from each team will need to use an old-fashioned typewriter to type out their next clue. They need to realize that these old manual typewriters don’t have number ones, so they’ll have to use a lower case L. I knew that! That’s either good on knowledge, or makes me old. When it’s typed to perfection, they’ll get the next clue. Ernie says he’ll do it right away, then opens it up to find out it’s typing and is immediately disappointed, as she types about “1000 words a minute.” Ernie asks if they’ll get support on how to work the typewriter, but only gets silence.