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Survivor: South Pacific – Ep 12 – Keeping Up With The Hantzes

Treemail Top 10
• Interesting how all of a sudden, Ozzy was being so nice to Cochran on RI. I’m sure it has nothing to do with Ozzy’s knowledge that should he make the finals that he needs a fifth vote. The fact that we saw the conversation about voting for each other in the end makes me wonder if yet again Cochran’s vote is going to be the pivotal one. And speaking of those Savaii votes – I watch Ponderosa. Have been since they started making them. For the first time that I can recall, no matter what happened in the game, the Ponderosa residents failed to greet the new person upon arrival. Man, get over it. If you ever questioned why Cochran flipped, that’s the reason.
• Did Edna really ask why she volunteered to come out there and be deceived? 22 previous seasons. This game ain’t exactly a mystery. I will forgive her though because she did tell Coach that she wont like a crazy high school dropout dictate things to her.
• So, the family. Sophie’s dad who sort of insulted her when he said he was surprised she advanced to far. Edna’s sister – a smaller version of her, says Edna, but that would basically make her a garden gnome. Brandon’s dad, who is exactly what you think he would look like, but muscular. Albert’s mom, who basically said nothing. Coach’s brother came this time, instead of his assistant coach. I was actually happy to see that Coach has family. I always thought that he might have been created in a Mark Burnett lab somewhere in the bowels of London. And Rick’s wife. Oh, Rick. He gets 8 seconds of screen time each week and he’s not making the most of it. Sir-Mix-a-Lot grabbed his wife’s ass on television. And not even a sexy or masculine grab – it was more of a flick than a grab. This poor woman – this is now her claim to fame.
• The Duel was a giant table maze where you tilt the board to move a ball around to get to the final slot in the center, avoiding pitfalls along the way. First, they toss grappling hooks to retrieve three bags, one of which contains the ball. Ozzy nailed the hooks right away, while Cochran failed miserably until Upolu coaching helped him out. Coach even called him Hercules again. While Ozzy held a huge lead, Cochran started the maze at super speed to catch up and he did. Cochran had a chance, and Ozzy started to show some fear before edging out the win.
• Cochran to Probst – “I got to hear you say, ‘come on in guys.’ And I’m one of the guys!” I liked Cochran – for the most part. He treated this game the way I think many of us would, especially since Cochran is part of the generation that grew up with Survivor. Old guys like me remember days before “The Tribe Has Spoken” existed. Cochran played with awe, enthusiasm and a lot of wide-eyed fun. I would love to see him come back another time.
• Challenge – This was a version of the classic turning point of Guatemala game board challenge. To refresh – massively outnumbered, Danni spent most of her auction money on buying a challenge clue. It was the game board where Survivors are the game pieces. They get to move one space at a time; the space they depart is no longer in play. If you get surrounded, you are out. Last one with moves wins. In Guatemala, the advantage clue was that Danni was able to switch places with someone. She did, won the challenge to save herself, and then broke the other alliance. Here, Coach and Edna made it to the end – interesting to think about it, with the exception of Brandon and Rick we have some deep thinking folks remaining for these challenges. However, Brandon revealed that his strategy was not to win; it was to box in Edna so she lost. And she did. This revelation was not earth shattering, as the others knew, but the salt in the wounds nature of it rubbed them all the wrong way and gave Edna an opening. She tried, but the others know that keeping Brandon around makes a lot more sense than ousting him. He is the new Philip.
• Probst had some fun. He teased Coach when he saw what looked like an involuntary Dragon Slayer hand movement – and even mimicked it. He pulled out an analogy at the challenge that the game board was like Survivor – early move matter. Coach laughed off the Probstian Coachism. He also called out Brandon at Tribal for saying Edna misconstrued what he said and did. It was BS, and Probst didn’t let him get away with it, because Probst witnessed it at the challenge.
• Edna’s scramble was impressive and the woman made some good points. If they are playing with honor, loyalty and integrity as their mantra – then explain Brandon. He lied at the first tribal in his Mikayla vendetta, and treated her very badly. Plus he is clearly about to have a nervous breakdown. However, I still don’t care for her domestic abuse analogy. Let’s just not go there, ok? And asking Coach for the idol? He was right – there’s no way. He loses all trust and suddenly goes from likely winner, to next target. But nice try.
• Crazy quote of the week – Edna trying to convince Albert and Sophie that Coach is on board with booting Brandon, saying how certain she was, “I’ll eat a piece of Coach’s BLANK.” The mind reels as to what that could be – and my mind is capable of very creative scenarios – but I assume that was bathroom related. And, yuck.
• Other than that – uneventful Tribal. It could have been a huge move to oust Brandon now, but the bitterness that would have followed would have been epic. As it is now, the four Savaii at Ponderosa are shaping up to be nasty jurors. The finale could be home to one of the all-time worst juries ever.

Votes – Edna 5 (Coach, Albert, Sophie, Rick, Brandon), Brandon 1 (Edna)

Next week – It ends, with potentially a huge RI upset. We’ll have a short recap of Wednesday’s episode first, as fast as I can. And then the two-hour finale on Sunday, along with the reunion.

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