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Top Chef: Texas – Ep 6 – “Maybe We Picked The Wrong Chefs”

Elimination Challenge: Create a Four Course Steak Dinner for Cattle Baron’s Ball Joining Tom and Padma are – Wormtail, Monobrow and ladies representing the Cattle Barons (Jennifer) and the American Cancer Society (Maria).

First Course: Tomato-Watermelon Gazpacho, Poached Shrimp, Avocado Mousse – Prepared by Beverly, Wasp, Sarah – Tom said it was well-seasoned and particularly enjoyed Bev’s maligned shrimp. Mono wanted more, but felt it was a good way to start the meal.

Second Course: New York Strip Carpaccio, Pistachio Vinaigrette, Mushroom “Bacon”, Red Onion Jam – Prepared by Edward, Glasses, Paul. – Tom thinks it was not cooked enough. Mono wanted the tomatoes to be peeled, and Wormtail felt it was not cooked properly.

Third Course: Grilled Rib Eye, Creamy Potato Gratin, Braised Greens, Thyme Jus – Prepared by The Destroyer, Nyesha, Pretty Boy, Wasp – Mono thought it was messy. Maria said it was not medium rare. Tom frowned upon the potatoes. He and Mono raved about the sauce, however.

Fourth Course: “Right Side Up” Texas Peach Cake, Whipped Mascarpone, Pecan Streusel – Prepared by Heather, Grayson, Lindsay of the Corn – Tom loved the cake, but Mono wanted more sugar.

Padma and her glorious red dress select Nyesha, Heather and Glasses for the win. Wormtail loved Glasses’ steak. Tom thinks Heather’s cake was not too sweet, but was in her wheelhouse. Tom said Nyesha’s sauce saved the dish, and Mon said it added integrity to a very confused steak. I expected a win for Nyesha just for the clutch sauce, but Heather gets an unexpected win.

Destroyer expects to go home because of the steak issues. Tom rips Wasp apart for making a heavy cream dish in that kind of heat. Padma adds that Tom’s potatoes were raw. Wormtail can’t believe it took six hours to make that. Edward’s veggies were way too safe.

RILCK – Make a burger with exotic meats. The defeated chefs get to watch and commentate a la Alton Brown on Iron Chef. RickRoss had the most to say, harping on how the most important sign would be who tasted the meat during prep. As it turns out, that really didn’t matter.

Chewie – Ostrich and ground pork burger with Fresno Chili Aioli and Onion Straws. Tom said he had a big mouth, not that big. He also notices that they are not medium, Chewie overcooked it.

Wasp – Elk and Pork Sausage Burger, Shallot and Garlic, Egg Sunny-Side Up with Black Pepper Aioli, and Grilled Tomato. It is really messy, but if anyone has ever eaten an egg on a burger, you know it is totally worth it.

Both realized that they needed to moisten the meat because the exotic meats tend to be dry. Tom seems to have had an issue with Chewie’s giant burger and agreed with RickRoss that the one with more flavor was Wasp’s. So she wins and the early round upset of Chewie is complete.

Quickfire hits
• Is it me, or does it sound like the saucier is like the pop diva of the professional kitchen?
• Hot damn, they went to Southfork. When I went to Dallas with some buddies for a Rangers game, we wanted to do some sightseeing in Dallas. Clearly Dealey Plaza was a must – especially to a JFK fan like me. However, I wanted to go to Southfork, but I knew that I would be alone in that wish. I started watching “Dallas” as a kid with my Nana, and was a rare teenage boy addicted to the Ewing saga. Southfork would have been cool to see the rooms where JR, Bobby, Sue Ellen, and especially Pam used to roam. I mean seriously, Victoria Principal in her prime is hard to beat.
• And Heather, Kristin Shepherd shot JR. That was his mistress and sister-in-law. The show used to show the annual Oil Barons Ball – I guess they were booked for Top Chef’s purposes. Today, I can’t imagine audiences rooting for an oil baron family, by the way. It will be interesting to see how the show’s reboot works.
• The Destroyer actually punctured the webbing between his fingers. YIKES! And he becomes the latest to win the Anti-Jamie award for battling through an injury.
• The injury may have really been a big factor in the steak failure, as he wound up sleeping for just one hour and trying to get through the day on many doses of caffeine.
• We may have seen the gayest cowboy not played by Heath Ledger in this episode. Watch closely and you will see him – he really liked the cake.
• Wasp is a protégé of Mono, which must have made it hard on both of them to have her leave while he was judging.
• Extra – It seems Bev is a superfan of Edward. Kind of creepy levels of fandom.

Next week – Sounds like a double elimination. And Sarah winds up in tears.

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