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Survivor: Transylvania, Episode 3

by Dolliac

Survivor Transylvania
Episode 3 – Life Is Like A Bag Of Candy– You never Know When You’re Gonna Get Voted Out.

Last Time On SURVIVOR…

Amanda was feeling the heat of living in the forest for four days as nature began to take its toll on her body…

*Shot of Amanda puking behind the bushes*

A conversation between Theo, Chad, and Tiffany was overheard by the rest of the ZAPOLYA tribe…

Tiffany [to Theo and Chad]: So, do you think maybe we should start an alliance?

And a counter alliance was formed by Jamie, Delilah, and Stacey.

Stacey Confessional: It wasn’t who I would’ve picked right off the bat, but an alliance is an alliance!

At the Immunity Challenge Wayne threw in the towel costing BOBALNA the win…

*Wayne [to himself] (during the challenge): Damn it!*

And at their first Tribal Council, BOBALNA chose to send the increasingly weaker Amanda home…

Jeff Probst [to Amanda]: Amanda, the tribe has spoken. *Snuff*



Wayne Confessional:

Well, last night was our first ever Tribal Council as the BOBALNA tribe, and umm, it was a lot more intense than I had picture it to be.

*The camera goes to a shot of Wayne adding wood to the preexisting fire, then stopping to take a breather and chat with Chris*

Wayne [to Chris]: They tried to get rid of me, man.

Chris [to Wayne]: I know, dogg, I know. I just be thankful you’re still here, you know what I’m sayin’?

Wayne [to Chris] (sarcastically): Yeah, I guess.

Wayne Confessional:

I know you’re supposed to take your mistakes out here and reflect on them so that they make you stronger, and I’ve been trying to do that, but I saw my name come up two times last night and both times that it came up – I just got weaker and weaker. Smaller and smaller, you know? So, it’s hard to live with these people when you know that they’ve all given consideration to voting you out. It’s just not easy.

*Laura, Chris, and Wayne stand around the campfire, staring into the flames quietly as the morning sun comes up behind them*

Laura [to Wayne] (after minutes of silence): What they did wasn’t personal, you know.

Wayne [to Laura] (coldly): Say that after you see your name come up a few times.

Chris [to Laura]: You know, you might wanna take a hike for right now, I don’t think this is the right time, you hear?

Laura [to Chris and Wayne] (as she stands to leave): Whatever. I was just trying to help.

Laura Confessional:

Wayne’s problem is that he’s, like, he’s not thinking from other people’s perspectives, you know? He’s, like, he only takes things from the way he’s looking at things, and so he feels like he’s the victim n’ all that, when in reality it was totally the other way around.

*The camera switches to a picture of Wayne with his head resting on top of his folded arms*

Laura Confessional:

He let all of us down by quitting. It would’ve been totally different if he had just, like, if he had just messed up on the challenge – something like that could totally happen to any of us, but for him to, like, quit on us half way through – how do you respect that?

*Switch to a picture of Wayne slowly rubbing his face*

Laura Confessional:

He’s lucky he didn’t get votes from the rest of us.

Wayne [to Chris] (almost happier now that they’re alone again): I just don’t want to be around most of these people.

Chris [to Wayne]: I know, dude, but you gotta stuck it out. You can’t let ‘em see it get to you like this, understand?

Wayne [to Chris]: I guess.

Chris [to Wayne] (beginning to get frustrated): Look bro, you seriously need to stop with this whining and moping, okay? I ain’t down with that. I’m tired of hearin’ you bitch because you got two votes – so what?

Wayne [to Chris]: Who are you to talk to me like that? You aren’t in my position!

Chris [to Wayne]: ‘Cause I didn’t put myself in your position. You either need to suck it up like a man or leave.

Chris Confessional:

Two words for that boy; “Move” and “On”.

Wayne [to Chris]: I think I just want to be alone right now.

Chris [to Wayne]: I understand, but you’re gonna have to chill somewhere else. This is the tribe’s place, you can go off and find your own place to think, a’ight?

Wayne Confessional:

Honestly, I don’t understand what I did that was so terrible. I threw in the towel on a challenge we wouldn’t have won anyway. We were already two or three cages behind and they’re acting like we would’ve had it in the bag had I not stopped. It wasn’t like that. Now, after I’ve been punished for something that’s so inconsequential it’s not even funny – they have the nerve to tell me I need to go somewhere else if I want to mope around. Well screw them.

Wayne [to Chris]: Whatever. I thought you’d be somebody I could come to when I needed support, but you’re not, so whatever. Go off with the rest of the tribe and have a great time.

Chris [to Wayne]: You know it ain’t like that. All I’m sayin’ is that I’m not down with you feelin’ sorry for yourself. I’m not sayin’ you have to go, but either snap out of it or change the subject.

Wayne [to Chris]: Am I the next to go if we end up at Tribal Council again?

Chris [to Wayne] (annoyed): Dude, I don’t know. That’s not what I meant when I told you to change the subject.

Wayne Confessional:

This just hasn’t been a good last couple of days, to tell you the truth. Very hard on me both mentally and physically, and now that I know I don’t have a lot of people backing me up – it kinda trips me out, you know? It’s just never any fun having to be an outcast, and that’s what I feel like at this point.

*Wayne gets up from his spot around the campfire and walks back to the shelter. Before he can get there, however, he is met by Norm who had just emerged from the tower in hopes of finding breakfast. As they pass each other, Norm offers a taunting, almost cruel goodmorning*

Norm [to Wayne]: Are you thankful to see another day here?

Wayne [to Norm]: What’s that supposed to mean?

Norm [to Wayne]: Oh nothing. Just congratulating you on making it past our first Tribal Council.

*As Norm finishes talking, a barely awake Charlene exits the shelter and begins to walk to the campfire. Upon hearing what Norm had just said she quickly speaks up to Norm by jokingly telling him to…*

Charlene [to Norm]: Jeez, stop being such a dick, Norm. Leave the kid alone.

Wayne [to Charlene]: I’d still like to know what you meant by that?

Norm [to Wayne] (in a condescending voice): I should’ve known it would’ve gone over your head. How’re you doing this morning, Char?

Charlene [to Norm]: I’m fine. Still tired, but fine.

Wayne [to Norm]: So you voted for me?

Norm [to Wayne]: You know I did.

Wayne [to Norm] (holding back his frustration): I can respect that. I just hope you realize that this means war.

Charlene Confessional (laughing):

Heaven help us – Wayne is on a rampage!

Norm [to Wayne]: I’m not the one you want to be messing with right now, son, you understand?

Wayne [to Norm]: First of all, I’m not your son. Secondly, screw you.

Charlene [to Wayne] (annoyed): Wayne, what the hell? Calm down.

Charlene Confessional:

Just drama, drama, drama. Jib Jab, Jib Jab, Jib Jab – that’s all that boy does – talk and cause more and more drama. He needs to learn when and when not to speak because he’s just digging himself into more and more holes with that mouth of his.

Norm [to Charlene]: Don’t worry about it, Charlene – now I know what to say to the camera as I’m writing his name down.

Charlene Confessional:

And then, of course, Norm has to come back with this HUGE slap in the face – totally trying to start an argument. Now, I’m not a betting woman, but I’d put money on those two bumping heads later on down the road.

Wayne [to Norm]: Unbelievable. Un-freakin’-believable.

Charlene [to Norm and Wayne]: Alright guys, jokes gone on for too long. You need to just get over this, okay – we’re still a tribe and we can’t function if there’s a gap in our unity.

Wayne Confessional:

It just got to the point where I think I was actually digging myself into an even bigger hole by talking to people (*As Wayne is giving his confessional, the camera switches to a picture of Wayne walking away from Charlene and Norm to behind the tower*), so I decided to just take some time and cool down.


*Tiffany and Chad carry in a huge load of twigs they just gathered from the forest beyond their shelter and plop them on the ground next to the campfire where Pamela sits, sunning herself after waking up from her afternoon nap*

Tiffany [to Pamela]: Care to give us a hand?

Pamela [to Tiffany] (almost blowing her off): No, I’m fine, thanks.

Tiffany [to Pamela]: Maybe I didn’t phrase that right – a little help, please!

Pamela [to Tiffany]: Oh, what for? You guys are doing a great job! You don’t need me in there messing stuff up!

Tiffany [to Pamela] (in disbelief): Yeah, wouldn’t want to mess up your manicure or anything!

Pamela Confessional:

That bitch made fun of my nails – she had to go down!

Pamela [to Tiffany]: Oh bite me, Trailer Trash.

Tiffany [to Pamela]: Look, quit running off your mouth and get over here and help us.

Pamela [to Tiffany]: What’s the point, it’s not like I’m any help anyways?

Tiffany [to Pamela]: Correct, but we can still use you – so get your rich ass over here and start breaking up these twigs with us.

Pamela [to Tiffany]: Listen here, hag, you don’t tell me what to do, okay?

Tiffany [to Pamela]: Excuse you – what did you just call me?

Pamela Confessional:

My nickname for Tiffany up to this point has been Tatoozor, since she’s pretty much transformed herself into a big, ugly, tacky painting, but “hag” works pretty well, too.

Pamela [to Tiffany] (playfully inviting a fight): You heard me – HAG!

Chad [to both]: Ladies, ladies, ladies – let’s calm it down here, shall we?

Tiffany [to Chad]: No, she called me a hag!

Pamela [to Tiffany]: And you are!

Chad [to Pamela] (shooting her a glare): PAMELA! Quiet over there!

Tiffany Confessional:

Pamela’s personality and my personality just don’t mesh well together, so we haven’t really gotten along since the first day we were out here, but – she actually really pissed me off when she started saying stuff to me after we had been working so hard all morning.

Chad [to Tiffany]: Maybe you ought’a run inside – see what the others are up to, eh?

Tiffany [to Chad]: Whatever. Feel free to kick her ass while I’m gone.

Chad [to Tiffany]: Will do, now go.

*Tiffany wipes off her hands in the general direction of Pamela and then heads inside the tribe’s shelter leaving Chad and Pamela alone to talk*

Chad [to Pamela]: What’s happening up there in that scary little brain of yours?

Pamela [to Chad]: Look, I haven’t had anything to pollute my body in FAR too long and I’m a little crabby, alright?

Chad [to Pamela]: Well keep it up – I love it!

Pamela [to Chad]: What?

*Chad does nothing but wink at Pamela and then turn to leave*

Chad Confessional:

I like to screw around with Pamela’s head as much as possible. She’s already a few wheels short of a wagon, but by toying around with all the stuff she’s thinking about I really hope to accomplish…

*he pauses for a moment to think of the right way to phrase what he’s thinking…*

Chad Confessional:

I guess I don’t really want to accomplish anything – screwing with her head is just a fun form of entertainment for out here.


Flip Over, Turn Upside Down
You’re Trying to Find The Key
If Your Tribe Succeeds
The Reward Is Immunity


Chris [to Cory]: I ain’t got a clue what they’re talkin’ about. You?

Cory [to Chris]: I think you and I are on the same page.

Chris [to Cory]: Well, whatever it is, we gonna win, y’a hear?

Cory [to Chris]: Gotcha.

Cory Confessional:

Chris just bugs me sometimes. I don’t know if it’s the constant slang or it just seeming like he’s trying to be something he’s not – I don’t know, he just gets under my skin.


Pamela [to Stacey]: Damn it – more keys?

Stacey [to Pamela]: Looks like it.

Pamela Confessional:

These “Immunity Competitions” or whatever the hell they are – I hate them. I hate them with a passion. Why can’t we just vote somebody out every three days and not have to worry about getting all dirty in the challenges? It just seems like such a waste of energy.


*The Survivor tribes march their way into an abandoned Transylvanian village filled with oddly constructed, dilapidated old gothic structures. Once reaching the entrance of the largest of all the buildings, they head forward, although unaware of where their tribal mats are, and search for Jeff Probst. Both tribes head up the exterior set of rickety stairs to find Jeff Probst perched against the rails, waiting for their arrival. Behind him lies a dark corridor with a floor laid with huge slate tiles. After both tribes arrive at the top of the stairs Jeff begins*

Jeff Probst:

Welcome, guys, to your third Challenge. Today’s challenge is one that will require team work, speed, and the ability to think on your feet. Behind me is a huge tunnel lined with hundreds of slate tiles. On the bottom of sixteen of those tiles are keys. Eight are orange and eight are yellow. Your goal is to, as a team, find all of your eight keys, put them in the locks on the wall, and unlock every lock. First team to show me all eight locks that have been unlocked win Immunity and avoid going to Tribal Council. Sound good?

Everyone [in unison]: Sounds good!

Jeff Probst: Survivors Ready? *Everyone nods* GO!

*Both tribes race into the hallway as fast as they can and begin to turn over tiles. Before long people begin to find keys…*

Chad: Got one!

Brittnie: One for BOBALNA!

Delilah: Found anot’a!

Wayne: Got another one!

*The survivors who had at that point found keys rush over to the locks on the walls and begin sticking their keys in. After trying several times on different locks, each Survivor finds the correct slot and unlocks their locks*

Jeff Probst: TWO for BOBLANA, TWO for ZAPOLYA! This is dead even, guys!

*As time goes by more and more of the survivors get frustrated as they’ve yet to find a key*

Chris: I ain’t got none of here!

Laura: I can’t find any, either!

Jeff Probst: PAMELA for ZAPOLYA gives them the lead by opening their THIRD lock!

Norm: Got one!

Jeff Probst: NORM, tying it up – THREE for both ZAPOLYA and BOBALNA.

Laura: I’ve got another one! I found one!

Jeff Probst: LAURA, giving BOBALNA the lead – FOUR to THREE now.

Cory: I’m right behind you, Laura!

Jeff Probst: CORY coming from behind and increasing their lead to FIVE! FIVE BOBALNA, THREE ZAPOLYA.

Delilah: I got anot’a one!

*Delilah runs over to the wall and unlocks the first lock that she tries*

Jeff Probst: Alright, Delilah catching ZAPOLYA up! FIVE to FOUR, this is anybodies race!

*The camera flashes to various shots of the survivors flipping over tiles. Jamie goes through a whole row in almost ten seconds*

Jamie Confessional:

It got harder and harder as the challenge went along because people were throwing tiles everywhere and so you couldn’t tell what had been checked and what hadn’t.

Jamie (an excited shout): I GOT ONE!

Jeff Probst: We are officially tied up, ladies and gentlemen! FIVE locks open for BOTH ZAPOLYA and BOBALNA.

Stacey: Not any more we’re not!

*Stacey rushes to the wall and begins trying locks. After a few unsuccessful attempts she finds the correct lock and opens it*

Jeff Probst: ZAPOLYA takes the lead – it’s SIX to FIVE, still anybodies game!

Norm: Found one!

Theo: Me too! Come on ZAPOLYA, only one more!

*Both Norm and Theo race to the wall to begin trying locks. After one unsuccessful try, both men get their keys to the correct lock*

Jeff Probst: SEVEN ZAPOLYA, SIX BOBALNA! This is going to be close!

Wayne: I’ve got one! I’ve got one! YES!

*Wayne rushes to the wall and unlocks the correct lock on his first try. Without even acknowledging his accomplishment, he runs back to the floor and begins to flip more tiles*


*The camera switches from a shot of Jeff to Laura, who flips over one of the last remaining tiles to find a BOBALNA key…*

Laura: I’ve got it! I’ve totally got it!

*But before she even has a chance to rip it off the back of the tile, Jeff Probst quickly announces that…*

Jeff Probst: CHAD wins Immunity for ZAPOLYA!

*The entire ZAPOLYA tribe erupts into a fit of cheers and excitement after the announcement became official by Jeff. Hugs are shared all around with everyone jumping and clapping. Chad walks to Jeff proudly and once again regains the Immunity idol*

Jeff Probst: BOBALNA, you know what this means – our second date together at Tribal Council.

*The camera flashes to the disappointed and upset faces of the BOBALNA members. Laura wipes off her forehead, while Wayne covers and rubs his face. Charlene and Cory stand, silent, with their arms over each other’s shoulders*


Theo Confessional:

After winning our second Immunity Challenge in a row – it’s an amazing feeling! It’s victory and pride and honor all wrapped up in one.

*The camera shows the group of seven Survivors as they reenter the campsite after competing in the challenge and coming out the victors*

Stacey [to everyone]: I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like I’m on top of the world right now!

Tiffany [to Chad]: You were on fire out there, Chad – how many did you get?

Chad [to Tiffany]: I think two or three. We all did well.

Jamie [to everyone]: Delilah got two that I can remember – that’s awesome!

Delilah [to Jamie]: We won it because we got somet’ing they don’t ‘ave – unity!

Stacey [to Delilah]: You’re right. No matter how many little arguments we have around camp, we’re lucky enough to be able to put ourselves together enough so that we can come together at Challenge time.

Tiffany Confessional:

I’ve always been the type of person who is always heavily paranoid, and I feel like my time may be coming if we lose a challenge, but man oh man – it feels totally awesome to win that challenge! It was our second, and we only need one more win to ensure that we go to the merge even in numbers! It’s practically a guarantee at this point and we’re only nine days in!

Jamie [to Pamela]: You did good out there today.

Pamela [to Jamie]: Leave me alone. I’m tired.

Jamie [to Pamela]: Can I have a hug?

Pamela [to Jamie]: Get bent.

Jamie [to Pamela]: I’ll take that as a maybe.

Jamie Confessional:

Pamela puts up this façade like she’s always upset or in a bad mood, but when push comes to shove I think she’s really a warm person – this is just her little strategy, to make everyone dislike her so much that they want to keep her around for the final two. It’s pretty smart, but with us – we may just get rid of her to lighten the mood around camp.

Tiffany [to Jamie]: Why is Pamela always in such a bad mood? She seems happier now that we won the challenge, but she’s still being a bitch!

Jamie [to Tiffany]: No telling. Maybe that’s just the way she operates.

Tiffany [to Jamie]: Well she can operate herself on out of here for all I care! She’s been getting on my nerves for the past couple of days!

Jamie [to Tiffany]: Yeah. Just take whatever she says as playful kidding – nobody can be that evil.

Tiffany [to Jamie]: You’d be surprised.


Wayne Confessional:

Well, yesterday we ended up losing our second challenge in a row. Umm…it’s, well, this is probably the end of the road for me. The others haven’t been telling me whose going and nobody seems to want to make any deals with me besides Chris, but he’s pretty far out of the loop, too – so…I think this may be the last day of my time in Transylvania.

*Wayne and Chris sit in the BOBALNA tower and chat while the others are away working*

Wayne [to Chris]: Is it me?

Chris [to Wayne]: I don’ know. They won’t tell me what’s happening.

Wayne [to Chris]: They probably don’t want you to tell me that I’m the one whose leaving.

Chris [to Wayne]: Maybe so. I don’t know, bro, just don’t let this get you down. There’s always time to flip stuff up, you know what I’m sayin’? Get in there and show ‘em how valuable you are!

Wayne [to Chris]: I think they’ve already made up their minds…

Chris [to Wayne]: So you’re just gonna sit back and let ‘em vote you out?

Wayne [to Chris]: What am I supposed to do?

Chris [to Wayne]: Go down fighting.

Wayne [to Chris]: It’s been hard. I’ve been fighting the whole time I’ve been here.

Chris [to Wayne]: That’s your problem, man. You need to lighten up, yo. Just go up to ‘em and be like, look, here’s the deal, I’m an asset to the team and you’re gonna need me for strength type stuff in the future, y’a hear?

Wayne [to Chris]: But they think I’m a quitter.

Chris [to Wayne]: But you showed ‘em wrong today, man. You did well in the challenge and nobody was blaming you for the loss. I think you’re making a bigger deal out of your screw up than they are.

*Wayne, without saying a word, stands and walks to the exit of the tower. He drips down the short stairway leading up to the tower and finds Norm, Charlene, Laura, and Cory all chatting away*

Wayne [to all four]: Can I talk to you guys about something?

Norm [to Wayne]: Yes I’m voting for you at Tribal Council, goodbye.

Charlene [to Norm]: Norm, let the kid finish.

Wayne [to the other three]: Am I the one leaving tonight?

Cory [to Wayne]: We haven’t decided yet, but when we come up with an answer we’ll let you know. There’s no point in having you go after being blindsided.

Wayne [to Cory] (laughing): It’s only a blindside if you aren’t expecting it – I am. I’ve been expecting it for the past two Tribal Councils.

Laura [to Wayne]: Who would you suggest we get rid of if it’s not you?

Wayne [to Laura]: Either Norm, Chris, or Brittnie.

Norm [to Wayne] (laughing): Like that’s gonna happen.

Laura [to Wayne]: Why?

Wayne [to the three]: Because I bring more to the table than they do. Norm and I are pretty much equal when it comes to strength, but he’s a big damper on morale. He’s in this for himself and himself only – I’m willing to look out for the team.

Norm [to Wayne]: You’ve got some nerve kid – we’re all in this for ourselves.

Wayne [to Norm] (calmly): I’m not talking to you, okay? I’m speaking with the three people who are willing to hear me out.

Cory [to Wayne]: Why Brittnie or Chris?

Wayne [to the three]: Because I’m stronger than they are, plain and simple.

Charlene [to Wayne]: Which of the three would you want to see go?

Wayne [to the three]: I would say Norm, but that’s not going to happen. I know it wouldn’t.

Norm [to Wayne] (laughing): You’re damn right it’s not.

Charlene [to Norm]: Hey – pipe down or it might become a possibility.

Norm [to Charlene]: But…

Charlene [to Wayne] (interrupting Norm): Can you leave now so we can talk about all this?

Wayne [to the three]: Alright.

*Wayne walks away and the four get into a close circle and begin to speak*

Norm [to the three]: He’s SO out’a here.

Charlene [to Norm]: Can you please leave, too?

Norm [to Charlene]: What do you mean “Can I please leave”?

Charlene [to Norm]: If you’re going to keep up with your anti-Wayne crap you need to leave, because it’s not helping us.

*Norm sits back, partly in shock from being told off, and part to hear what the others have to say*

Cory [to the others]: I think we should check with Brittnie before we make any decisions.

Laura [to Cory and Charlene]: Definitely, she’s got a vote in this, too.

Cory Confessional:

Going into this Tribal Council I would say there are actually a lot of possibilities for people who might get the boot.

*He pauses to hold up four fingers*

First is Wayne, who knows what hot water he’s been in for the past couple of days because of his attitude. The only thing that’s keeping me from wanting to vote him out is that he’s actually a pretty strong guy when he’s not throwing in the towel, and I can’t pull all of the weight in the challenges by myself.

Second person I’m thinking about voting for is Brittnie. We all love her to death and she’s probably the sweetest and most competent person on the tribe, but she’s just not physically as beneficial to have around as somebody like Chris or Wayne or Norm.

*He pauses a second to wiggle around his third finger*

Third person is Chris who we all have such a hard time figuring out. We call him Eminem because he talks pretty funny, but aside from that – what do we really know about him? I mean, he’s a guy, so he’s just naturally stronger than most of our women, but he actually hasn’t performed all that well in the challenges. With him it seems like the main problem is finding out if his head is any empty shell or if he’s just holding his tongue and is really this master of strategy.

And fourth…

*He uses his middle finger to represent the fourth person*

Norm. Norm is probably one of our greatest assets as a tribe, and as a doctor he can really be beneficial down the road if any of us are injured or stuff like that, but – man, talk about an ego. That guy is quite possibly one of the most pompous people I’ve ever met in my entire life and it’s really starting to get on people’s nerves.


*The Survivors all make their way into the Tribal Council area of the castle and have their seats relatively quickly. After everyone is seated Jeff begins to speak*

Jeff Probst: Alright guys, second time in a row – Brittnie, what happened?

Brittnie [to Jeff]: We were just a little bit disorganized and took a little longer in finding the keys. It wasn’t really any of our faults, though, because we were literally seconds behind.

Jeff Probst: Had you won, would you feel more comfortable with your place in the game?

Brittnie [to Jeff] (rolling her eyes): Are you kidding me? That’s a no brainer! You always feel safer when you can avoid going to Tribal Council – it’s no contest.

Jeff Probst: So would you say you’re vulnerable at this point?

Brittnie [to Jeff]: I wouldn’t say that I’m vulnerable just yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a little bit down the road I start to get a target on my back.

Jeff Probst: And why is that?

Brittnie [to Jeff] (laughing): Because I’m not a big, strong, burly macho man!

Jeff Probst: So you think the males in this game are going to pick off the “weaker” females?

Brittnie [to Jeff]: I don’t know if that’s what’s actually going to happen, but I feel like it’s a definite possibility.

Jeff Probst: Laura, as one of the tribe’s three females, how do you feel about what she’s saying – do you think the women are going to be picked off by the men or is there another plan going on?

Laura [to Jeff]: As for what’s happening tonight, you mean, or for the rest of the game?

Jeff Probst: Either one…no, both.

Laura [to Jeff]: Well I can guarantee you that it’s not a female going tonight, I know that much, so, like, that kind of goes out the window for right now. Umm…later on down the line, I mean, yeah, it’s bound to happen, but, I mean, everybody has to go but one, right?

Jeff Probst: Right.

Laura [to Jeff]: So we’re all going sometime sooner or later. Well, like, I mean most of us.

Jeff Probst: Wayne, how does that make you feel, what she just said?

Wayne [to Jeff]: Which part?

Jeff Probst: That she’s 100% positive a woman is not leaving the game tonight. Does that surprise you?

Wayne [to Jeff]: Not at all. I’ve been kind of building myself up for getting voted out, and that just pretty much cements it.

Jeff Probst: So you think you’re the one that’s going?

Wayne [to Jeff]: Yeah, I do.

Jeff Probst: Chris, what about you? Any worries for tonight?

Chris [to Jeff]: Naw, man – it’s all good. I think we all have a pretty clear idea of who the person leaving is, so…it ain’t no big thang.

Jeff Probst: So you’re confident it’s not going to be you?

Chris [to Jeff]: I’d put money that I’ll be around for at least a couple more days, understand?

Jeff Probst: How about you, Norm? You’re a guy – any worries about leaving tonight?

Norm [to Jeff]: Maybe a little bit more than I had before, but I’m still pretty sure that I’ll make it through to see tomorrow.

Jeff Probst: Would you be surprised if it is you?

Norm [to Jeff]: Yes. I think it’d be foolish to get rid of me at this point. I’m too valuable.

Jeff Probst: Charlene, what do you think about what’s going on here? You agree a man’s going tonight?

Charlene [to Jeff]: There’s always the possibility that something surprising can come up, but – to be honest, from what I can see it’s a guy whose getting his torch snuffed in a little bit.

Jeff Probst: Do you agree with Norm that he is too valuable to lose at this point?

Charlene [to Jeff]: Most of the people on this tribe bring something good to the table, Norm included, so I think it’s safe to say he’ll probably be safe for the time coming.

Jeff Probst: Cory, care to give us an idea of who might be taking the walk tonight?

Cory [to Jeff]: Well, the ladies have made it pretty clear that a guy is leaving, and it’s not me, I can tell you that much, so – it’s down to either Chris, Wayne, or Norm.

*The camera flashes to a look of surprise on Chris’ face to hear his name brought up as a possibility for the vote*

Chris [to Cory]: You’re thinkin’ about getting rid’a me?

Cory [to Chris]: Nobody is safe, man.

Norm [to Cory]: You’d better be careful the way you phrase stuff, son, or you’re going to get yourself into some trouble later on down the road.

Cory [to Norm]: I think I can speak for myself, thank you.

Jeff Probst: Well ladies and gentlemen, it is now time to vote. Charlene, you’re up first.

*Charlene Votes*

_______. No real reason other than you’ve been doing very little around camp and haven’t been helping us to the full amount in the challenges.

*Cory Votes*

_______. You’re a good kid, but you’re still just a kid, and we need adults on this team.

*Norm Votes*

WAYNE. You knew this one was coming. Take care, man.

*Wayne Votes*

NORM. It’s me that’s going tonight, but at least I can say the last thing I did was send a vote in your direction.

*Chris Votes*

WAYNE. Looks like it’s one’a the boys that’s leavin’ tonight, and to tell you the truth – I’m kinda sick of hearing you bitch about everything. Suck it up and be a man, a’ight? Learn to get over the little stuff, ‘cause you ain’t goin’ nowhere in life if you’re stuck dwelling on the small stuff.

*Brittnie Votes*

*Laura Votes*

Jeff Probst: Once the vote has been read the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. I’ll go tally the votes.

*2 minutes pass as Jeff tallies the votes*

Jeff Probst: After tonight you’re down to six. Make sure you’re able to keep at least five members on your tribe so that if we merge at ten it’ll all be equal.

First Vote…


*Wayne rubs his forehead in nervous anticipation as Jeff turns around the next vote…*

Second Vote…


*The camera goes to a shot of Norm as he rolls his eyes and then looks over at Wayne*

Third Vote…


*Wayne does nothing but smile and nod while looking directly in front of him*

Fourth Vote…


*Chris looks around at the others, surprised and upset to see his name come up on the ballot*

Chris [to everyone]: What the hell?

Jeff Probst: That’s TWO votes WAYNE, ONE vote NORM, and ONE vote CHRIS.

Fifth Vote…


Chris [to everyone]: No, there’s no way. No way, uh uh!

Sixth Vote…


Chris [to everyone]: No, man, you’ve gotta be kidding me, yo – this is a bunch of crap!

Seventh Vote…

Second Person Voted Out of BOBALNA…

Chris [to everyone]: I can’t believe it – this can’t be happening!


Jeff Probst: Chris, you’ll have to bring me your torch.

*Chris, still totally shocked, picks up his torch from behind his throne and walks over to Jeff. With a look of disbelief in his eye he places his torch into the slot and watches as Jeff extinguishes his flame*

Jeff Probst: CHRIS, the tribe has spoken.

*Chris, still amazed, throws his backpack over his shoulder and walks out of the Tribal Council area*

Jeff Probst: Obviously Chris didn’t see this one coming. In this game you’ve always got to make sure that you’re on top of everything one hundred percent of the time. Don’t let what happened to him happen to you. You can head back to camp.

*The Survivors stand, grab their torches from behind their thrones, and walk out of the elaborate Tribal Council set and back to their cold night at camp*

Next Time On SURVIVOR…

A twist catches everyone off guard…

Stacey: Oh man, Oh man, Oh man!

As the Survivors Have a Tribal Switch…

Chad [to Brittnie]: Why hello Ms. Brittnie, it’s just absolutely lovely to meet you!

Brittnie [to Chad] (laughing): Well aren’t you just the perfect gentlemen!

Some Get Along…

Jamie Confessional: I feel much more comfortable here than I did on the old ZAPOLYA.

While Others Don’t…

Tiffany [to Laura]: I know – it’s just hard to make a commitment when it’s such a bad situation. I mean, I could say I won’t vote for you – but I’m not really the decision maker, you’ve gotta understand that.

Laura [to Tiffany]: I see.

Which All Leads Up To A Tribal Council That Will Have EVERYONE Talking…

Laura: It’s pretty clear to me who needs to go.

Theo: I don’t think any of us are sure at this point what’s going to happen!

And a Surprise Vote That Rocks Both Tribes…

*A shot of Delilah with her eyes bugged out*

Jeff Probst: _______, the tribe has spoken.

Chris’ Final Words:

Umm…wow. Well, obviously I didn’t see that coming. Check it out, it’s like this – those people didn’t care about anything other than themselves and it’s like – I guess I didn’t go out’a my way to talk to them or nothin’, but not once did they let it be known that I was in danger – not once. Man, I’m just so, man – I’m totally stunned by this. Umm…I came out here to show America that it ain’t gotta be one type’a character that’s good, and yo, you know, diversity is the spice of life, and that’s where it’s all at, but – I don’t know, man, this is just a load ‘a shit. I don’t deserve to be here, I should still be in the game, but whateva, they wanna play it like that, then they can play it like that. Have fun stabbin’ each other in the back. Chris, out.


Chris: WAYNE
Wayne: NORM
Charlene: CHRIS
Laura: CHRIS
Brittnie: CHRIS