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Survivor: Transylvania, Episode 2

by Dolliac

Survivor: Transylvania
Episode 2 – Immunity Is Key

Last Time On SURVIVOR…

The tribes were abandoned in the harsh forests of Transylvania…

Wayne Confessional: I keep expecting to see Dracula or a Werewolf come out of nowhere!

An Immunity Challenge tested the Survivors ability to work in teams. Some succeeded…

*A shot of Amanda and Wayne hugging*

Others did not…

*A shot of Alexander as his hand slips off the side of the windmill*

ZAPOLYA became the first tribe to visit Tribal Council…

*A shot of the Survivors walking to the massive castle that now serves as Tribal Council*

Where they ejected Alexander from the tribe…

Alexander [final words]: I can only hope they learn from their mistakes.



*Amanda rests up against a log as she vomits over the side*

Amanda Confessional:

These past couple of days have been pretty bumpy for me. The first night I was fine, the second okay, and then it all just went to shits on the third day. I haven’t stopped throwing up in a while.

*As Amanda continues to vomit, Norm walks out of the tribe’s tower and comes over for assistance*

Norm [to Amanda]: You doin’ okay, darlin’?

Amanda [to Norm]: Oh yeah, I’m fine – my stomach is just a little upset.

Norm [to Amanda]: Stick out your tongue!

*Amanda, after laughing, sticks out her tongue and lets Norm examine her*

Norm [to Amanda]: You’re sick – have you been eating?

Amanda [to Norm]: Not as much as I probably should be.

Norm [to Amanda]: We need to fix that. Come on, let’s go start some beans or something.

Amanda [to Norm] (nervously): Wait…you…Norm, I know you’re a doctor and you can probably figure out what’s wrong with me, but…please don’t tell the others about this.

Norm [to Amanda] (putting his arm around Amanda’s shoulder): Not a word.

Norm Confessional:

Amanda is very concerned about her status in the tribe. I don’t blame her. She’s a strong young woman whose not used to being this weak, but if she continues to go down like she’s been for the past two days she’s not going to last up until the merge.

*Norm takes Amanda to the tribe’s campfire where they heat up enough beans for the two of them from an already open can*

Amanda [to Norm]: I’m glad that if somebody had to find out about this that you were the one.

Norm [to Amanda]: Hey, I’m a doctor…if anybody can tell you what’s wrong with you it’s me!

Amanda [to Norm] (laughing): Just so you know, you’re not getting a dime out’a me!

Norm Confessional:

At this point in time I don’t intend to tell anybody about her not doing so well, but if she continues to get worse and worse I’m thinking of bringing it up – just for her own safety.

*As Amanda and Norm continue to chat, Chris and Cory walk out of their tower, barely awake, and begin to chat it up with them*

Cory [to Amanda and Norm]: How’re you guys doin’ this morning?

Norm [to Cory]: Good, yourself?

*Amanda smiles as Norm says this, happy that he has kept her secret*

Cory [to Norm]: Pretty Good, Pretty Good.

Norm [to Chris]: How ‘bout you, C-Dog?

Chirs [to Norm] (sleepily): It’s all good, baby.

Amanda [to all three] (quickly): I’m gonna go look around for a second…

*Amanda gets up and runs to the nearest gathering of trees where she can get sick without the others seeing or hearing*

Cory [to Amanda] (as she’s running): Be careful! Want me to come?

Amanda [to Cory]: No, I’m fine!

*After she is out of hearing distance, Cory turns to Norm*

Cory [to Norm]: So are you going to tell me what’s up with Mandy?

Chris [to both]: Looks like she was gonna puke or somethin’.

Norm [to both] (uneasily): She’s just…not feeling too well today.


*Tiffany, Chad, and Theo sit in the dirt outside of their shelter, waiting for the others to get up*

Theo [to both]: Man, last night was not a good night.

Tiffany [to Theo]: It had to happen.

Theo [to Tiffany]: It can’t happen again.

Chad Confessional:

I understand that it sucks to have to go to Tribal Council for the first time – but come on, these guys are really upset about losing Alexander? Nice enough guy, but when push comes to shove he was a whack job!

Tiffany [to Theo]: No. No, it can’t.

Chad [to both]: If we go again, who are we voting for? Jamie? Delilah?

Theo [to Chad]: Jamie’s the weakest person. He hasn’t shown any signs of getting better – he’s always so tired, and if he’s still throwing up, I don’t see any way for him to start goin’ up.

Tiffany [to both]: But honestly, are Stacey, Delilah, or Pamela as strong as he is? Maybe put together, but individually I think he’s probably one of our strongest.

Chad [to both]: Pamela is a freakin’ monster, she’d crush Jamie. The other two, there’s no telling.

*As Chad, Tiffany, and Theo chat away Stacey, Delilah, Pamela, and Jamie listen in from the shelter*

Delilah [to the other three]: Don’ listen to d’em, Jamie, d’ey aren’t as strong as t’ey t’ink t’ey are!

Delilah Confessional:

Jamie felt sick for two days, n’ now they gon’ write him off as useless? I don’ t’ink so – sorry.

Jamie [to the other three]: We can’t let them run the show. I worked too hard to get on here for them to vote me off because I had a bad day. Nuh –uh.

Jamie Confessional:

Those three had better watch their backs, because I know we didn’t appreciate hearing all this stuff behind our backs.

Jamie [to the other three]: Should we start an alliance? Right here, right now – just to ensure they don’t pick us off!

Stacey [to Jamie]: I like that idea.

Delilah [to Jamie]: I don’ t’ink t’at’s objectionable in t’a least!

Pamela [to Jamie]: Why the hell not?

Pamela Confessional:

Losers. What would be the point of starting an alliance with the three weakest members of our tribe?

Jamie [to all three]: This is going to be great, guys – we just have to keep it kinda hush-hush. We might be able to ride this all the way to the end.

Pamela Confessional:

I don’t know what they’re thinking, but I’m in this for one reason and one reason only – to reach the final two. They don’t see that – they think – oh, yeah, I’ll make the jury and be satisfied. Well guess what? I’m not here to be sorta, kinda satisfied. I’m here to be the champion.

Stacey [to all three]: This isn’t something we need to feel guilty about –it’s part of the game. They’ve probably got one already, and so now we can have one. No biggie.

Jamie [to Stacey]: You’re hitting the nail on the head. It’s part of the game.

Stacey Confessional:

You could tell Jamie was nervous about having to go to Tribal Council again, and to tell you the truth, I was, too. This alliance probably isn’t the one I would’ve chosen right off the bat, but it’s an alliance nonetheless, and I intend to stick with it so long as it can get me farther.

*Back outside, the other three begin to discuss forming an alliance of their own*

Tiffany [to Theo and Chad]: So, what do you think? Maybe we could all start something up here – the strong have got to survive, and from the looks of it, we’re the strong.

Tiffany Confessional:

I made it through one Tribal Council, but that’s not good enough for me. Get me through a couple more and I might start feeling more secure in my place in the tribe, but for now – not a chance. Not a chance.

Theo [to Tiffany]: I don’t know if we should be doing this so early.

Theo Confessional:

I have nothing against alliances, and I totally understand Tiffany wanting one – it’s natural, you know, like, it’s just what happens, but I can barely remember these people’s names.

Tiffany [to Theo] (laughing): Oh. Umm…wow, I wasn’t expecting that. Well, I guess I understand where you’re coming from…it is only day 4.

Tiffany Confessional:

That was stupid on his part. It takes thirty seconds to form an impression of somebody. It’s been four days – how much more time does he need?

Theo [to Tiffany]: Don’t think it’s anything against you, ‘cause it’s not, I totally respect you, it’s just that I’d like to learn more about people than I already do.

Theo Confessional:

I don’t really care for Tiffany all that much. It’s always pressure, pressure, pressure. Everything is under pressure with her. It’s always an emergency. I’d probably like to see her as one of the next people to go, but I doubt the others will agree with that.

Chad Confessional:

The safest thing for the BOTH of those two at this point is to win the Challenges thrown at us.


(No poem inside the Treemail Box, only a key inserted into a lock)


Wayne [to everyone] (laughing): Okay, my best guess would be we’re doing something with a lock and key!

Chris [to Wayne] (laughing): No shit, Sherlock.

Wayne [to Chris]: You any good with undoing locks?

Chris [to Wayne]: I can open my car door – that’s about it.

Wayne [to Chris] (laughing): Oh good, glad to see we’ve got an expert on our side.


Pamela [to Delilah]: I can’t imagine this being anything easy – why do they keep on making us do these challenges?

Delilah [to Pamela]: Pamela, you aren’ t use’ t’a doin’ ver’ much work, are y’a, darlin’?

Pamela [to Delilah]: What the hell did you just say?

Delilah [to Pamela]: You don’ do ver’ much t’a work, do y’a?

*Pamela stares at Delilah with a confused look on her face for a few seconds*

Delilah [to Pamela]: Never mind.

Pamela [to Delilah]: I swear, sometimes I think you just make noises and pretend like you’re talking to screw around with my head!


*The Bobalna tribe is the first to make their way to the Immunity location. Surrounding them is lush, bright green grass, and in front of them lays a large, rocky ravine. They proudly march over to their tribal mat where an eager Jeff Probst awaits. Shortly after the Zapolya tribe follows. The seven remaining members stand on their mat and wait for Jeff to begin speaking*

Jeff Probst: Bobalna, getting their first look at the new Zapolya. Alexander voted out at the first Tribal Council.

*The camera flashes to a look of surprise on Brittnie’s face*

Jeff Probst: Today’s Immunity Challenge is simple. Inside the ravine you are going to find six cages. Six people from each tribe are going to be locked in those cages while one member searches through a ring filled with keys to unlock you. Once out of the cage, the two people will race to the next cage to unlock the next person and so forth. The cages are a good fifty feet apart, and let me warn you – it may not seem bad from up here, but once you’re down there you’ll realize how slippery those rocks really are and how cold that water really is. Each cage is opened with a different key, and let me tell you – there are a LOT of keys on this ring that don’t open anything. The first team to have all their members across the finish line wins. Sound Good?

Everyone [in unison]: Sounds good!

Jeff Probst: BOBALNA, you’re up one member – who are you sitting out?

Charlene [to Jeff] (angrily): I am.

Jeff Probst [to Charlene]: You don’t seem very happy about that.

Charlene [to Jeff]: I’m not. This looks like fun.

Jeff Probst: Alright, which people will be holding the keys and starting for both tribes?

Wayne [to Jeff]: I am.

Theo [to Jeff]: Me, too.

Jeff Probst: Alright, Charlene – you can have a seat. Wayne and Theo, come with me – everyone else, get in place.

*The camera flashes to both Wayne and Theo as they get set to run for their first cage at the start line. In one of their hands they hold a ring filled with dozens of keys. Both brace themselves as they wait for their word to go*

Jeff Probst: Survivors Ready? GO!

*Both Wayne and Theo take off as fast as they can and make their ways to the first of six cages. In the BOBALNA cage is Brittnie, in the ZAPOLYA cage, Chad*

Brittnie [to Wayne]: Come on, you’re doing great!

Wayne [to Brittnie]: Thanks…there are just so many keys!

Brittnie [to Wayne]: I know, but you’ve gotta find it.

*Three feet away at the ZAPOLYA cage*

Theo [to Chad]: I’m trying to go in order so I don’t get messed up.

Chad [to Theo]: You’re doing a good job, man. Just keep everything straight.

Theo [to Chad]: Dude, I don’t wan’na take my eyes off the keys, are they ahead of us?

Chad [to Theo]: Nah, man, you’re doin’ fine – just keep going.

*Behind the two men struggling to open the cages, Jeff watches, waiting for some sort of news to announce to give the other survivors down the ravine a little hint as to how close they are*

Theo [to Chad]: I GOT IT! I GOT IT!

*Sure enough, the fourteenth key Theo tried was the one that would unlock Chad’s cage. Theo flings the cage door open, helps Chad out, and then sprints off to Jamie’s cage*

Jeff Probst: ZAPOLYA has CHAD’S cage open!

Wayne [to Brittnie]: Damn it, they’re beating us.

Brittnie [to Wayne]: Don’t worry about it, we’re still in this.

Wayne [to Brittnie]: I know, I know…

*Over at Jamie’s cage, the second for ZAPOLYA, Theo begins trying to unlock the door. Upon entering the first key into the lock, he suddenly stops and shouts…*

Theo [to Jamie]: Look! Oh my gosh! It was the first key! It was the first key on top!

*The camera flashes to the look of disappointment on both Wayne and Brittnie’s face as he continues to struggle opening her cage*

Brittnie [to Wayne]: Don’t give up – that’s what’s going to lose it for us – keep going!

*Coincidentally, right after Brittnie finishes speaking, the lock opens with one of the very last keys*

Wayne [to Brittnie]: Oh my gosh, I did it! Brittnie, I did it!

Brittnie [to Wayne]: Good job, now lets go get Norm!

*Both survivors race off to their tribe’s second cage as Theo, Chad, and Jamie race to their tribe’s third, Stacey*

Stacey [to the three men]: Hey fellas, looks like we’re kickin’ some ass!

Jamie [to Stacey]: You know it – four more.

*In the background*

Jeff Probst: BOBALNA on their second cage, ZAPOLYA on their third. It’s anybodies race at this point, guys – keep going!

*After a few minutes of trying, both teams eventually get their cages open. For BOBALNA; Wayne, Brittnie, and Norm begin in on Chris’ cage, while ZAPOLYA’S Theo, Chad, Jamie, and Stacey begin in on Delilah’s cage*

Chris [to Wayne]: Come on, dogg, you can do d’is!

Wayne [to Chris]: I know, I know…

*Over at ZAPOLYA*

Delilah [to Theo]: Come on, T’eo, you got t’is one!

*Again, ZAPOLYA continues with its miraculous streak of luck as one of the first keys Theo tries opens Delilah’s door*

Theo [to everyone] (laughing): I can’t believe it – this time I started from the back…unbelievable.

Stacey [to the Zapolya’s]: Come on, guys, we can’t lose our lead!

*Back at the BOBALNA cage*

Wayne [to the Bobalna’s]: We’re still in this guys…

Chris [to Wayne]: Yeah, jus’ don’t worry about it if we can’t come back, you know? They’re winnin’ ‘cause a’ luck.

*Just before Chris can finish talking, a loud cheer rings through the ravine as Theo and the rest of the ZAPOLYA tribe members help Tiffany escape from their fifth cage. Although the boisterous roar of Theo after he opened the cage has disappeared, the other cheers and squeals continue to echo through the ravine*

Wayne (in disgust): Damn it.

Chris [to Wayne] (through the cage bars, patting him on the shoulder): It’s a’ight man. Let’s just finish this race.

Wayne [to himself] (visibly upset): What’s the point?

Brittnie [to Wayne]: Come on, don’t get upset – there’s nothing you could’ve done.

Wayne [to Brittnie]: I could’ve won, that’s what I could’ve done.

Norm [to Wayne]: I can’t believe you – you’re throwing in the towel already?

Wayne [to Norm]: What could I have done?

Norm [to Wayne]: It doesn’t matter what you could’ve done – you keep going! Give me those keys!

*Norm grabs the keys out of Wayne’s hands and begins trying to unlock the lock of Chris’s cage. After a few tries, the lock opens and Chris is freed from his prison*

Norm [to Wayne] (upset): You can’t just up and quit. Now I intend to keep this between the four of us, but if I catch you acting like this again – next time we’re at Tribal Council your name is going to be on my paper, do I make myself clear?

Wayne [to Norm] (staring into the water beneath him): Yes.

Norm [to Wayne]: Alright – now we’ve got a race to win!

Jeff Probst: BOBALNA on their FOURTH cage, ZAPOLYA on their SIXTH and FINAL cage! Come on guys, you can still do this!

*Wayne, Brittnie, Norm, and the newly escaped Chris all make their way over to BOBALNO’S fourth caged member, Cory, and begin the unlocking process*

Cory [to all four]: Hey guys – looks like they’ve got a little bit of a lead on us.

*Wayne ignores Cory and continues working*

Cory [to Brittnie]: Well, even if they’re ahead, you all did a great job!

Brittnie [to Cory] (quietly): Thanks.

*The camera flashes to shots of both Theo and Wayne frantically trying to open the locks. All the keys seem to be failing for both contestants. Suddenly, almost miraculously, Wayne’s key opens the gate to Cory’s cage. The BOBALNA tribe speeds off to their fifth cage where Laura waits nervously*

Laura [to BOBALNA]: Come on guys, this is the comeback from behind…

*Before Wayne has time to stick the first key into the lock the air is once again filled with the roar of Theo, but this time he is joined by the other members of the ZAPOLYA tribe as they throw their hands in the air, hug, and do a victory dance after opening the last lock, freeing Pamela, and making their way past the finish line*

Jeff Probst: ZAPOLYA wins IMMUNITY! BOBALNA, we’ll be having our first date at Tribal Council together.

*The camera goes in slow motion from shots of disappointed BOBALNA members to excited ZAPOLYA members. Amanda wipes a tear out of her eye as Brittnie gives her a huge, while Tiffany and Chad embrace while hoisting the Immunity idol into the air with shouts of victory*


*Wayne sits alone inside the tower as he thinks back of the previous days incidents and how he could’ve done things differently*

Wayne Confessional:

I keep thinking of things I could’ve done differently – ways I could’ve done stuff that would’ve gotten us out of there faster. Instead, I cost the team a good minute and a half when I threw in the towel and decided I wasn’t going to do anymore.

*He pauses for a second to hit himself in the forehead before continuing on*

Wayne Confessional:

Now somebody has to go, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the guys out there are planning on voting for me. It just pisses me off because I wasn’t even the one who wanted to do the stupid unlocking, no, that was Norm’s idea. But now we’re in this mess and my ass is the one on the line.

*Wayne stands from his place on the hard, dirty floor and walks outside. There he finds Brittnie, Cory, and Chris chatting away. He joins them and suddenly the conversation changes from work to Tribal Council and who they will chose to leave them*

Wayne [to Cory, Chris, and Brittnie]: It better not be me – I don’t want to go out like this. I won’t.

Chris [to Wayne]: Nah, man, I’m not gunnin’ for you, you know what I’m sayin’? You might’a messed up yesterday, but we all got our moments.

Wayne [to Brittnie and Cory]: Who are you guys voting for?

*Brittnie and Cory remain silent as they look down at the ground and try to think of a way to avoid the subject*

Wayne [to Brittnie and Cory]: So you don’t have the guts to tell me you’re voting for me? You want it to be a surprise? Huh? You don’t have the decency to tell me that you’re voting my ass out’a here – what kind of teammates are you?

Brittnie [to Wayne]: What kind of teammate are we? You gave up on us ‘cause you were losin’!

Cory [to Brittnie]: He did what?

Brittnie [to Cory]: Nevermind. I shouldn’t have said anything.

Cory [to Brittnie]: No, what do you mean he gave up?

Brittnie [to Cory]: It wasn’t nothin’. He just got frustrated and so Norm helped him out a li’l bit.

Cory Confessional:

I was in the cage down the line, so I wasn’t able to see this hissy fit that Wayne had apparently thrown when we were losing pretty bad. I just figured he was having a hard time with the locks, and I actually felt bad for him – but now, to find out he had tried to give up? I mean – what’s up with that? He should be voted out for that alone.

Brittnie [to Wayne]: Wayne, I’ll tell you this – I’m not even sure who I’m voting for yet. I respect you a great deal and value you as a team member, so I would never let you get blindsided by a vote, but you have to understand that I’m thinking of voting for you because of your own actions – nothing else.

*As Brittnie, Cory, Wayne, and Chris debate over who should be the one to leave, an exhausted Amanda who was sitting on a log near the campfire faints and slumps onto the ground. She manages to stay away from the fire, but the others rush over to her for assistance immediately*

Brittnie [to Amanda]: Amanda, you okay? Are you with me? Amanda? Amanda?

*After a few seconds Amanda comes to, surprised to see everyone staring at her*

Amanda [to everyone]: Oh my goodness – Must’ve gotten a little overheated.

Brittnie [to Amanda]: Amanda, it’s about 60 degrees. What’s happening?

Amanda [to Brittnie]: I’m fine – I’m just a little faint, I don’t think I’ve been eating enough. I’ll be fine, I’ll be fine.

*She shoos the others away, but Brittnie stays by her side to make sure she’s alright*

Brittnie [to Amanda]: Alright, they’re gone now – what’s really happening to you?

Amanda [to Brittnie]: You promise you won’t tell the others?

Brittnie [to Amanda]: No. If you’re seriously in danger I’m going to at least tell Norm. He’s a doctor, you know.

Amanda [to Brittnie] (shaking her head): He already knows about it. He says I’m going to be fine, I just need to be eating a little bit more.

Brittnie [to Amanda]: But I’ve seen you around the campfire – you eat just as much of the food as we do. How come you’re falling apart and we’re not?

Amanda [to Brittnie]: I haven’t been able to keep it all down. I was doing fine the first three days, but recently – not so much. Please don’t tell the others – I can still compete and I don’t want to get voted out over something like this!

Brittnie [to Amanda]: I’m going to go get you some beans, okay?

Amanda [to Brittnie]: No, don’t do it now – I won’t be able to keep ‘em down. I’ll just wait until we eat after Council tonight, okay?

Brittnie [to Amanda] (pausing): Oh – okay.

*Brittnie stands from the log and begins to walk over to the tower for a nap. Before she can get there, however, she begins to hear shouting coming from inside. As she gets closer the sound gets louder and louder. She quickly scampers over to the tower entrance and walks inside only to find Chris and Norm in a battle. They pause for a moment to acknowledge her presence in the room, but then continue where they left off…*

Norm [to Chris] (upset): What could you possibly know about leading a tribe? You’re a kid!

Chris [to Norm] (enraged): Better than having you as our leader, Grandpa! Get with the program here, playa, this ain’t no summer camp!

Norm [to Chrid] (even more upset): Bite me, Eminem!

Chris [to Norm]: Don’t talk to me like that or I’ll vote your ass out tonight!

Norm [to Chris]: Too bad that’s not gonna happen, ‘cause Wayne is the one whose going!

Chris [to Norm]: No he’s not! It’s Amanda, but if you don’t keep your mouth shut I think you might be takin’ the walk pretty soon, yourself!

Norm [to Chris]: Are you threatening me? You even wanna try to get me out’a here, ‘cause I’ve got people on my side – who do you have? Your little challenge horse, Wayne?

Chris [to Norm]: Who’ve you got? Miss Piggy over there? Charlene? Oooh, you’ve got me shaking now.

Brittnie [to Chris] (sternly): Hey! Don’t talk about me like that! My kids are watching this!

Chris [to Brittnie] (slowly): I apologize – I didn’t mean to drag you into this, but Norm here, he’s just not lookin’ at the big picture, you know what I’m sayin’? He wants to get my homeboy Wayne out’a here, and he’s pro’lly our strongest member. What purpose is that gonna serve?

Brittnie [to Chris]: I actually agree with you. I shouldn’t have done it, but I wanted to give him a scare earlier, so I told him I was thinking about voting for him. Now, I mean, the guy was a wimp to give up like he did out there, but he’s our strongest asset – we need him!

Norm [to Brittnie and Chris]: That’s probably true, but he also turned into one of the biggest babies I’ve ever seen in that ravine yesterday – I’m voting for him. You can join me or not, I don’t really care.

Norm Confessional:

I’m a firm believer in living up to your actions. Wayne – he let us down, so he needs to pay. Call me crazy, but that’s just the way things work in my mind. He needs to be the one voted out because he’s the one who cost us the win. End of story.


*The fully stocked tribe of eight make their way into the massive Tribal Council castle and find the meeting chamber where Jeff Probst and their torches await*

Jeff Probst: Grab those torches behind you and dip them in the flame.

*The survivors grab the torches and dip them in the fireplace, then put the torches behind their thrones and prepare for discussion*

Jeff Probst: As you know, in this game fire represents your life. You lose your fire and you lose your life in the game. This is your first trip to Tribal Council, so just so you are all clear on things – you will be voting out one member of your tribe.

*The survivors nod their heads, all having known this prior to coming there, and prepare for what is to come*

Jeff Probst: Charlene – you sat out at the Challenge today. Why was that?

Charlene [to Jeff]: We worked out a rotation, and yesterday was my day.

Jeff Probst: So it wasn’t because they thought you were the weakest or didn’t want you to participate?

Charlene [to Jeff]: No, it was because of the rotation.

Jeff Probst: Fair enough. Where would you say your place in the tribe is at this point?

Charlene [to Jeff]: I’m just kind of a worker bee at this point. I’m not the leader and I’m not the slacker…

*A few audible chuckles are heard as Charlene speaks*

Charlene [to Jeff] (continuing): So, I basically just try my hardest to fit in.

Jeff Probst: Wayne, yesterday during the Challenge it looked like at one point you had almost given up. What happened there?

Wayne [to Jeff] (embarrassed): You know, I was frustrated. I’m a very competitive person and when I don’t win or when I know I’m not going to win – I throw fits. It’s not that I want to, it’s just that that’s the way I’m wired.

Jeff [to Wayne]: Did the others give you a hard time over that?

Wayne [to Jeff]: Yeah, a few of them did. Some more than others.

*Wayne lifts his head to look across his shoulder to Norm who sits silently*

Jeff Probst: Do you fear getting voted out tonight because of that?

Wayne [to Jeff]: You know – I got myself so worked up on thinking about that that I almost got sick, and so I figured – you know what? If they’re going to vote me out, let them vote me out. I know I gave it everything I had to give and I just couldn’t find the right keys. Can’t fault me for that.

Jeff Probst: Laura, how’re you holding up? Physically you still feeling okay?

Laura [to Jeff]: Physically? Oh, you mean like my body and everything?

Jeff Probst (laughing): Yeah, like your body and everything.

Laura [to Jeff]: Oh, I’m pretty good. I mean, I think I’ve already lost some weight, but, you know, that’s something you come out here expecting, you know? So, like, as long as I have my beans every day I’m fine.

Jeff Probst: How about you, Amanda? How are you holding up?

Amanda [to Jeff]: Oh – I’m fine.

Jeff [to Amanda]: Alright, so I’m not an idiot and I can tell you’re lying – what’s really happening?

Amanda [to Jeff]: I just get dizzy occasionally and faint sometimes, but it’s just little stuff like that.

Jeff Probst: Just little stuff like fainting? Are you not drinking enough water – what is it?

Amanda [to Jeff]: No, I’m drinking enough water – I just haven’t been able to hold any food down, so I’m pretty hungry, but I think it’s the type of thing that’ll kinda heal itself.

Jeff Probst: So, you’re not eating – how is your energy level?

Amanda [to Jeff]: Well, I’m a runner in my real life, and I can tell you right now I wouldn’t be able to do what I’ve done before out here, but I still think I’m in pretty decent shape.

*She pauses to look over at Wayne*

Amanda [to Jeff]: I haven’t cost us a challenge.

Wayne [to Amanda]: What’d you have to say that for?

Amanda [to Wayne]: I heard about how you’ve been planning on voting for me – it’s funny how word gets around when your mouth is as big as yours! I’m just pointing out I’m not the weakest link.

Wayne [to Amanda]: I am voting for you, but it’s so you’ll get better – I never would’ve brought something like you messing up a challenge for us up!

Amanda [to Wayne]: Because I haven’t messed them up for us. I know this one was something that had a lot of luck involved, but I heard what you did out there. I had a pretty good view of it, to tell you the truth. You quit, and that’s something I would never do.

Wayne [to Amanda]: Screw you!

Amanda [to Wayne]: Whatever.

*Amanda turns to and addresses the rest of the tribe*

Amanda [to tribe]: Look, I realize I’m probably getting a few votes from some of you because I haven’t been feeling good the past couple of days, but when push comes to shove this is a test of our endurance in the challenges – I’m doing fine physically. I’ve got a long way to go before I become our weakest link. Now, you can vote me out and I’ll respect your decision, but I would prefer to go out after somebody who quits on his team.

Jeff Probst: Wayne, anything you’d like to say in response to that?

Wayne [to tribe] (depressed): No. They can make up their own minds, they’ve probably already got their opinions anyways.

Jeff Probst: Alright then, with that it IS time to vote. Charlene, you’re up first.

*Charlene Votes*

*Laura Votes*

*Norm Votes*

Norm Voting Confessional:

WAYNE. You’re a good kid, but you quit on us. There’s no telling how much effort you’re going to be putting into the game later on down the road.

*Chris Votes*

Chris Voting Confessional:

AMANDA. I’ve gotta look out for my boy.

*Wayne Votes*

Wayne Voting Confessional:

AMANDA. (he says nothing after voting)

*Amanda Votes*

Amanda Voting Confessional:

WAYNE. At least you made it through Tribal Council without quitting.

*Brittnie Votes*

Brittnie Voting Confessional:

AMANDA. Amanda, this is a vote for your health and safety. Wayne is strong and feels well enough to the point that he can carry on for a while. You’re lying to yourself about how you feel and it’s not safe. So go home, get some rest, eat some good food, and think of all of us who are going to miss you.

*Cory Votes*

Jeff Probst: I’ll go tally the votes.

*2 minutes pass as Jeff tallies the votes*

Jeff Probst: Once the votes have been read the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. I’ll read the votes.

First Vote…


Second Vote…


*Amanda puts her hands on top of her head and looks down at the ground*

Third Vote…


Fourth Vote…


*Wayne lets out a deep breath and looks around at his other tribe mates in nervous anticipation*

Jeff Probst: That’s TWO votes AMANDA, TWO votes WAYNE…

Fifth Vote…


Sixth Vote…


Seventh Vote…


Jeff Probst: Amanda, I’m afraid that’s enough – you’ll have to bring me your torch.

*Amanda stands from her throne, grabs her torch, gives Norm and Brittnie a quick hug goodbye, and walks to Jeff who awaits her with his snuffer*

Jeff Probst: AMANDA, the tribe has spoken.

*Jeff places his snuffer atop Amanda’s gothic torch and extinguishes the flame. After a few seconds he removes the snuffer and watches as she waves goodbye to her tribe*

Jeff Probst: Obviously this was not an easy vote, but keep team spirit up because things aren’t going to get any easier. You can head back to camp.

Next Time On SURVIVOR…

Pamela and Tiffany have it out on ZAPOLYA…

Pamela [to Tiffany]: Listen here, hag, you don’t tell me what to do, okay?

Tiffany [to Pamela]: Excuse you – what did you just call me?

While Wayne reacts to the night’s previous vote…

Wayne [to Norm]: So you voted for me?

Norm [to Wayne]: You know I did.

Wayne [to Norm]: I can respect that. I just hope you realize that this means war.

And a SHOCKING Tribal Council vote BLINDSIDES one contestant…

Male Voice: No, there’s no way. No way, uh-uh!

Amanda’s Final Words:

I can see why some of you voted me out, so that you were able to keep Wayne and his strength in there, and I can respect that – so, I don’t know what to say, really. I enjoyed the good times out here and I made some really good friends. One of you voted against me, but I know it was because you were worried about my health and not anything personal, so – enjoy the ride while it lasts and make the best of your time out here! Good Luck!

Tribal Council Voting:

Amanda: WAYNE
Brittnie: AMANDA
Charlene: AMANDA