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X-Factor, Dec. 8 – And She’d Rather Go Blind

Last night’s X-Factor was filled with great performances. I can’t even hazard a guess on who wound up in the bottom two, or how the judges are going to decide which of the two goes home. There are bound to be even more hurt feelings than last week; let’s just hope people handle it a bit more maturely, and by that I mean the judges, not the acts. Either way, I disagree with Steve Jones that someone’s dream will end tonight. I think they can keep their dreams going, and are still onboard to have fantastic music careers.

Here’s something I didn’t even think of until just now as I sit down to watch the show. Did L.A. hurt Rachel Crow’s chances by saying the rumors are that Hollywood is already circling their wagons around her? People might thing she doesn’t need the votes if she’s already guaranteed a career. Did he do that on purpose? I wouldn’t think so, but that may be the result of that comment.

Before we get a group performance or any results, Lenny Kravitz takes the stage with a new hit, Rock Star City Life, and the older hit Are You Gonna Go My Way. I don’t know what it is about that guy, but he is always hot. And his music ain’t so bad either. Apparently there won’t be a group performance tonight. I’m okay with that.

L.A. Reid’s personal highlight of the night was Chris Rene, as he thought “it”, presumably his self-crafted song Where Do We Go From Here, was just amazing. Nicole Scherzinger’s personal highlight is also Chris, but she also thought Josh Krajcik killed it on Something. Paula Abdul thinks all the contestants are on phenomenal terms right now. She hopes they all do well and that Simon Cowell and L.A. sign them. Steve brings up a Simon tweet about Chris being his personal highlight, and Simon agrees his last song was really special.

The finalists take the stage to hear the names of the three acts who are safe. Called safe are Josh Krajcik and Chris Rene. We’ll have to wait to see if the other person called safe is Marcus Canty, Rachel Crow, or Melanie Amaro.

Steve addresses the remaining three and asks how they feel. Rachel looks completely freaked out, and says she’s a little scared, but loves everybody, and thinks her fans are amazing. She wants to be in the semi-final really badly, and loves everybody. It means the world to her. Marcus doesn’t find this to be a good feeling having been here before, but God’s been good to him, so he just has to step up. Melanie is really nervous and doesn’t know what to feel, but is confident that her fans love her and kept her on. She’s so happy to have even gotten this far.

Mary J. Blige is the next to perform. She sings Need Someone. She’s shining in a white dress with a hologram of some type of a huge diamond circling above and behind her. I don’t really get the significance of the diamond with the song.

Steve congratulates Josh and Chris for making it through. Chris feels amazing and is so happy and thankful to be there and have so many supporters. He loves his life today and is so happy to be there. Josh always believed in himself, but thanks everyone back in his hometown, his supporters, and his family. He’s excited to get back to work. He’s ready to go.

Going back to the results, the final act called safe is Melanie Amaro. This leaves Rachel and Marcus as the bottom two to have to compete and sing their safety song for their survival. Marcus can’t believe he’s there again, but he has to do it again from his heart. Rachel is okay and is going to sing the best she can. She also tells Marcus she loves him.

Nicole is looking for the same thing as they always look for with the safety song. She’s looking for them to sing their hearts out to show them they’re reading for this. That’s why it’s called a Save Me song. Paula wants them to sing from the heart and be honest with their performance.

Marcus is up first tonight, and he interestingly enough sings a Mary J Blige song, I’m Going Down. He throws the emotion in like only he can. But I’m tempted to say if the audience has put him here three times, that it’s time for him to go.

Simon introduces Rachel, who is obviously nervous, and sings I’d Rather Go Blind, and she’s apparently decided to match Marcus emotion for emotion. Damn, this girl is throwing it all out on the floor. I think she’d rather be blind than go home is what I’m thinking. I think she just secured her place.

L.A. admits this has to be the toughest part of the show, to make this decision, as they were both great. Rachel surprised him and really pulled that thing out, and he didn’t expect it. He was prepared for her to be slaughtered by Marcus. He came out and slaughtered it like he always does. Based on principle, he’ll stand by his man and vote to send Rachel home. She tells the booing audience it’s okay.

Simon says there isn’t any point of saying anything. He is sending home Marcus, though he will miss him.

Paula says first and foremost this was the most unbelievable sing-off, and they both did an amazing job. If she’s being honest with her heart, the one who really blew her away is Rachel Crow. She is so sorry to have to send Marcus home, as she loves him.

Nicole, in tears, tries to gather her thoughts, and Rachel grabs the mic and begs her not to cry. Nicole can’t make the decision, saying it’s because she’s been up there before. She pushes it to a deadlock, just because she can’t make the decision. She doesn’t want to send home Rachel, but doesn’t want to make the decision at all. Simon is pissed off about that. Steve announces in that case the act that got the lowest amount of votes and is going home is Rachel.

Rachel falls down on the floor in tears, and her mom rushes the stage. She tells her mom that she had promised her. Paula has to console Nicole. Nicole and Paula go to hug Rachel onstage, and Nicole can hardly even stand up. Rachel tells everyone that she loves them so much, and she thanks them for the votes, because without them she is nothing. She hopes it’s not her ending, and she promises them it’s not. She also thanks her family for making so many sacrifices for her.

Simon feels like talking this week and thanks everyone who has voted for this young girl and believes she went out on the highest she could have. He promoses that just like he said the first time he heard her, we haven’t heard the last of her. Steve looks for a comment from Nicole, and she can’t speak. It’s not that she won’t; she can’t.

You know, I’m not so sure Nicole was expecting this. I think she just couldn’t bare to send Marcus home, and figured he’d have the lowest amount of votes, so thought she’d let the viewers send him home instead of herself. Remember, she had death threats after sending Drew home last week, so was finding it hard to spit out a decision this week.

But this one was even more gut-wrenching than last week. That girl collapsing on the floor and screaming, then telling her mom that she had promised her was very difficult to watch. And again, I go back to the parents. I understand wanting your kids to realize their dreams, but to leave your kid open to this is just rough. My kids have had a lot of sorrows, and thankfully they’ve never gone through a disappointment in front of the live TV audience. I have complete empathy for the parents for letting their kids pursue their dreams, but watching this was absolutely brutal.

I think Nicole could be the one hurt more than anyone else. Who wants to live with the knowledge you did that to a young girl? That’s why leaving it up to the audience, without any judge input is sometimes the better choice. No one person is responsible.

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