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Survivor: Transylvania, Episode 1

by Dolliac

Survivor Transylvania
Episode 1 – Signed, Sealed, Delivered – You’re Gone!

As the sun sets beyond a dark and mysterious forest, the rustling of a train can be heard from far off in the distance. As the sun continues to set, the rustling gets louder and louder until the train comes speeding in front of the screen. As it passes by, sixteen average Americans and one excited TV host can be seen in one of the cabins. As the last bit of sunsets behind the forest, the camera switches to onboard the train to meet Jeff Probst and the new set of sixteen castaways.

Jeff Probst:

Transylvania is a region characterized by its gruesome and bloody past, violent history, and eerie reputation as one of the most beautiful but horrifying places on Earth. Abandoned castles and churches are scattered throughout the region in between the dark and dangerous forests. Although not known for its dangerous predators, wolves and other vicious carnivores inhabit the land. Tonight, sixteen Survivors will be dropped off in two locations deep in the forest and forced to fend for themselves while competing in the ultimate game of strategy, deception, and lies.

Thirty-Nine Days, Sixteen Contestants, but only One – SURVIVOR!

Jeff Probst [still aboard the speeding train]: These sixteen average Americans have all agreed to take part in the adventure of a lifetime. They’re leaving loved ones, family members, spouses, and friends behind to participate in the greatest game the world has ever seen. These sixteen people are our new Survivors.

*After Jeff says this, the TV over in the corner flips on and begins to show their audition tapes and a little bit about who they are. They are, in alphabetical order:*

Alexander Norman
Age: 46
Profession: Real Estate Sales
Location: Denver, Colorado
Luxury Item: Picture of Family
Quote: “If I don’t end up killing anybody, I think I’ve got a good shot at winning. I don’t think I’m going to end up winning, to tell you the truth.”

Amanda Craig
Age: 24
Location: Modesto, California
Profession: Lingerie Sales
Luxury Item: Hair Brush
Quote: “I’m going to be so nervous when I first meet everyone. Just so long as nobody hates me I think I’ll be okay.”

Brittnie Espinoza
Age: 25
Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Profession: First Grade Teacher
Luxury Item: Frisbee
Quote: “If we work together and try our hardest, even if we don’t come out on top, we’re still winners.”

Chad Duncan
Age: 28
Profession: Professional Pirate (as listed on application)
Location: Wherever the wind takes me (as listed on application)
Luxury Item: Fake Sword
Quote: “If they don’t have a sense of humor, they’re gone. If they don’t want to have a good time, they’re gone. But most importantly, if they try to get rid of me, they’re gone.”

Charlene Reynolds
Age: 26
Profession: Hand Model
Location: Los Angeles, California
Luxury Item: Lotion
Quote: “I’ve never even peed outside, much less been camping. When my friends and family see this, their jaws are going to hit the floor.”

Chris Cooper
Age: 27
Profession: Basketball Player
Location: Pittstown, New Jersey
Luxury Item: Basketball
Quote: “Just don’t get none’a my ex-girlfriends out here to compete n’ I should do just fine. It’s all about The Cooper, baby.”

Cory Johnson
Age: 31
Profession: Guitarist/ Singer
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Luxury Item: Guitar
Quote: “To me, this game is about effort. If you put in the effort, you’re rewarded. I plan on both putting in the effort AND being rewarded.”

Delilah Jones
Age: 23
Profession: Beauty Queen
Location: Miami, Florida (originally from Barbados)
Luxury Item: Antique Flower Hair Clip (family belonging)
Quote: “If t-ey see ‘ow hard I’m workin’ to keep the tribe goin’, may-be t-ey’ll see t-at t-ey actually need me. I ‘on’t know why, but bein’ a be-auty queen seems to make peo-ple look at you differen’ly.”

Jamie Peterson
Age: 24
Profession: Swimming Coach
Location: Royalstown, West Virginia
Luxury Item: Chess Set
Quote: “I’ve got it all worked out in my head. I’m gonna play these people like they’d never even see coming.”

Laura Pepper
Age: 21
Profession: Magician’s Assistant
Location: Tulsa, Arizona (originally from Ojai, Califronia)
Luxury Item: Scrapbook
Quote: “My strategy is to have no strategy. Why worry about people playing, like, all sorts of – I don’t know – mind games and stuff, you know what I mean, like, just enjoy yourself out here. I mean, I’m gonna try to win, don’t get me wrong, but, I mean, people always stress the small stuff!”

Norm Crenshaw
Age: 41
Profession: Doctor (surgeon)
Location: Dallas, Texas
Luxury Item: Toothbrush
Quote: “If they want to have any chance at Survival, they’ll keep me on their team. I’m a doctor, for cryin’ out loud!”

Pamela Jordan
Age: 33 (lied on application as being 21)
Profession: Socialite, Hostess, Wife to Multimillionaire Wilford Henry Jordan
Location: Beverly Hills, California
Luxury Item: Nicotine Patches
Quote: “They’d better have alcohol in the jungle or wherever the hell we’re going.”

Stacey Beal
Age: 28
Profession: Corporate Recruiter
Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Luxury Item: Lucky Necklace
Quote: “I’m just going to enjoy myself and have a fun time competing. Compared to what I’m around at work, it’ll be like competing against a bunch of lightweights.”

Theo Martinez
Age: 23
Profession: Competitive Surfer
Location: Honolulu, Hawaii
Luxury Item: 56 Stick Pack of Chewing Gum
Quote: “My motto in life has always been treat others as you’d like to be treated. I intend to play this game that way. I want to play with all my heart in this, but I’m not going to hurt anybody in the process.”

Tiffany Ann Gunther
Age: 43
Profession: Tattoo Artist
Location: Trojan, Rhode Island
Luxury Item: Henna Kit
Quote: “If people can get past my appearance, they’re goin’ t’a find a person with a good heart who loves to meet new friends and enjoys being around others. If they judge me on how I look n’ stuff like that – screw ‘em! I’ve got people who love me, I don’t need ‘em!”

Wayne Montgomery
Age: 24
Profession: Actor
Location: Hollywood, California
Luxury Item: Teddy Bear
Quote: “This is new for me. I’m from California, and even though we’ve got beaches and mountains and stuff out there – nobody ever goes camping or really sleeps out in the wilderness.”

Jeff Probst:

Now that you’ve had a chance to sort of meet one another, you’re on your way.

*The train, after slowing, suddenly halts as Jeff begins to throw their provisions off the train*

Jeff Probst:

As I call your name, you’re going to come up to me, receive your buff and hop off the train. First up is Bobalna in gold. First member of Bobalna, Wayne.

*Wayne stands, grabbing his luxury bear from the floor next to him and walks to Jeff to grab his new buff. After getting it, he easily jumps off the train (now completely stopped) and onto the soft, cold dirt*

Jeff Probst:

Next for Bobalna, Norm.

*Jeff continues on after Norm, announcing the other members of the new Bobalna tribe. Third, after Norm, comes Amanda, followed by Charlene, then Chris, Brittnie, Laura, and finally Cory*

Jeff Probst:

Alright, the rest of you – Theo, Stacey, Tiffany, Delilah, Chad, Jamie, Pamela, and Alexander – you all are now part of the Zapolya tribe. You will wear these Yellow buffs and will compete together as a team. You can all come up and receive your buffs.

*The new Zapolya tribe walk up to Jeff and grab their buffs. After climbing off the train, they turn and wait for Jeff to give further instructions*

Jeff Probst:

Looks like you’re all fitting in pretty nicely. The first thing I have to give you is the map to your camps. Now, the first thing you should know is that each tribe will be getting their own shelter. Bobalna, you will be living in an abandoned tower. It’s empty and has no roof, but aside from a bit of rain, it should protect you from the things that go bump in the night. Zapolya, you will be sleeping in a run down church. Bobalna, where you have the disadvantage of having a weaker shelter, you are closer to your water source. Zapolya, where you have an advantage with your shelter being strong, you are a good two miles from your water supply.

Tiffany [to Jeff]: Now Jeff, are we going to be anywhere near towns or villages?

Jeff Probst:

No, neither of you are anywhere near a town. The closest place is about thirty miles North of this point, so neither of you need to worry about running into the locals.

Tiffany [to Jeff] (laughing): Oh good, so we won’t be running into any vampires?

*The others laugh quietly as Jeff responds*

Jeff Probst:

Transylvania is a land deeply routed in its past. Vampires and Werewolves and Frankenstein may seem like legends to us, but I’m sure if you took it up with some of the people that live in the towns here – they wouldn’t be taking it so lightly. Are there any more questions before I send you off?

Pamela [to Jeff]: Can we get a f—ing flashlight or something? It’s dark!

*Some laugh while others are offended*

Jeff Probst:

You might want to be careful the way you present yourself. First impressions are usually hard to break.

Pamela [to Jeff]: Oh I don’t give a s—t.

Jeff Probst:

Well, Pamela, you were actually on to something. Both teams will be given four flashlights. Be careful, though, because you are only being given enough batteries to make each flashlight operate. It’s up to you if you want to use all the batteries in one flashlight, or if you want to share different flashlights – whatever, just know that you aren’t getting any more batteries for the time being. Anymore questions?

*After waiting for a few moments with no response, Jeff continues*

Jeff Probst:

Well, it looks like you guys are all ready to go. Bobalna, you’ll be heading out to the right of where we are. Zapolya, you’ll be going to the left. You’ll follow your map, but it shouldn’t be more than a few miles. Before you go, a few rules and reminders. First, no visiting the other camp. In the end, you’ll both be about ten miles apart, but don’t get brave and try to spy on the others. None of that is allowed. Secondly, remember the reason we have given you shelter already – because it is dangerous out here. This place, from when the sun is up to when the sun is down are two very different places. Be careful. Other than that, get to it!

*The survivors, after wishing good luck to the other tribe, head off in their separate directions. The camera follows the Bobalna tribe as it heads off in search of their tower*

Cory [to Chris]: Hey man, how’s it goin’?

Chris [to Cory]: Everythin’s good in the hood, you know what I’m sayin’?

Cory [to Chris]: Yeah. This is going to be awesome.

Cory Confessional:

Upon meeting Chris, you know – he comes off as very street and very, you know, tough guy, macho stud hombre, but he’s a good kid.

*The camera moves to other groups of people as they get to know each other*

Brittnie [to Amanda]: Hi Amanda, I’m Brittnie.
Amanda [to Brittnie] (shaking her hand): Hi Brittnie. You’re really good with names!

Brittnie [to Amanda]: Yep, I’m a teacher so I’ve got to know how to manage a bunch of names flying at you at the same time.

Amanda Confessional:

Brittnie is a doll. I mean there’s really no two ways about it. You look at her and she’s got this beautiful hair and these big puffy cheeks and it’s just like – you’re adorable. The only problem is, dolls aren’t usually the best Survivor players.

*The camera switches from Brittnie and Amanda to Wayne, Norm, and Charlene as they get aquainted*

Wayne [to Norm and Charlene]: I don’t know about you guys, but I’m pretty excited about this.

Norm [to Wayne] (in his deep, strong voice): I don’t think there’s any way that this could be anything less than a milestone in all of our lives.

Charlene [to both] (laughing): I’ve just got to warn you guys now – I’m a nice person. I swear it, I really am, but after I go for a couple of days without my cup of coffee there’s no telling how enjoyable I’m going to be around.

Charlene Confessional:

The real test of their survival skills is going to see who can survive living with me.

Wayne Confessional:

Great way to work your way into people’s good graces – start by warning them about how cranky you get. You know, I’m not claiming to be an expert at this game, but I can tell you that it was a bad move on her part.

*The camera fades from the newly formed BOBALNA group to the ZAPOLYA tribe as they make their way to their camp for the night. The first two people to officially meet and greet one another are Stacey and Delilah*

Stacey [to Delilah]: I’ve just got to tell you – I love your accent. Where’re you from?

Delilah [to Stacey]: Well, I’m from Bar-bados original’ly, but I moved to Miami when I was eigh’teen.

Stacey [to Delilah]: Well, it’s beautiful. I’m Stacey.

Delilah [to Stacey]: T’ank You, I’m Delilah.

Delilah Confessional:

Sweet, sweet girl t’at Stacey is. I was act’lly worried t-ey were gonna be wantin’ to get rid’a me because I’m ‘ard to understand sometimes, but she was gre-at about it.

*As Stacey and Delilah get to know each other a little bit more, behind them Pamela, Alexander, Chad, and Tiffany introduce themselves*

Tiffany [to everyone]: Well this is sure fun!

Chad [to Tiffany]: True indeed. Tell me, how long did it take you to get all those tattoos?

Tiffany Confessional:

First thing out’a ol’ Chad’s mouth was “Where’d you get those tattoos?” and you know, I have no problem telling people about ‘em – that’s why I got ‘em, but sometimes they freak people out a little bit.

Tiffany [to Chad]: It’s been over the course of my life. I’ve had a lot of struggles, so every time I made it over one of life’s hurdles, I got a tattoo.

Chad [to Tiffany]: Well Tiffany, I’m afraid to say that those things are absolutely bitchin’!

Pamela [to herself] (rolling her eyes): Oh jeez, here we go.

Chad [to Pamela]: Don’t you worry, Pamela, there’s enough Chad to go around. I love you, too!

*Chad, who had been investigating Tiffany’s tattoos suddenly turns around a flops onto Pamela, hugging her*

Pamela [to Tiffany and Alexander] (laughing): Can we just vote him off now?

Alexander [to Pamela]: We can give it a try.

Alexander Confessional:

Who knows WHAT this guy is thinking – maybe it’s a strategy, maybe it’s just insanity – but Chad was just totally all over the place when we were walking to camp. People are either going to love him or hate him, and I’m afraid to say I’m just not fallin’ in love. He’s either going to be the first off or win the whole shebang.

*Both teams continue on their ways to their shelters. The night continues on without incident as the Survivors spend their first night together in their preexisting shelters*


Laura Confessional:

Our tower is magnificent. Like, seriously, this is the coolest place I think I’ve ever been in my entire life. I mean, like, sure, it’s pretty much decomposing on top of us, but it’s like living in a fort or a tree house.

*As Brittnie and Norm chop wood together, Laura comes by to help and see what she can do*

Laura [to Brittnie and Norm]: Anything you need me to do for you?

Brittnie [to Laura]: Sure, you can take over for me. My arms are really tired.

Laura [to Brittnie]: You mean, you like – want me to chop and stuff?

Brittnie [to Laura]: Umm. Yes.

Laura [to Brittnie] (hesitantly): Oh, okay. So, where, umm…what do I do?

Brittnie Confessional:

I shouldn’t be so judgmental. I don’t know where she comes from. I don’t know who she is in real life – but to not know what you do with an axe? It just seems pretty self- explanatory to me.

*After showing her what to do, Laura takes her first whack at chopping the wood, but after putting barely any power behind her swing she makes only the tiniest of dents. After several seconds of awkward silence, Brittnie finally speaks up*

Brittnie [to Laura]: I know – why don’t you go get some of the guys together and you can all go out and find the water source.

Laura Confessional (almost crying):

I made, like, a complete joke of myself.

Laura [to Brittnie] (fighting to hold back tears): I’m sorry I can’t – chop the wood – I just never did anything like that – before.

Brittnie [to Laura]: No, no, it was stupid of me to even make you try and do that!

Norm Confessional:

My goodness – call this Camp Estrogen. I mean Laura couldn’t chop wood – whoopdeedoo. I don’t know if they were aware of this, but the world WASN’T actually going to end because of that.

Brittnie [to Laura] (crying): I’m so sorry if I made you feel bad.

Laura [to Brittnie]: No, don’t even say that, I’m sorry if I’m not as good at this stuff as the rest of you.

*As this exchange goes on, Norm rolls his eyes in the background and continues to chop*


Theo Confessional:

Sleeping in our palace was wonderful. We call it the palace because that’s what it is, really. I mean, it looks like it belongs in a cemetery on the outside, and it’s the same way on the inside, but – I mean, look at this (he points behind him to the shelter) – how cool is that?

*The camera watches as Theo comes in and wakes a few of the others up from their slumber on the hard dirt and wood floors*

Jamie Confessional:

To be honest, I would’ve rather slept outside. That place is a freakin’ mess. There’s walls and stuff, which is good, you know, but that floor was the most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever slept on in my entire life.

*Theo tries again to wake Jamie up so he can join the others outside*

Theo [to Jamie]: Come on…you’ve gotta get up, man.

Jamie [to Theo]: I know, I know, I’m just not feeling too good right now.

*As Jamie tries to sleep in, Delilah and Stacey enter the one room and see Jamie still sleeping on the floor*

Stacey [to Jamie]: Come on, get up, nobody wants a lazy tribemate.

Jamie [to Stacey]: I know, I know, I’ve just got a terrible headache. I need a little bit more rest.

Delilah [to Theo]: T’eo, didj’a happen to see where t’a map to t’a water hole is?

Theo [to Delilah] (laughing): Oh, yeah, I kept it in my pocket last night. I knew I was sleeping on something funny.

Delilah [to Theo]: T’anks. Anybody else wan’ to come lookin’ for it wit’ me?

Theo [to Delilah]: Yeah, I’ll come with you in a second – go see if Alexander or Pamela want to go, too.

Delilah [to Theo]: Alright, I’ll see what they wan’ t’a do, in t’a meantime, Jamie, you get some rest. We gon’ t’a need strong tribe mates in t’a challenge.

Jamie [to everyone] (laughing): Thanks, now can you guys just please go?

Theo [to Stacey]: What’d’ya think, Stacey?

Stacey [to Theo]: I think we should just stand here until he gets up.

Theo [to Stacey] (laughing): I like that idea.

Jamie [to Theo and Stacey] (still laughing): Would you people just leave me alone?

Theo [to Jamie] (laughing): Fine, fine, fine.

*Both Theo and Stacey exit the room, allowing Jamie to get his extra minutes of sleep. As they walk outside, however, they are surprised to see that Alexander has already opened one of their five cans of beans and has started to cook them*

Theo [to Alexander]: Whoa, whoa, whoa – what’re you doin’ there, buddy?

Alexander [to Theo]: I figured I’d make us some breakfast.

Stacey [to Alexander]: Aww, that’s awfully sweet Alex…

Alexander [to Stacey] (sternly): It’s Alexander.

Stacey [to Alexander]: Sorry…well, thank you, Alexander.

Theo [to Alexander]: You know, we really should make sure that everyone agrees when we need food, don’t you think?

Alexander [to Theo]: I thought about that, but I’m the oldest one here, so I figured I’d make an executive decision. My decision was that we needed food.

Theo [to Alexander]: And I appreciate the thought, but we’re going to need the food later on down the line as well.

Alexander Confessional:

I can’t even cook a can of the damn beans without the kid complaining. Who does he think he is? I mean, I – ooh, forget him. If we end up going to Tribal Council, he’s one of the people I can tell you right now that I’d give thought to voting out.

*Before they can get into anymore of an argument, Pamela comes waltzing into the camp carrying the first Treemail*

Pamela [to Theo and Alexander who are still bickering]: Shut up and pay attention to me. I’ve got something – I think I just found a secret present or something.

Stacey [to Pamela]: That’s Treemail – it tells us about our upcoming Challenge.

Pamela [to Stacey] (after realizing what it was): Oh…damn, well I don’t care then, you take it.

*Pamela tosses the mail over to the waiting hands of Stacey who reads it aloud*

Reach, Reach, As Far As You Can
Go Out For The Flag At The End of the Fan
Immunity Goes to the Team With Luck
Tribal Council Looms For Those Who Suck


Chris [to everyone]: What do they mean, “end of the fan”?

Cory [to everyone]: Who knows?


Jamie [to everyone]: Well we’re going to be reaching for something – but what?

Tiffany [to Jamie]: Maybe we’re reaching for each other or something?

Alexander [to everyone]: Well, no matter what it is – we’ve got it in the bag, right? GO ZAPOLYA!


The two complete teams of eight march into the challenge area and wait for Jeff Probst to arrive. In front of them stand two very high windmills with orange and yellow flags attached to the end of each arm. After a few seconds the contestants are greeted by Jeff Probst and informed of what their task for the Challenge is.

Jeff Probst:

Alright guys, obviously we’re doing something involving windmills today. What’s going to happen is you will all be strapped to a partner. We’ll start the challenge when all four teams are strapped to the arms of the windmill. What you’re going to do is, one team at a time, climb to the end of your windmill’s arm and grab the flag at the end. Whichever of the two has the flag in their hand, drop it. Once the flag has touched the ground the next pair of partners can go. First tribe with all four flags on the ground wins Immunity. Sound good?

Everybody [to Jeff]: Sounds good!

Jeff Probst:

Oh yeah, one other thing. While you’re doing this – the windmill is actually going to be turning.

Pamela [to Tiffany]: Well damn it, I’m going to end up puking on my shoes – or in my hair!

*Tiffany only laughs and slowly inches away from Pamela*

Jeff Probst:

Alright, you’ve got one minute to decide on who your partner will be.

*After the one minute has passed, Jeff goes around and asks the partners to reveal themselves. In the end, the final eight teams are:


Wayne and Amanda
Cory and Brittnie
Chris and Laura
Norm and Charlene


Chad and Tiffany
Jamie and Pamela
Theo and Delilah
Alexander and Stacey

*After everyone is properly strapped in, Jeff goes on to explain a few more rules*

Jeff Probst:

You’ll only be going out one arm at a time, so say Chad and Tiffany are out and start to struggle to get all the way to the end – no other team can go out to retrieve their flag yet. You have to wait until the first team has already tagged back and secured themselves to the center of the windmill before you can actually start on the next arm. Sound good?

Everybody [to Jeff]: Sounds good!

Jeff Probst:

Good. Survivors Ready? GO!

Both tribes’ selected partners begin to race out to the end of the windmill’s arm to grab their designated flag. The first team up are Norm and Charlene for BOBALNA and Jamie and Pamela for ZAPOLYA. Within the first forty-five seconds both teams have reached the end of their arms and have begun to untie their flags. The windmill, which up to that point had been moving slowly, begins to speed up and causes both pairs to hang on as it makes one full rotation.

Pamela [to Jamie]: Keep untying while we’re going over – that’ll give us an advantage.

Jamie [to Pamela]: Alright, but you’ve gotta help me, I’m getting dizzy!

Pamela and Jamie continue to untie as Norm and Charlene struggle with hanging on to the arm of the windmill as it makes its first full rotation.

Charlene [to Norm]: Norm – get my hand, make sure I don’t slip!

Norm [to Charlene]: You’re not going to slip, just hang on tight.

Charlene [to Norm]: Norm, just grab my hand – I don’t feel steady!

Before being able to catch Charlene, Norm “accidentally” unties the first flag.

Norm [to Charlene]: Oh my gosh – I got it!

Charlene [to Norm]: What? Already?

Norm [to Charlene]: Yeah, I did – now come on, let’s MOVE!

As both Norm and Charlene make their way down the arm of the windmill, Pamela and Jamie have similar luck as their flag also comes undone from its rope harness and they are able to climb across back to the center of the windmill where everyone waits.

Jeff Probst:

BOBALNA in a slight lead. Come on ZAPOLYA, you’re still in this! Catch up, guys!

Next out for BOBALNA are Chris and Laura who race to the end of the windmill’s arm as it faces downwards, giving them an advantage in time. As it starts to go up they begin to untie the flag. For ZAPOLYA, Chad and Tiffany make their way out. While going a little slower, they make up for lost time in untying their flag nearly the second they reach the end of the windmill.

Chad [to Tiffany]: Come on, baby, we got this!

Tiffany [to Chad]: Chad, I just don’t like heights!

Chad [to Tiffany]: I know, I know, but we’ve gotta hurry – we’re winning.

Both make their ways across the arm and back to the center to tag off to the next team, but end up, once again, in a tie with the BOBALNA tribe. Cory and Brittnie for the BOBALNA tribe hurriedly climb out and onto their arm as Theo and Delilah for ZAPOLYA grab on and slide to the end of their arm quicker than any team thus far.

Theo [to Delilah]: Grab the flag and throw it off!

Delilah [to Theo] (smiling): This is what’cha call teamwork, T’eo!

Theo [to Delilah]: You know it!

While on the BOBALNA side…

Cory [to Brittnie]: Ok, we’re going to take this one step at a time, but we’ve got to keep up a fast pace!

Brittnie [to Cory]: I know I weigh a lot more than those other girls do, but we’re gonna do this!

Both Cory and Brittnie climb to the end of their arm quickly, but before they can get there Cory’s arm that had, up to that point, been supporting him slips off the side causing him to fall onto the windmill and grasp back for support. What was only a minor slip up had had major consequences – they had lost their lead.

Cory [to Brittnie]: Wait, don’t go without me…I’ve just gotta get a good grasp on here.

Cory, after a few seconds, is able to get a firm grasp on the rungs of the windmill and is able to help close the gap between them and ZAPOLYA.

Jeff Probst:

ZAPOLYA with a lead over BOBALNA, this is it guys – final flags!

For ZAPOLYA who is still in the lead, Alexander and Stacey finish the race, while over at BOBALNA, Wayne and Amanda take over. Both teams start out strong, making their way to the end of the arm quickly with BOBALNA making up enough time to actually even it out, but all hell breaks loose when Alexander and Stacey are unexpectedly turned upside down by the windmill’s rotation.

Alexander [to Stacey]: Hold on!

Stacey [to Alexander]: I am, but I’ve gotta keep untying!

Alexander [to Stacey]: No, wait for the arm to turn the right way…

Stacey [to Alexander]: No, we can’t stop!

As Stacey continues to untie the flag Alexander, who had up to that point been steady, accidentally loses his grip on the arm and slips down three or four feet, yanking Stacey, who up to that point had been fine, down with him.

Stacey [to Alexander]: Great, come on, now we’ve got to get back up there!

Alexander [to Stacey]: Oh it’s too late, we’ve already lost!

Stacey [to Alexander]: Shut up and climb!

Both begin to climb their way back up to the flag, but it’s too late. In the distance they are barely able to make out the sound of Jeff Probst announcing…

Jeff Probst:

BOBALNA wins Immunity!

The BOBALNA tribe, who have by now been able to reach the ground, erupt into a fit of cheers. Hugs and kisses are thrown around as laughs and shouts of victory can be heard over as far as the ZAPOLYA tribe’s windmill.

Jeff Probst:

ZAPOLYA, Looks like we’ve got a date with Tribal Council tomorrow night. You can all head back to camp.


Tiffany Confessional:

Well, yesterday we lost our first Immunity Challenge. It kind of sucks, because I know we’re all a pretty close knit group and we didn’t want to have to do this on our third day, but – I suppose that’s the way things work in this game.

Theo [to Tiffany]: How’re you holding up?

Tiffany [to Theo]: I’m fine, thanks.

Tiffany Confessional:

I just hate that, because I’m the oldest woman here, people are constantly – “how are you feeling,” “Are you doing okay,” “Everything alright” – you know – I just want to be a regular person. Nothing is getting to me any more than it’s been getting to them.

Pamela [to Tiffany]: You look like s—t, you holding out okay?

Tiffany [to Pamela] (laughing): Yes, I’m fine.

Tiffany Confessional:

I just have a feeling that, because I’m the oldest woman and because I don’t have as much strength as the three younger ladies they’re going to want to encourage me to bite the bullet and be the first one voted out – you know, like, they’re telling me “Oh, you bring less to the tribe because you’re old, so you should go”, but…I don’t know…I’m not going to let them do that to me.

Tiffany [to Stacey and Delilah]: I just don’t want you all to think that because I’m old, I’m weak, because I’m not.

Stacey [to Tiffany]: I don’t think you’re weak – I think you bring a lot to this tribe!

Delilah [to Tiffany]: Oh yeah, don’ sell yo’self short! You got lots t’a offer.

Tiffany [to Stacey and Delilah]: Thanks. So, you aren’t going to vote for me?

Stacey [to Tiffany]: Hell NO. I’m voting for Alexander, he screwed up that Challenge for us yesterday.

Stacey Confessional:

Alexander messed up our chances at Immunity big time when he slipped during the Immunity Challenge. I wouldn’t have minded so much if it was an accident, but he totally gave up after that – I don’t want somebody on my team whose going to throw in the towel after they get frustrated. I won’t have it.

Tiffany and Stacey approach Theo, Chad, and Pamela as they chat around the newly constructed fire.

Tiffany [to the other four]: Can we talk about the vote tonight?

Theo [to Tiffany]: Yes, we need to break it down – what’s gonna happen?

Tiffany [to everyone]: I just want to kind of plead my case to you all…

Pamela [to Tiffany]: What the hell for? You’re not going anywhere.

Tiffany [to Pamela]: No?

Pamela [to Tiffany]: It’s either Jamie or Alexander, I thought we all agreed upon that.

Pamela Confessional:

Dumbass Tiffany comes over and starts trying to give us sob stories about why she doesn’t want to go because she’s old and blah blah blah – it’s just like – shut up – we’re not voting for you so just go back into the scary little world you come from and shut up!

*As Tiffany, Stacey, Theo, Chad, and Pamela discuss the upcoming Tribal Council vote, Alexander surprises everyone by popping up from the forest right outside the abandoned church’s campfire. He is visibly upset*

Alexander [to everyone]: ME?

*Everyone remains silent, uncertain of how to break the news to him that he is a potential target*

Alexander [to everyone]: ME? Why am I a target already?

Pamela [to Alexander]: Because you’re scary as shit and you blow on the challenges.

Alexander [to everyone]: Unbelievable – I’ve been working my ass off for this tribe for the past three days and I’m already a target? I mean, I was expecting later on down the line but already?

Stacey [to Alexander]: Just calm down for a second, okay, no decisions have been made.

Alexander [to Stacey]: I should sure as hell hope not, because while I’m out here working as hard as I can to chop wood for our campfire and get water from the river, Jamie’s sitting inside on his lazy behind doing NOTHING!

*Hearing the commotion outside through the paper thin walls of the decomposing abandoned church, Jamie rushes outside and joins in on the argument*

Jamie [to Alexander]: You can say whatever you want, Alex, but I’m not the one who screwed up the challenge, now am I?

Alexander [to Jamie]: Challenges are going to come around every few days – when it comes to survival I’m one of the only people who has a clue what they’re doing.

Jamie [to Alexander]: Screw you, I’m not dead yet – I’ve apparently got some sense for survival.

Alexander [to Jamie]: So when I saw you puking out the window of the church it was because you’re a survival expert and you can take care of yourself, right?

Jamie [to Alexander]: That could’ve happened to anyone.

Alexander [to Jamie]: But it didn’t – it happened to you. You’re probably not even going to be able to compete at the next challenge at the rate you’re declining.

Jamie [to Alexander]: Do you have even the slightest clue what you’re talking about? No! So shut up!

Alexander [to Jamie]: Don’t tell me to shut up! Your name is as good as written on my vote!

Jamie [to Alexander]: GOOD! Same for me.

Jamie Confessional:

The confrontation between Alexander and I didn’t really do any good when you think about it, it just helped cement the fact that it’s down to the two of us.

Jamie [to Chad] (alone in the forest): What good has he really been?

Chad [to Jamie]: Oh, I know, the guy is a complete tool, but some people still haven’t made up their mind.

Alexander Confessional (upset):

I don’t know why they’d want me gone. I’m not holding us back – it’s just one mistake and they think they have reason enough to take me out? If they’re going to be stupid enough to ditch me this early on I hope they realize what a mistake they’re making when they start losing every other challenge.

Alexander [to Theo] (alone in the woods): Why? I mean – it’s stupid to even consider it between the two of us – it’s like…we’re talking David vs. Goliath here.

Theo [to Alexander]: I know, I know – don’t be surprised if you end up staying.

Alexander [to Theo]: Well I should hope so!

Jamie Confessional:

I just don’t want to leave first – I wouldn’t even care if it came down to somebody other than Alexander – I just don’t want to be out of here first.

Alexander Confessional:

It’s got to be Jamie. Everyone but him has been pulling his or her weight. I just don’t see any other options.

Jamie Confessional:

Whatever the outcome, I think the only safe assumption at this point is that this is going to be one messy Tribal Council.


The eight freshly deserted castaways march up to the gates of the new Tribal Council. Although many were expecting a simple meeting area with enough room for them to sit and chat, the reality was much, much different. This season, in keeping with the Transylvanian theme, Tribal Council is set within a massive gothic castle. Towers and stained glass windows allow enough space for the moon to shine into the center great room of the castle where Tribal Council has been set up. Each castaway has their own solid wood thrown to sit in, and a large fireplace in the center of the room serves as the pit around which they will have all their discussions. One by one the survivors all grab their torches and dip them into the fireplace, put them in the holders behind their chairs, and take their seats.

Jeff Probst:

As you all know by now, in this game fire represents your life. Without fire there is no life, so our torches reflect that. Now, since you were the team that lost the Immunity Challenge yesterday you will now be forced to vote out one of your own and continue on with only seven members.

*Jeff adjusts his voice from deep and authoritative to caring and curious*

Jeff Probst:

Theo, you guys appear to be a pretty tight bunch. Is there anyone in particular that’s causing problems or is this really a love tribe?

Theo [to Jeff]: It really is the love tribe. I mean, like, don’t get me wrong, we totally really like each other n’ all, but every tribe I think is gonna have a few hiccups along the way, you know?

Jeff Probst:


Theo [to Jeff]: Sure, you know, like, there are always going to be a few arguments, but – that’s to be expected, you know? It’s the nature of the game.

Jeff Probst:

So are you going to give me what I’m looking for or are you going to keep beating around the bush?

Theo [to Jeff]: I mean, I don’t – I don’t really understand what you want me to tell you.

Jeff Probst:

Who was causing the hiccups?

Theo [to Jeff]: Well, it’s like—it’s not really one person in particular, but there was a fight earlier this morning, so – that’s been our only hiccup, but it was pretty small, so no worries.

Jeff Probst:

Pamela, who was the argument between?

Pamela [to Jeff]: Alex and Jamie.

Alexander [to Pamela]: It’s Alexander.

Pamela [to Alexander]: Oh shush, he’s talking to me.

Jeff Probst:

Actually, I’m done with you for right now. Jamie, what was the argument about?

Jamie [to Jeff]: Alexander thought I should be the one to go because I haven’t been feeling tip top the past couple of days, but I flat out said he was the one who lost us the challenge and he needed to be the one to pay for it.

Jeff Probst:

Alexander, what’s your take on it?

Alexander [to Jeff]: It went down just like he said it, actually. I mean, I don’t hate the kid, but my opinion is, when you look at facts, one screw up in a challenge isn’t going to cost us the whole game – a weak link IS. He needs to be the one to go.

Jamie [to Alexander]: But I’m not the weak link. In the one challenge we’ve been in I did better than you did, and you’re not even sick.

Alexander [to everyone]: He’s just trying to make excuses!

Pamela [to Alexander]: Excuses or not, he’s right! You’re the one who screwed it up – he did fine. I don’t blame the kid for throwing up a few times, maybe that’s what he’s into!

Alexander [to Pamela]: But I’m so much stronger than him – look at me!

Pamela [to Alexander]: How would we know? All you’ve done these past few days is eat up our food supply, lose the challenge for us, and cause the only problem on the tribe thus far.

Alexander [to Pamela]: You know, I’m getting tired of hearing you pipe up when you’re not even involved in a lot of this!

Pamela [to Alexander]: Oh, I’m involved. I’m involved plenty. When you’re screwing up MY chances at the million, you had better be damn sure that I’m gonna get involved.

Alexander [to Pamela]: You know, speaking of the million – why are you even HERE? I mean, your husband is a millionaire – why compete on this?

Delilah [to Alexander]: Now you stop t-at! She don’t need to tell you ‘bout her personal life or finances – that’s her own b’ness!

Alexander [to Delilah]: Stay out’a this!

Jamie [to Alexander]: Don’t talk to her like that – she’s right. Pamela didn’t have to tell you anything about her personal life – just because she’s well off doesn’t mean she’s not competing just as hard as the rest of us!

Pamela [to everyone]: Well that sealed the deal for me. I know who I’m voting for.

Jeff Probst:

Are we ready to vote?

Pamela [to Jeff]: You know it!

Jeff Probst:

Alright, Stacey, you’re up first.

*Stacey Votes*

Stacey Voting Confessional:

ALEXANDER. I wasn’t planning on voting for you when we got here, but it’s obvious you are the one causing all the conflicts in the tribe. We’ve got to be happy to operate well, and I think you’re taking away from our level of determination and spirit.

*Alexander Votes*

Alexander Voting Confessional:

JAMIE. You’re really not a bad guy, but you’re sick and you can’t admit it to yourself. Take care.

*Delilah Votes*

*Tiffany Votes*

*Theo Votes*

*Pamela Votes*

Pamela Voting Confessional:

ALEX (she makes sure to leave off the “ander” from “Alexander”). Just go away.

*Jamie Votes*

Jamie Voting Confessional:

ALEXANDER. It’s down to you or me and I have no intention of writing my own name down.

Jeff Probst:

It’s been a long three days for some of you here. For some of you the journey has just begun, but for others – their adventure has ended. I’ll go tally the votes.

*2 minutes pass as Jeff tallies the votes*

Jeff Probst:

Once the votes have been read the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. I’ll read the votes…

First Vote…


Second Vote…


*Pamela smirks as Alexander shifts uneasily in his chair*

Alexander: It’s Alexander.

Third Vote…


Fourth Vote…


Jeff Probst: That’s THREE votes ALEXANDER, ONE vote JAMIE.

Fifth Vote…


Sixth Vote…

First Person Voted Out of Survivor: Transylvania…


*Alexander stands from his seat and grabs the torch from behind him. He leans over and gives both Theo and Stacey hugs as he walks over to Jeff Probst. Jeff grabs his torch and places it in its holder, then raises his new and improved extinguisher and makes it official by reciting the words every Survivor dreads hearing…*

Jeff Probst:

ALEXANDER, the tribe has spoken.

Alexander turns to wave goodbye to his former teammates as he exits the Tribal Council area through one of the large, baroque wooden doors, slowly making his way into unknown darkness.

Jeff Probst:

You can all head back to camp. Remember, make sure to stay in the light.

The Survivors all stand, grab their torches, and exit the Tribal Council area making sure to have all their flashlights in hand. They head back to their camp and prepare for the rigors of the days to come.

Next Time On…SURVIVOR:

On BOBALNA, Amanda is feeling the stress of living in the wild…

*A shot of Amanda puking behind a tree*

The Survivors face one of the most difficult challenges ever…

Cory [to Wayne]: COME ON! You can do it!!!

Wayne [to Cory]: I need to concentrate right now, okay?

A fight breaks out as Norm and Chris battle for status as Alpha-Male…

Norm [to Chris] (upset): What could you possibly know about leading a tribe? You’re a kid!

Chris [to Norm] (enraged): Better than having you as our leader, Grandpa! Get with the program here, playa, this ain’t no summer camp!

Norm [to Chrid] (even more upset): Bite me, Eminem!

That’s next time on…SURVIVOR!

Alexander’s Final Words:

Well, it certainly wasn’t what I was expecting, but I guess if I was voted out now it was for a reason. I know it wasn’t because I was least deserving, because most of the people there don’t deserve it, but – whatever, when they start losing all their missions it’s going to be because they decided to keep the nice people over the strong. I can only hope that they learn from their mistakes and don’t make too much of an embarrassment of themselves. I’d also like to wish good luck to Stacey and Theo, both very good kids. They’re the two shining stars of the tribe and hopefully one of them will walk away with some sort of reward.

Voting History:

Stacey: Alexander
Alexander: Jamie
Delilah: Alexander
Tiffany: Alexander
Theo: Alexander
Chad: Alexander
Pamela: Alexander
Jamie: Alexander


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