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X-Factor, Dec. 7 – “Where Do We Go From Here?”

Last week’s elimination certainly raised a lot of controversy. It waws all touched off by Simon Cowell’s obvious displeasure with his female peers in voting out his girl Drew, and in what looked to many like Drew snubbing Paula Abdul’s hug. Will they all be able to make nice for tonight’s show?

Simon is asked by Steve Jones for his take on last week’s results show. Obviously still not over it, he deadpans that he was “really, really happy.” He follows that by saying that he’ll be a little bit more prepared this week. Well, that’s concerning.

Everyone’s singing twice tonight, and the first set of songs is their versions of dance music. hits. They’ll be helped out by DJ duo Nervo. It’s obviously going to benefit some acts more than others.

First up for the night is Simon’s act, Melanie Amaro. There’s no package behind her, just the performance. She sings Someone Like You, and all I can picture is the bit they did on this song on Saturday Night Live a few weeks back. Melanie didn’t think she’d be good on pop, but it’s actually very fitting on her.

L.A. Reid jokes that the only thing that bothered him about Melanie’s performance is that it was really good. Nicole Scherzinger tells her it was a big risk taking on Adele’s song, but she looked and sounded like the rock star diva she is tonight. Paula agrees she looks stunning and happy, and her only complaint is that it was too short. What Simon loved about it was that it was not karaoke. He mentions the change in her since she let the real her out, and he thinks it’s led to more confidence. He thinks she could have a hit record with that version.

L.A. Reid’s Marcus Canty, who he refers to as a “two-time champion” after surviving two bottom two votes, takes the stage, He sings Ain’t Nobody and has that same confidence that he used to become a two-time champion. They said last week that he was the best entertainer there, and this one proves it.

Nicole feels Marcus “took us to church” and the dance club at the same time. She loves, loves, loves that he chose this song, and calls Chaka Khan the best. He has earned his right to be here today and she is so proud of him, feeling that God has a plan for him. Paula thinks he looks fantastic, and as far as she is concerned, it’s an even playing field, and he performed like it’s the first time she saw him.

Simon just says “Marcus,” and everyone is now worried about what’s coming next, since he’s the one who beat out Drew last week. He shouldn’t be very happy with him, but he has to be fair and judge him within the competition, and he has to say it was a very, very good performance. He has to give him credit. He likes people who don’t act like victims or blame other people, and he came back strong and proved a point. “Good for you.” L.A. states the obvious, that what is needed is for people to vote, if they loved Marcus the way he did.

Simon’s remaining girl in the competition, Rachel Crow, is up next, with her own choice of song. She sings Nothing On You, and just like she has always done on her own choice of songs, she completely shines. She has the Marcus confidence on this one.

L.A. refers to Rachel as “such a little star.” His only concern is a lyrical one, her singing the lyric “beautiful girl.” She answers quickly that she was singing to Paula and Nicole. She laughs, then, and points at L.A. and says she just loves him. Nicole is just waiting for the Rachel Crow doll to come out, complete with her own bathroom. It was a perfect song for her, fun and beautiful, and she’s a star.

Paula refers to Rachel as “beautifully fearless,” and says it doesn’t matter how young she is, because her vocal transcends all generations. She thinks this is her best performance in all the competition. Uptempo, and she nailed it. Simon is waiting for the Nicole doll to come out, the voodoo doll. She starts singing the Grinch song to him. Simon brings up that Rachel also did standup comedy years ago. Years ago? She’s a pre-teen. He likes that as it makes her a triple threat. It was a good comeback to L.A. For some girls her age, you have to sell to grandmas, but she should be selling to teenagers, so that was a good choice in song.

Nicole’s last Over 30, Josh Krajcik, takes the stage, and we know he’s out of his element here. He sings We Found Love, a Rihanna song, which should be making L.A. sit up and take notice. He somehow finds a way to make this song match his style. I would never listen to that and recognize it as as Rihanna song.