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Amazing Race 19 Commentary – Ep 11- Holy Balls, Cabbies Strike Again

So we go to the Finals with three couples. Interestingly, it is the first time we have had three couples in the Final Three since the three Race run of AR5, AR6 and AR7. All three of them had some exciting ends. Colin/Christie’s checking of their bags and their inability to make up all of the time lost. The train in Chicago which may have decided the close finish at the Mat. And, the Miami challenge which hurt Romber, and led to Uchenna’s begging for cab fare.

Now we have these three – and to be honest, as I said last week – none of these three really stand out as a favorite. The Dudes were the clear cut favorite, but they’ll be waiting to greet the winner at the end. Jeremy 2.0 have made tons of errors over the course of the Race, but had a really good leg this week. Control Freak continues to start off well and then get in their own way before the end of the leg. Peytons are the exact opposite. Maybe combine them and you have the best Race team ever and the worst.

It’s really just a random guess but I will put my money on Control Freak to win. This is based solely on what I think the editing of the season has led us to. True? No idea. We’ll have to watch on Sunday to find out.

Route Markers
• OK, the Iron thingy in the middle of Brussels was the centerpiece of the World’s Fair of 1958. Anyone who’s seen the giant globe in Queens, or seen Men In Black, in knows that this seems to be the World’s Fair MO. The best part – these guys slept in the structure! My question – can anyone other than homeless Belgians and teenage American hitchhikers do that?
• Now, the Adventures of Tintin segment. Meh. Teams had to dress as secondary characters and wander the street looking for a Tintin mural. They looked like Charlie Chaplin – and may I add, Sandy may be the sexiest Charlie Chaplin in memory. She makes a “darn hot man.” Yeah, Jeremy, you’re right, that does sound weird. The Dudes thought they were Charlie Chaplin. Which I would say was ridiculous for them to think that Chaplin was from this story, except they were apparently reading from notes seemingly copied from the Chaplin Wikipedia entry in describing who he was.
• That Tintin is weird – those Chaplin guys have three different names? Including Thomson and Thompson. And, all I have to say is, Doctor, Doctor. Can’t you see I’m burning, burning.
• Best part – the teams were still in costume as they boarded their flight to Panama. Awesome. Imagine being on that flight. Since they are wearing regular Race clothes when they land, that means these guys changed from Tintin costumes into Race clothes in a tiny airplane bathroom. How can the show fail to bring us that footage?
• Also, is it me, or does Ernie really, really look like Tintin? That Spielberg movie missed its chance.
• I am looking forward to no more football analogies from Marcus. It’s like AR7 when Ron only opened his mouth to compare things to Iraq. Man, this slab of meat I have to eat is gross…and I ate gross crap as a POW.
• Of course, Jeremy 2.0 were the folks to go the full Speedy Gonzalez upon landing in Latin America. Andale, andale.
• They rode night boats. Or Night Boats.
• Marcus goes a tad inappropriate by expecting head shrinking from the Panamanian natives. Um, a bit not cool. I was kind of hoping the tattoos they had to get depicting the next clue would be real tattoos. But, alas. I sense a future Fast Forward challenge.
• Cindy thinks they have a 60-40 chance at going to the Finals. Well, I’m thinking more 75-25. No?
• The Roadblock was a cool tightrope challenge between buildings. See Man on Wire for a better take on the concept. Sandy overcame her acrophobia to do it, despite Andy’s smack talk. And Cindy got to exclaim, “Holy Balls.” Which needs to be part of the lexicon.
• The next challenge came with this clue – “Success in Suez led him to Panama. His failure inspired others to succeed. Find him beneath a rooster and you’ll find your next clue.” They were meant to find a statue of Ferdinand de Lesseps. And that is a really a tough clue. And hysterical use of the word “rooster.”
• I know I was wrong, but I would have stayed and done the shoe challenge if I were the Peytons once the Cabbie Alliance incorrectly took me to the wrong challenge. I would just think the travel to the new challenge would be too much of a risk, in this case, that would be incorrect.
• And this factor – the cabbie assumed it was the shoe challenge because the other cabs were going there – was a nice preview of the twist at the end of the episode.

Roadblock – The big tightrope. Andy, Sandy, Cindy and Amani had to do it to even out the Roadblock quota.

DetourFilet – go the fish market and deliver the correct fish to the correct vendors. Or, Sole – put together a pair of mandals out of leather slab. Ugh. Note to all men – stop wearing mandals unless you are going to the beach or doing laundry. No one wants to see our feet. Dudes, Jeremy 2.0 and Control Freak make shoes, and Peytons continue being Detour contrarians by doing the fish task. I was wrong, I thought the shoes would be easier, but they proved the fish task was the better option.

Order of Finish – Jeremy 2.0 (win a trip somewhere. Honestly, I’m pretty good at geography, but I listened to Phil three times and I still can’t figure out where they are going. It might be somewhere in Middle Earth), Control Freak, Peytons and the Dudes (ELIMINATED)

Next week – The Finale in Atlanta. With a manual typewriter, the Flight Simulator of Perpetual Anger, and a giant map and pulley system. And the 19th winner of the Amazing Race.

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