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The Amazing Race, Dec. 4. – Panama Not Just for Van Halen

Andy and Tommy hit land and sign up for a time to receive a tattoo appointment. They take the first one, natch, for 7:00 AM. Andy calls it “so rad.” Local musicians are playing music for them, and they are grateful for the culture. Jeremy and Sandy land and get the 7:20 appointment. Amani and Marcus land, and he’s worried they’re going to be getting a course in head-shrinking. Instead, they get the 7:40 appointment. Ernie and Cindy get the same time.

Sandy mentions that Andy and Tommy have luck on their side. Obviously she doesn’t know about Marcus tossing those rocks out the window. Marcus thinks if there’s a team to get caught up, it will be them and that they can do it. Cindy is stressed and doesn’t like to be in last place. A forty-minute deficit is huge. Andy and Tommy call this in the top three of their overnight stays. Presumably number one or two was creating their own Mustangs.

The snowboarders take off first to get their tattoos, with Tommy mentioning he doesn’t know if they’re going to be real or fake. Andy was hoping for some tribal art. These are fake tattoos and are actually a clue sending them to the San Francisco Bay Towers in Panama City to get the next clue. Jeremy and Sandy are next to get their tattoos. Marcus tells the others waiting that when you don’t know what you’re doing, that’s when the pressure hits you. They all get their shot at their tattoos, as Marcus knows it’s a lot easier than the real tattoo he has.

Andy and Tommy are back on land and take off for the towers. Sandy mentions they don’t care where they end up and only have a goal to beat one team. Cindy just wants to stay on top of it. Marcus refers to them being the Comeback Kids again, and says they don’t know what staying in last is.

Andy and Tommy reach the Towers and find a Roadblock. One person from each team must walk a tightrope thirty-five stories up above the city, making their way from one tower to the other to pick up a clue, then make their way back. Andy takes off to do this one as Jeremy and Sandy arrive with Sandy agreeing to do it, despite a fear of heights. Andy suits up while Sandy is on her way up in the elevator. She has to do this one as she hasn’t done as many Roadblocks as Jeremy.

Andy takes off and does quite well going over the tightrope. Jeremy is giving Sandy thumbs up, and Tommy knows she’s not looking happy. Andy messes with her a little bit as she’s halfway across, telling her to check out the view. She makes it to get the clue, and now need to make her way back. Andy and Tommy open the clue, and will have to figure out that they need to make their way to Ferdinand de Lesseps Statue. They catch a cab and to take them there.

Sandy is making her way across the rope and makes it, being very proud of herself. Ernie and Cindy arrive with Cindy deciding to do it. Amani and Marcus are right behind them, with Amani knowing she needs to do this one. Apparently the statue they’re headed to has something to do with a rooster. Nearly everyone is saying, “Cockle Doodle Doo!” All the taxi drivers talk about how to get to the statue. No one will be left behind.

Before crossing, Cindy states, “Holy balls.” Amani is there waiting patiently. Andy and Tommy make it to the rooster statue and find a Detour – Filet or Sole. In filet, teams will need to travel to the largest fish market in Panama. They must deliver exact amounts of seafood to different vendors scattered throughout the market. Sole will have teams using a single piece of leather to make the sole and straps of a pair of sandals. The snowboarders decide to do Sole.

Cindy makes it across the tightrope to get her clue and tells Amani to walk like a duck, as it will help. Amani makes it with no problem. She says after she had to envision her kids at each end, and it helped her out, as she knows they’re getting closer to seeing them.

Jeremy and Sandy are deciding to do Sole as well. Andy and Tommy arrive and start tracing a man’s foot to begin making the sandals. Ernie and Cindy arrive at the statue and decide to make the shoes as well. Amani and Marcus arrive at the statue and are the only team deciding to do Filet.

Jeremy and Marcus start tracing a foot, as do Ernie and Cindy. Andy tries to make small talk, asking the local if he’s a surfer. Amani and Marcus arrive at Sole and decide they are in the wrong place and need to go to the market. That’s a huge mistake. You’re already there; stay and do it. Don’t waste the time when you see all three of the other teams already doing it. He doesn’t want to try it, though, thinking it’s too hard. They go back to their cab and tell them it’s the wrong place.