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Q&A with Emily Rose, Eddie McClintock and Colin Ferguson

Eddie thinks the holiday television episodes became a staple after Miracle on 34th Street first aired. It has become a tradition in his home for his family to watch holiday specials so the adults can share some quiet time. He added that is what his parents did with him.

Colin believes that culturally it has gone back that far with everything from Miracle on 34th Street to the infamous MACY’s commercials. He feels the historic importance of making a holiday classic. It adds some brightness to people’s lives and is also a time when some people are at their darkest and lowest moments. Having something to look forward to that can take your mind off of everyday life is enjoyable.

So will Syfy be a part of your Holiday traditions? The cast members certainly hope so, as it offers something different. Despite our love for those classics, every once in a while we need something new, something out of left field, and that is what Syfy is offering with these exciting shows.

These shows will also be able to fully handle today’s technology as they stand up against the VHS and DVD era or channel surfing. You will be able to go to Syfy and watch them over and over again.

We cannot discuss these shows without talking about future crossovers. Each actor spoke about what Syfy show they would like to guest-star on. Eddie would love to travel to Haven or Alphas. Colin likes the idea of heading to the infamous warehouse on Warehouse 13.

What are they looking forward to doing for the holidays? Colin said he is looking forward to having floors put back in so he can turn the heat back on. Eddie takes his boys to Scottsdale to see their grand-pappy (his father). Emily takes her miniature Schnauzer dog with her and her husband since she does not have children yet. She flies to Seattle to visit her family, splitting her time between LA and Seattle.

Emily would like to see Audrey go on a great online shopping trip as her characters Christmas wish, and Eddie joked he would like to remember his character’s name. He would like Pete to find himself a good woman, as Pete gets tired of being alone. Colin said he would to see Jack raise a family again and continue what he was doing in the town. He believes he belongs there in Eureka.

Emily and Eddie admit they are a little jealous that their characters have not been animated like Colin’s, but Colin joked he is in the process of drawing their pictures at that moment.

These actors are incredibly talented and they are joining an elite group being a part of all the Christmas programming. Syfy has its own tradition with these brilliant shows. They adore their fans and the Internet community, and love their fellow cast members and crews, as they all refer to one another as the Syfy family.

If you are a Syfy viewer or part of the new Syfy generation and you are looking for something out of the ordinary, strange and unusual or exciting, make sure to watch Emily Rose, Eddie McClintock and Colin Ferguson on their respective Syfy holiday episodes of Haven at 10/9c, Warehouse 13at 9/8c, and Eureka at 8/7c on Tuesday, December 6. Add a new tradition to your holidays and celebrate Christmas with the Syfy channel.

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