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Q&A with Emily Rose, Eddie McClintock and Colin Ferguson

A very Syfy Christmas. 

The Syfy channel has decided to add three shows to their Holiday Episode line-up (for the second year in a row), Episodes of Eureka at 8/7c, Warehouse 13 at 9/8c and everyone’s favorite supernatural town, Haven at 10/9c, in which rumors of Eric Balfour in Santa Claus suit have been running wild through the viewer community, will air on Tuesday, December 6. Three of the talented cast members, Emily Rose of Haven, Eddie McClintock of Warehouse 13, and Colin Ferguson of Eureka, took part in a Q&A to discuss their shows.

Syfy has decided to do the standalone holiday episodes, and it makes sense because it gives the viewers a chance their favorite Syfy shows instead of just the usual holiday specials that run on other well-known channels.

Syfy viewers are wondering what we can expect from these shows, knowing that normally the shows contain action, adventure, paranormal, mystery, unusual, death, heartbreak, happiness, mysterious guest-stars and the best cast. Emily Rose said they have been gearing up for the Christmas episode, and the cast is very excited.

It certainly is not the traditional thing for Syfy to do, because many people know that the infamous film A Christmas Story is usually what people are watching. If you want something different and fun, you’ll want to check out Syfy’s Christmas, because there will be nothing like cozying up and watching the excitement that Syfy brings.

Rose said they were invited to be a part of this before the season started last year, so she felt it was special. There was not a lot she could share, as the details are under wraps tighter than Christmas wrapping paper.

Haven’s episodes were filmed in the beginning of the year in Nova Scotia; Emily said it was odd to be in the Christmas spirit, and then have to start filming the rest of the season.

Eddie goes through a darker phase on Warehouse 13’s holiday episode. He also could not go into detail, but some of the darkness involves his mother and taking things to a new level, and Jinks and the rest of the crew being “alive.”

Colin Ferguson must take on the concept of reality and there will be several forms of animation involved. Colin was interested in the Holiday Episodes because he would be able to go light or dark with his character on the show. He admits one of his favorite holiday classics is The Grinch.

Eddie joked that his morals for the holidays take him right to boobs. Only, Eddie could get away with that. Emily sticks with watching traditional holiday films including, Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer and The Grinch. She adores the classics.

So with Syfy, they are joining an elite list with their very own holiday episodes. What does Christmas mean to these characters when they live in such chaos with everything from strange government relics to lost memories? Emily said Audrey has a lot to overcome, and it is hard for her to wrap her head around the idea of the holidays. What Audrey does remember is not the most pleasant thing.

Colin wants it to be something that could happen every year. He likes the idea that the Syfy stars are contributing to the holidays. He cannot give away any major details, as Syfy is known for keeping the storylines under lock and key and the stars are just as mum on the subjects. He said it is definitely not what the viewers will expect at all. He warns it is one of the best endings the show has seen since their season premiere, and you will never expect what will happen.


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