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Survivor: South Pacific – Ep 11 – Is Cochran A Tragically Murdered Actress?

I will close on Cochran by saying that I would give good money to see him win the duel next week against Ozzy. Of course, Ozzy is likely to destroy him. Cochran has not been competitive in a challenge yet. This is why it would so incredibly awesome to see one of the worst challenge participants take down the best.

Ozzy took down both Dawn and Whitney in a challenge which harkened back to the China finale. The three of them had to stack dishes and balance them. Boring challenge, but I thought it was time that Ozzy could have lost. This was not a physical challenge, other than keeping your forearm steady. I actually thought Dawn could have taken this – she’s got guns (seriously – I can’t wait for the Dawn Workout DVD set) and she’s a mom of about 300. You just know she’s had to balance tons of dishes.

But she went first, and then I had no confidence that Whitney would outlast Ozzy from there. One thing about Ozzy, did anyone see the crazy intensity in his eyes during the challenge. The man is locked in. If he only had a good social game, he could be the best Survivor. The is now three duels and two immunities away from having a really good shot at winning this game in the most unorthodox manner in the history of the show.

Treemail Top 10
• Has there ever been a Survivor who has seemingly tried many schemes and plans and failed as much as Albert? And yet, he is in the Final Six. He continually gets involved in a plot after plot and they all fall apart. He even recycled his “outclean, outgather and outorganize” line.
• Cochran needs to stop telling stories to women – now he described how he used to prank call girls in fifth grade by asking them to trade sperm. These stories are gold. Gold. No wonder Sophie said she can understand how Savaii got annoyed by him. This in between moments where she fiercely chopped wood as if it had wronged her family.
• Cochran on Brandon – He is obsessively devoted…as if he is suppressing something scary. Um, yeah. I actually have a feeling that this is either a) the origin story of a superhero, or b) a time travel story and he is in fact Russell at a younger age.
• How are Dawn’s teeth so friggin bright? She hasn’t brushed in 28 days.
• I’ll miss Dawn, she played well, albeit about two days too late each time. Her biggest flaw was not informing Savaii of Cochran’s plan. The move would be to give Keith the idol instead of Whitney. The game changes if she did that.
• Whitney thinks her friends will be proud of her performance on the show. Well, one won’t be. The same one who looked at her holding hands with Keith at Tribal and just nodded acceptingly.
• Ozzy is in Upolu’s heads now. Take a look at their faces at the duel.
• Immunity and Reward – Retread challenge. Half was the bean bag toss and the other was the coconut slingshot. Man, this show produces weird sentences. Albert, Sophie and Rick win the toss, and then toss the coconuts. And no, that is not a euphemism. Albert comes from behind to win the challenge, the necklace and a shower/massage back at camp. He gives Coach the second table, as he should, because Coach would have slit his throat in his sleep if he failed to. He asked for a third, but was told no. So he gave his table to Cochran as a birthday present (Not really his birthday). Was it smart? Well, sort of, as maybe Cochran will vote for him. But other than that, not really a big deal.
• Can I make a joke about Cochran holding Brandon’s fish? Is there something dirty there? I think if not, we can create a new term for Urban Dictionary. Maybe it could be about having your legs stroked for the first time in your life, like Cochran.
• Lastly, the best line of the night – and perhaps the best line of the last several seasons – Cochran referring to how hard it is talking to Brandon about strategy. He says to Probst, “It’s like talking to you about shirts that aren’t blue.” Whoa! Shots fired at Probst!! Make fun of the hats next. Or maybe about how all of his favorite Survivors are men. Big, burly, manly men. Ask him why he loves James so much, but never speaks of Todd. Or about Rupert’s accomplishments, but not Jerri’s. Oh, he’s done. OK, can I take a look at your Emmys, Jeff?

Votes – Cochran 5 (Coach, Albert, Sophie, Rick, Brandon), Rick 2 (Cochran, Edna).

Next week – More honor and integrity crap.

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