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Eating Disorders, Backstabbing and Beauty Shots

First we start the show off hearing Cassie talk about food and not really eating. Amanda is in the booth singing to her son Eli while in tears. She really misses him. Amanda is considered to be the mother of the house as her and the girls gather around the table enjoying a meal and she tells them whatever they need they can ask her.
Tyra Mail!!! The girls are all about to receive makeovers and they all seem really excited.

The next morning Tyra greets the girls as they go over what each will receive. Kelle will receive very long wavy hair, Julie will have about 6 inches cut off, YaYa’s dreads will be coming down for a more versatile look, which seems to depress YaYa, but she also gets a dermatologist appointment which makes her very happy. Nicole will go Lucy Red and shorter, Tocara will get a little more length and a lot of thickness. Amanda (the mommy) will be getting icy blonde hair to match her icy blue eyes. Norelle will get her hair chopped off and her braces removed. Jennipher will get her chopped and go blond. Cassie will just get a couple of tracks for thickening. Eva will get her hair shaped, shorter and blonde. Ann received a shorter cut and more blond streaks. We see over crying to Tyra telling her that she is going to look like a boy. Tocara thinks Amanda will be a little scary but Amanda can’t wait.

Later we see Cassie coming out of the bathroom stating that it smells really bad in there. Everyone is a little concerned because Cassie has stated that she has been starving herself. They watch as she picks around her food.
Tyra Mail!!! The girls have to get packed and get in the car and head to an Indian restaurant.

Jay tells the girls in the car that they will be tested on their makeup skills. Kiara a model for covergirl will help Jay judge how well the girls do. The winner will be invited to an industry party in New York. The catch is that the girls have to get ready in the Limo on the way to the party. When Jay yells go we see a girl jump over the rest of the girls to get to the makeup. Norelle is using her finger because she did not get to the applicators. Jay yells time as the girls arrive at their destination: A. John’s Indian Restaurant. Kiara and Jay look over all of the girls lined up outside of the party. Norelle is the winner she did the best job with her makeup (and only used her fingers). She is asked to pick 3 girls to go with her. She picks her roommate Eva, Kristi and Ann. They are lead off to pick out some designer clothing to wear to the party while the rest of the girls are handed waiter uniforms and are advised to get to work. Kiara wishes girls luck and leaves. After a night of partying the girls get Tyra Mail!!! Be ready for a 7am photo shoot.

The next morning the girls are advised by Jay that they will be doing some of the hardest shots to take which are beauty shots. The are done without any make up. YaYa immediately feels that she is being personally attacked because she can not see herself in front of the camera without any make up. The girls will be modeling hand cream.
While the girls are taking their shots other girls are standing around whispering about Cassie and her eating disorder. Eva feels that Amanda is wrong for telling the other girls about Cassie’s habits and think that she is doing it to get others kicked off so that she can win. Amanda is seen crying in the confessional while on the phone with her mother and her mother tells her to stay out of it. Tyra Mail!!! Someone will be going home.

Tyra welcomes the girls to the Judgment. She goes over the prizes for the final winner and introduces the panel of judges. Danilo (hair extraordinaire) is the Guest Judge this week. Jay gives the girls one final test. They will have to create a night diva look on one side of the face and a day look on the other side of the face. The girls rush to the rooms with only 10 minutes on the clock to create the two faces. We start with Kristi who Janice states looks like cousin it but Nigel loves the bangs. Her pictures look dead but they love the mouth. Eva’s makeup has no difference on either side of the face. Her pictures are gorgeous. Cassie make up is perfect. Pictures look good and her untouched photo appears to be better than the retouched photo. Jennipher has no difference with make up and the judges feel that as far as her pictures go she is not bringing it, boring. Amanda is complimented being told that she reminds them of Darryl Hanna from splash and her pictures are gorgeous, but her make up was not that good. Nicole: judges love the new color of her hair and her pictures are good. Tocara receives praises on her beautiful pictures. Norelle non retouched pictures are horrible but her makeup is perfect. It is remarked that she looks like Winona Ryder on the red carpet. Ann is not utilizing her oval face. Julie use eyes more and they make her change the style of her outfit. She tells them that she would rather be in manufacturing. YaYa looking good and soft but untouched photos need help. Nigel advises water, water, water! Kelle is slamming and fierce with her new look but her pictures are bland and her non retouched photos are even worse. Kelle advised them that they just picked a bad picture. That set the wrong way with Tyra because she felt that Kelle was trying to put her faults on someone else.
The judges deliberate and the next to go home is Julie for not having the determination and drive and because she wants to become a manufacturer.


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