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X-Factor Xtra – Elimination Controversy Surrounding Drew, Paula, and Simon

There’s been a lot of question on exactly what happened in the X-Factor eliminations last night. Paula Abdul cast the deciding vote to send young Drew home, and Simon Cowell wasn’t happy. The picture here says it all. Drew is distraught, her mentor is pissed, and Paula is …. trying to do something to help.

The Hollywood Reporter was behind the scenes after the elimination and got a few soundbites from host Steve Jones, Simon, Paula, and L.A. Reid. Conspicuously missing was Nicole Scherzinger. She didn’t look like she was handling the emotions of the evening any better than the others, so perhaps she was too upset to talk even an hour later.

Steve Jones was upset with Simon Cowell for not giving him any sound bites directly after the elimination. He knows the people in the audience “want to hear from Simon Cowell.” Steve felt bad, but he had a job to do. He didn’t want to be hammering the crying girl for comments, but that’s his job, and he knew it was what the public was looking for.

For Simon’s part, he was still very much upset an hour after the elimination, but he didn’t seem to be blaming the other judges any more, which is good, as they didn’t put her in the bottom three. That was the voting public. He was now putting the blame on himself for having Drew sing from a chair. Well, he’s putting blame on the chair as well. “That chair is going to be chopped and I’m doing the chopping.” Despite absorbing the blame, he still indicated he wasn’t ready to speak with Paula and Nicole just yet.

Paula didn’t realize because of the change in the voting order, having her go last instead of third, that she was the deciding vote. She is pointing the blame right back at Simon, saying that they had all tried to tell Simon they needed Drew to be more diverse. He wasn’t listening, and slowed it down more and put her in a chair. “To me, it made it look like Simon forgot what this show is about — it’s not about a chair, it’s all about show biz.” Word.

L.A. is claiming he was prepared to vote for whoever sang the better Save Me song, and that for him it’s not about Team L.A., but X-Factor as a whole. He was also quite blunt, as he usually is, about his feelings about Simon after the elimination. “Meanwhile, Simon acted exactly the way he accused Astro of acting two weeks ago — bratty and inappropriate.” Again, Word.

I have to put the blame for this back on the parents. If your kids aren’t old enough to handle criticism and rejection, not only do they not belong in the music business as children, but they certainly don’t belong on a reality show. Astro reacted badly the first time he was in the bottom, but by last night, he showed he’d learned, although I’m sure he was still absolutely crushed. As for Drew, I have to again bring up her words a few weeks ago, saying she’d never been criticized before, so was shocked at the things L.A. was telling her. L.A. Reid should not have been the first person criticizing her, and it should not have been on television. It was obvious then that we were heading for a night like last night. Her parents should have done more to help prepare her.

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