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X-Factor, Dec. 1 – The Toughest Goodbyes Yet

I don’t understand the way they’re being so cut-throat with The X-Factor eliminations. Why go from 12 to 11 to 10 to 9 to 7 to 5? Why not 12, 10, 8, then count down singly? Will we get rid of two more next week to get down to a final three? It just seems so odd. Regardless, it’s going to be such a tough night to say goodbye to two more. It was hard enough last week. At least one of the male judges will finally take a hit this week, and maybe both of them. 

The final seven start the night out singing yet another homage to Michael Jackson. It starts out with a very slow song, so of course Drew begins it. They’re singing Man In the Mirror, but I still say it should have been Chris Rene’s song last night. Watching them, the only one that can move like Michael is Rachel Crow. The girl’s got some moves.

Simon Cowell tells Steve Jones he hasn’t got a clue how it’s all going to go down tonight, yet last night was magical. Paula Abdul, who has worked with Michael Jackson, believes with all her heart they did him proud last night. Nicole Scherzinger thanks MJ’s family for coming to the show last night and honoring them. L.A. Reid agrees it was a wonderful night.

With the remaining active mentors and their protégés onstage, Steve starts reading off the results. Safe for the week are Chris Rene, Melanie Amaro, and Rachel Crow. One of the remaining artists will be safe, one will be automatically out, and the other two will sing for their survival to decide which one is leaving.

Steve talks to the remaining four who have yet to hear their results. He asks Astro what the mood is, and he thanks Team Astro, saying it’s not the end of the world for him, and he’s having fun. Steve mentions to Drew that she looks a little upset and asks what’s going through her mind. She admits she’s a little scared, but thinks her fans voted for her. She promises to keep going and fight. Marcus Canty mentions the pressure, but tells his mother he’s staying strong. Josh Krajcik is sporting a nervous face, and mentions out of all seven of them, he thinks anyone can win, and anyone can go home.

Before the rest of the results, Tinie Tenpah, the UK’s biggest-selling rap artist, performs. He has a fabulous light show behind him, but I have to admit, I’d rather listen to Astro. I’m not knocking Tinie at all, I just prefer the message and honesty of Astro.

After an American Idol commercial, it’s time for the rest of the results. The final act who is definitely safe this week is Josh Krajcik. He picks up Nicole in celebration. The act who is leaving without a chance to sing for their survival is Astro. He hugs L.A., Marcus, Simon, and Drew as the crowd goes crazy. They aren’t happy. He says it’s for the better. The only reason why he’s mad, is he won’t get to see his girl who lives in Cali. He gives it up for Team L.A. Reid. L.A. says he’s one of the most fascinating guys he’s ever met, and he promises that he is a star.

This leaves it up to Drew and Marcus Canty to sing for their survival. Through constant tears, Drew hopes everyone can see her true talent and that it helps her “Save Me” song. Marcus mentions being in this place a few weeks ago and promises to give everyone his soul tonight. L.A. just lost one guy, but says he still has two. He’s confident Marcus will do his thing, but wishes Drew luck. Simon calls it the coldest thing, but whoever does the best deserves to go through.

Paula Abdul explains that Drew and Marcus have to prove themselves and she wants them to hijack them and kill it. Simon introduces his “sweetheart,” Drew. She sings List to Your Heart, and definitely has some difficulty with it, as she’s still trying to sing through tears. But remember, this is the girl who said a few weeks back she’d never heard criticism before. She gets very screamy and proves why she doesn’t do uptempo often, although some of it is definitely her nerves. It’s just not a good performance. She’s completely shaky afterwards. Steve does not look to be enjoying this.

L.A. announces Marcus, who takes the stage and thanks everyone before he starts, saying he’s just trying every week. He sings Neither One of Us, and it’s one of his better performances for sure. No hype, no dancers, just him. He’s right that we’re seeing his soul. His tears start to come out at the end as well.

L.A. says that for both Marcus and Drew, it’s been an amazing journey. He’s had fun with Drew, and he knows she thinks he’s been rough on her, but he always believed in her and only complimented her talent. Her Save Me song was quite well done and he loved the walk. He’s believed in Marcus since the first audition, and he’s worked hard to where he couldn’t be more proud. It doesn’t make it an easy decision. He’s very torn, but the act he’s sending home is Drew.

Simon mentions that the reason Drew is in this position is his fault. He shouldn’t have done what he did, and it’s his fault. He truly believes she deserves another shot and is begging Paula and Nicole to give her another shot. He really likes Marcus, but it’s the second time he’s been in the bottom. He believes America wants to keep Drew. Remember, just a few moments ago he said “whoever does the best deserves to go through.” He obviously is realizing Drew didn’t do the best.

Nicole fights back tears and says she’s been hard on Drew the past few weeks, but it’s because she’s one of the best, and she believes in her so much. She know she’ll have a long career ahead of her. She has one of the best voices in the competition and did an unbelievable job with her Save Me song. Judging by what Marcus did tonight, she believes his heart and soul are on the floor for everybody, and he goes to a vulnerable place that very few others can. It’s a tough decision, but she votes to send Drew home.

Paula loves and respects both Marcus and Drew and thinks they’re multitalented, and that both deserve recording contracts. She was asked what she is looking for in a Save Me song, and it has to move, move, move, move her. She’s sorry, but she’s sending Drew home. Simon is so pissed, he gets up from the table and walks away and mouths “whatever.”

Drew thanks her fans and promises to keep singing and keep going as Simon’s eyes look like they’re about ready to strike down Paula. Steve asks his thoughts, and he refuses to answer. Rachel and Melanie rush Drew to cry with her. After her goodbye package, Simon says he doesn’t think she deserves to go home and thinks she’s a little star. He’s asked for his thoughts to the other judges, and again he refuses to answer. Drew shouts out something at the end about Jesus loving everyone, and explains that’s why she was in the competition.

Funny, at the end, Paula goes up and hugs Drew, and finding an icy reception, and none of her own acts to hug, she gets a big hug from Josh. It’s hard to see what happens, but apparently there’s question out there to whether Drew refused to hug Paula. You can see Paula walk up and get close and say something to her, but it’s not a wide enough show to see if anyone reaches out to her or not. It certainly doesn’t seem like it though.

Frankly, Simon has been in this business long enough to know it doesn’t always go your way. Drew can’t get another shot just because he screwed up. That’s the name of the game, for him to mentor her, not for him to screw up and then she be given another shot. Drew did have a lot of talent, but if she has never heard criticism her whole life, I’m sorry, but her parents shouldn’t have let her on the show to hear it the first time from a live audience, a voting public, and four judges.

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