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Da Da Da – Survivor: Vanuatu, Episode 4

[i]by atarus[/i]

We start off the episode on Yasur. It’s right after TC and Lisa and Eliza are fighting. Eliza tells Lisa that she’s sorry she ever apologized for what she did. In a confessional, she says that they were supposedly in an alliance, and that she was totally blindsided by “that bitch.” Honey, you did the exact same thing as she did a round before, and didn’t expect them to get mad at you. I’m sorry, but…sheesh. Twila tells the group that they need to be tough, in and out. The group splits up, Lisa says she isn’t surprised that Julie and Eliza are mad at her, and Eliza “doesn’t trust” Lisa.

On Lopevi, Rory says that he took three votes, but it doesn’t bother him. Chris says that right now it’s all about the numbers. John K is annoyed that all the good-looking, athletic people are being voted out and that the fat dudes are running the show. It goes to Brady, who says that since they are playing an easy numbers game, the older men don’t have to work at all. JK states that most challenges are physical and none of the older guys are athletic. Brady says the “Fat Five” are in charge, and he tries to go fishing to change their minds about voting. Unfortunately, he only catches Little and his brother Littler.

On the way to the Reward Challenge, Yasur sees a rainbow and one of them exclaims “this must mean we’re gonna win!” Huh. Anyway, the reward challenge is a simple memory game, and the first tribe to match 5 items wins the reward. (Psst, also, did anyone else catch that at this point Probst says “You’ve been out here for 9 days.” ? Did we miss a day somewhere?) Anyway, it starts off Chad, Lisa, Rory, and Scout pulling up goose eggs. (No, goose eggs were not an item, I mean zeroes.) And then the men start screwing up proficiently. And one, two, three points go to the women. JK has a chance to make a match, but blows it (Gotta save you for the physical challenges, huh). And the women have four points. Sarge and Chad score two more points for the boys, but Lisa does a silly dance (like Mia! Grrr, someone new to hate) to get the fifth item and the women win the reward, a native named Da.

Da returns to the Yasur camp and the women are excited to meet him, but he goes straight to work. He walks up a tree and gets coconut for the ladies to drink. He starts going through the woods, pulling up roots and cutting up plants and handing them to the women. Eliza is amazed, and Leann states that “we had no idea what to eat.” Da finds sugar cane, and sugar cane to the Yasur tribe is like chocolate to Jerri. (not Jenna or Heidi though…does anyone want to see Scout strip for sugar cane?) As they go on, it seems that Da understands the women more than the women understand him. Julie says that they were in awe of him, and that he cooked them a wonderful dinner. Ami confesses that it’s just what the tribe needed, a breath of fresh air that boosted morale.

On Lopevi, Rory says that the stuff to eat and help the tribe is right at their fingertips, they just don’t know where to get it. Chad says that Bubba is starting to get homesick. In a confessional Bubba says that he’s from the country, and you eat with your family, and do everything with your family, and he misses them and wonders how they’re doing. Dude, it’s only a week. Chin up, Bubba. Rory and Chad discuss Bubba, and they say that his family is his weakness. Rory has a heart-to-heart with Bubba, saying that he needs to put it behind him, otherwise people’s perceptions of him will change and it may physically affect him. Bubba says that Rory’s actually a good guy, he’s just misunderstood. (This is the first positive editing of Rory in the show so far. Hmmm.) He then talks about how Sarge and Rory are just an ongoing barrage of bickering, and he’s tired of it. *insert scene of Sarge and Rory fighting here*

Back on Yasur, Scout is marvelling over how Da has made their bed comfortable. According to Twila “all the humpty-bumpty-bumps are gone.” Da made the group torches and they walked down the beach and showed them where crabs would be. Then the next morning the group went out, and lo and behold, Yasur has crabs now. Then Da leaves, and there is a sad farewell. Eliza says that the group was practically crying when Da left, and they all sing him a farewell song. Awwwww.

Now it’s back to Lopevi, and Rory decides to try and “fish.” Rory’s defintion of fishing, however, is meandering around poking at rocks with the fish-catcher-ma-bobber. Brady is still trying the “rift between Sarge and Rory” manuever. He tells Sarge that “nobody’s going to vote for Rory because nobody sees him as a threat.” (Ominous foreshadowing? Hmmmm.) He says he got a little bit more vicious than normal, but he had to try something.

It’s immunity time! Another mind game, this time they have to arrange tiles so that no colors and no symbols are in the same row or column. (Is it just me, or has Mark Burnett decided to try and throw a bone to the Lopevi tribe here? It’s like “Okay, you guys are voting out physical threats, so supposedly you guys should be able to win the mental ones, right? ……Right?”) The tribes apparently switched brains since the last tribe vs. tribe immunity challenge. Remember how they picked Sarge as the caller vs. Scout the caller, and how the loudmouth did better? Same principle here, except it’s Eliza doing the yelling and they choose Rory to lead them. And you know that this is over before it began. Yasur is working together while Lopevi is just utter chaos. Everyone tries to do their own thing, nobody listens to Rory except for Chad who tries to tell people to listen to Rory, but…*sigh*. Anyway, Yasur wins and Lopevi looks stupid.

Back at camp, Chris says that the challenge was pandemonium. Rory says it “was our worst performance as a team unit.” Lea says that Rory was “just sitting there with a blank stare.” John K is trying to sway Bubba, or at least try and open his mind a little bit. Bubba however says that he’s not the one calling the shots, Sarge is. (Which is of course a blatant lie, considering Sarge went running with his tail between his legs to Chris last episode when Brady tried to get him to vote for Rory.) Rory says that if anyone goes against him, it will be Sarge, and he’s scared right now. Chris says that Sarge likes to be in control, and he could make a change if he wanted to. Sarge himself says that if Brady goes, he loses a work partner, and that he would keep Brady here to the end, and says that you don’t need bad seeds (Rory) when you’re fighting for survival.

At TC, Probst points out that Rory got no respect at the challenge, that he was leading them but nobody was listening. Rory says he’s scared as hell, he’s the leading vote-getter up until this point. Bubba says that the women kicked them in the groin, they took it hard, but it’s a whole new ball team next game. Brady states that day one, hour one, people started thinking about 6-8 challenges down the road, but that it’s still a team game right now. Chris says that they don’t know if the women are going to stick together or not, you have to do what’s right for you. Chad agrees, he says that if it starts becoming individual early, you have to become individual too. John K says he’s one of the more athletic people, he’s extremely worried. Brady says his vote will go in the way that will give the men more momentum at merge.

It’s time to vote. Rory votes for Brady. “You caught the fish, you climbed the pole, but sometimes the spirits dictate the time for you to go.” Brady votes for Rory. “Maybe third time’s the charm.” In the end, Brady gets 6 votes and he leaves with a wave.

Next time: There’s a switch and an earthquake.

Brady’s Final Words: He says he feels like a bit of a loser, “how much did that suck”, and he’ll take the votes as a compliment, that if “Brady makes merge he’ll kick my ass.”

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