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Amazing Race 19 – Ep 10 Commentary – Leggo My Eggo

Route Markers
• You knew it would be a getting lost kind of episode when Peytons had issues getting directions right at the start. Non-English speaking map drawings? Yikes.
• Loved how the bodybuilders were impressed with the Geritols – “Are you working out?”
• Cathi, after learning they were not eliminated after bodybuilding – “Let’s put the pedal to the metal … safely, and as legally as we can.” It was as if she realized that her kids and grandkids were watching.
• Why am I not surprised one bit that Jeremy is a “big car guy.” I bet he also enjoys a good round of golf, is particular about his Scotch brands and votes Republican far too often.
• Andy got jealous that Tommy got to drive, because Andy thinks he’s better at the puzzle and thinking challenges. So, he calls his buddy a moron and then felt bad. Check. Oh, and feeling badly that you didn’t get to do something cool is not something your soul needs forgiveness for – it’s ok to want to do cool things.
• Marcus, while building the raft – “Where’s Laurence when you need him?” Well, we don’t, thanks.
• Bill on the canal, to some bystanders who presumably asked them what was going on – “We’re on our first date. I’m taking her out on the canal. You should try it.” HA!!!!!
• And speaking of those clues … didn’t it seem waaaaaaay too easy to find them?
• Great shot of Peytons approaching the pigeon van from the wrong angle and actually getting the van in the background of the shot.
• Belgium has a giant statue of the atomic structure of iron. America has giant office chairs and fictional boxers. And we wonder why our education system is in shambles.
• I think I need a montage of Marcus doing motivational speeches and chants. Love how in his fatigue and stress he started muttering motivational catchphrases to himself while driving.

Roadblock – Test driving Ford Mustangs. Ernie, Jeremy, Marcus, Tommy and Bill take it.

DetourWater – build a raft out of some barrels and logs and paddle on the canal to find two clue halves. Or Waffle – build a stand, and then bake and properly decorate and display 18 Belgian Waffles. Or as they call them, waffles. Control Freak and Jeremy 2.0 do the waffles. Geritol and Peytons briefly consider the waffles, but do the water. Dudes go straight for the water.

Random Task – Help release racing homing pigeons (this exists!) and follow them to the proper address to retrieve a clue attached to one of the birds. Tiny, tiny clue.
Order of Finish – Dudes (win two customized Mustangs), Jeremy 2.0, Control Freak, Peytons and Geritol (ELIMINATED).

Next week – Sandy is afraid of heights. There are many dresses. And there’s panic in Panama!

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