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Interview With Marvin Latimer of Big Brother 5

by aurora

Marvin was such a strong presence on Big Brother. He never held back his opinions and told it like it is. He made things so much more interesting in the house! In this interview, his no-holds-barred style comes out loud and clear. Read on!

Hi Marvin! Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions.

In your pre-season interview, you said your strategy was to hook up with another alpha male, and then get into everyone else’s good graces by cooking, making them laugh, and complimenting them – which is exactly what you did. What part of the equation was missing to get you to the end?

I also said I would try to join in with a loose group of 6 people (The 4 horsemen) which would probably go to hell in 2 weeks. Luckily the 4 horsemen saved me the 1st week. The problem was just a numbers game and a timing thing with the double elimination weekend. I was sitting HOH and was a sitting duck after winning HOH 2 times and America’s Choice. I felt Cowboy was still pissed about that. My only plan while I was HOH was to break up Diane & Drew or at least make them trust each other less. I knew I probably could swing a vote from Diane if her and Drew got in a big fight. Then she could swing me Karen & Nik. With only 12 hours to work it, I was dead in the water after Drew found out about the kiss. Also, you can only make it so far in that game with no allies or friends to protect you. I was surprised I made it that far.

You said repeatedly that you couldn’t stand any of the other houseguests. How do you feel about them now? Is there anyone that you’ll continue to stay in contact with? Anyone you truly can’t stand?

Couldnt stand living with them but I’m sure maybe they are cool out of the house. Just emailed Will & heard back from him. Talked to Scott today and The DON last Saturday. Also emailed Lori & Todd to say hello. I try not to hold any ill will because we are bonded together like it or not. As far as can’t stand…….. I better not answer that now because I’m really still kinda pissed at Diane. But because I like her and Drew got her and the cash and my ass is po broke and lonely. Damn!!!!!!!

Which cast member from The Young and the Restless would you most like to be in a scene with, and why? (not including Phyllis or Michael Baldwin, who you’ve already worked with.)

Lauren Fenmore in a love scene. I always had a crush on her and that would be cool as central air. She just seems so powerful and that turns me on in a woman. A woman that will try to put me in check and pull rank with me but still loves me.

There are rumours flying around about a sitcom involving Chip & Kim from The Amazing Race, and “two guys from BB5”. Are you involved in this project, and if so can you shed some light on it?

It don’t involve me since I haven’t heard this. That sounds like a rumor that Chip & Kim came up with though. Nice strategy.

You were controversial from day one – Holly and Lori complained about sexual harassment, you called the twins out on what you said was sanctimonious and self-righteous behaviour, you kissed Diane – was everything planned and intentional, or did you find yourself doing things you wouldn’t normally do from the stresses of being in the house?

I don’t think I sexually harrassed anyone. Trust me CBS would have told me if I did something wrong. They never ever said I sexually harassed anyone. Holly was pissed that I peeped her bullshit story out day 1 in the house. She starts saying in front of me & 3 others that “Marvin, don’t be offended but I was attempted raped by 3 black guys and they beat me up so badly I had to be in the hospital for weeks. I also have all these med bills that I need money to pay.” I said the entire story was bullshit . She doesn’t have a scratch on her little ass. She was mad I never hit on her and she wanted all the guys to want to bang her. I told her, she wasn’t my type. She wasn’t used to some dude saying that and got pissed. When I said I thought Lori was hot, but after living with her a week she is just like a sister now and like furniture that you get used to instead of being a raging hormone freak . Holly went to Lori and told her, Marvin said you were an old piece of furniture. I told Lori what I really said but Holly talked her into going to the producers and tried to get me thrown off the show. I didn’t plan any of this in advance.

The deal with the twins was me just calling a spade a spade. I thought they were pampered the entire time and for one of them to be chillin in a hotel in Hollywood with the lights off and my black ass was going through hell, with a camera in the toilet and lights on 24 hours a day. F that. I made sure one of them didn’t win just to make sure the winner was credible and the game maintained integrity even if that meant I didn’t win. But that’s just how I am. When I told Booty I wouldnt beg her for a freakin veto and I would pack my shit and leave now!!!!! I meant that. That’s just how I am. I get to a point where my integrity and my word doesn’t have a price. I had faith in God that I knew I wasn’t gonna win but things would work out for the best.

The Diane kiss. She kissed me the first time when I was on the block with Scott and she came in the stone room and told me to have faith in her and kissed me on the lips. I was slightly shocked and sprung after that. The kiss in front on Cowboy was planned to break her & Drew up and create some mistrust there. I wanted to be there to pick up the pieces and say,”We are just buddies, why is Drew jealous of me. He’s perfect and why would he be jealous of little ol me.” I played the people in the house, I didn’t give a damn if the cameras caught it or not. It’s funny because Diane and I kissed about 4 times but they never showed a good one on TV. TOOO Hotttt for CBS I guess. I finally saw the tape and if you remember when he asked her about it, she said,” that was a couple weeks ago.” That proves it right there. But as far as controversey for TV…… homey don’t play that. If I do some shit and it’s controversial.. that cool but I don’t say…. I want to do something that’s crazy.

Who, besides yourself, do you think deserved to be in the final two based solely on game play?

Diane & Nik. Diane is hard core. She’s a bitch but I kinda like that about her. I could never ever trust her but I am attracted to strippers anyway. Nik is just a good player and had more moves than X-lax in the game.

Jase made some comments at the reuinion show about feeling sorry for you because you had to hang out with Will after Jase was evicted. He said that he knew you didn’t like Will, and you didn’t deny it. What’s the real story? Was the bond you forged with Will real or not?

I was like, yeah Jase, I wanted you there. Hell I was trying to get Jase out the game. Shit, I helped put that together but it didn’t come off like that on TV. Jase was mad he didn’t make it to the jury house and was trying to make his beef with Will & I. Will is cool as a snowman. I just heard from him today. I was bullshittin and having fun but Will and I hung out in Mexico and chilled. Jase has completely changed since the House though. I don’t know what’s up there.

In my recap of the final show, I wrote that it seemed that you pulled your jury question for Cowboy out of your ass. Certainly, it seemed that way to some of the other jurors, as well as the viewers. Did you have a solid reason to believe that Cowboy is racist, or were you trying to make him squirm?

A little of both to be honest. Firstly, I hated the format for that show . We weren’t allowed to ask follow up questions and Drew & Cowboy were sidesteppin questions like George Bush at an Iraqi news conference. I said F this. Cowboy answered each question the exact same way no matter what it was. I can hear it now…….. “I love everybody…… we are all friends………I just wanted to be myself.”
No shit Cowboy. The problem was he never addressed the questions they asked him. So I said I got a question he won’t put that bullshit on.

The way I phrased the question would #1 shock him #2 make him not be able to give the same rote ass response & #3 make it address the race issue. I felt, this dude has been after me from jump street and I did nothing but try to ally with him & protect him so what’s up? Is it a black thing or what. You gotta remember that being the only minority in the house was hell becasue I felt like an outsider so I had to address this issue. He said he had to vote for Nik because that was his sister but he votes her ass out the next week so what’s up? But I don’t think he’s a racist. I just don’t think he liked my ass for whatever reason. But I had to make him prove it to me and the public. From what I hear, it was edited out of the final show . In the diary room afterwards I said I thought Cowboy answered the question to my satisfaction. But they have a show to do and it sounded rougher without them putting that in there.

Cowboy and I are cool outside the house though. He was pissed at me that I had to find some dirt on him to make sure he didn’t win in the end early on in the game. I found out his father in law is well off and oversees oil wells. I called his ass Jed Clampet and Cowboy has been pissed ever since. But I am a hard core player. I come hard and heavy daddy!!!!

Have you watched the tapes of the show yet, or been to the internet message boards to read what people thought of you? While you were in the house, who did you think ‘America’ would be rooting for? Have you been surprised by anything that was going on in the house that you’re just finding out about now?

I watched some of the shows but some of it bored me to death because I already knew what was gonna happen. My brother missed about 3 or 4 of them so I’m trying to get copies from someone now. I fast forwared through a lot .They cut out a lot of funny stuff though. Haven’t read too many message boards but I’ve found out that people really hated me in the beginning and then they started to like me. It’s funny but I guess they warmed up to my edgy sense of humor. I come off a little rough at first because I have a low tolerance for BS. It comes from being single and hating it. Maybe you guys can find me the chick on the treadmill from my scene at Young & The Restless.

I figured Ameica would root for Drew & Cowboy. Drew because they think he’s pretty & Cowboy because they feel sorry for him. I didn’t think about that type of stuff in the game because I have tunnel vision when I am competing at something.

I’m surprised Drew didn’t get more HJ’s from Diane. Was shocked how the twins came off on TV. They came off as real bitches and I thought CBS would spin them in a good light to make people feel sorry for them. I was amazed at that.

You were very outspoken about the twin twist, and indeed about the twins themselves. What was your main beef about the twins – that they had an unfair advantage in the game, or the way they acted in the house? What were things like in the sequester house with them?

Hell yes they had an unfair advantage. If I could leave that freakin house 1 or 2 times a week and have my own room and not have to listen to Karen’s ass talk about Larry or Savage telling his lies, I would be fresh as hell every week. Adria and I were cool when we met and she is one hot chick. She is a girl you can have feelings for in the house. But when Nat came in they changed completely and went on a power trip. It just rubbed me the wrong way.

Then she said the bible told her to put Will & I up. OH !!!!!!!! I just went off like a roman candle and was beside myself. Get the hell outta here. She comes in the house on the premise of a big ass lie and now she wants to pistol whip me with the bible. I glad I don’t go to her church.

The sequester house was big enough we had our own space. The twins hung together and Will & I would maybe do shots and play cards. When someone else would come down the house would change. In the end I felt like I was back at the BB house again. The twins hung out, Di, Karen Will & Nik hung out and I was the Maverick, Lone Wolf again.

Since you don’t have a website Marvin, is there a way that your fans can get in touch with you?

Sure, you can post my e-mail address for fan mail. I will try to answer some of their questions if I get a chance. It’s marvinbb5fanmail@aol.com.

Thanks very much for a great interview Marvin! Best of luck to you in the future.

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